Thursday, May 27, 2010


HYBRID, n. A pooled issue.

2010 Update: The product of two or more earlier strains, such as a jackelope, a chimera, a Californian or an opera.


actonbell said...

I like your hybid--that might be a real killer rabbit. Good morning!

Karen said...

I recall an earlier post entitled, "Opera". The 2009 Update began:

A coincidence of sheet music with a libretto, typically tragic.

p.s. Actonbell, you've misspelled "Hybrid".

pia said...

I'm a hybrid--mixed genes Russian and Irish and they fight each other every day!

As usual like your definition. Of course I originally spelled "as" "ass" and was debating keeping it

Karen said...

Question: Have any of my fellow blog-commenters uploaded a .zip file to a new Web host? I'm intimidated by the letters "FTP" and I don't like the idea of re-entering my plug-ins.

TLP said...

Hybrid: it's in my garage right now.

Is there a spelling bee going on here? If so, I'll just give up now.

Anonymous said...

HYBRID, n I sold my hybrid to my niece. Oh the joys of being an Uncle :) OMG I haven't seen a Jackelope since my Winnemucca days LOL :)

Ariel the Thief said...

I like it that the posts come with pictures.

Jim said...

There are stories all over the Internet about those jackalopes.

I like best is "The Jackalope Conspiracy."

I will quote a few paragraphs. They also document some sightings. Wikipedia says it is an imaginary animal.

The Jackalope Conspiracy:
"The Jackalope (Lepus-temperamentalus) is one of the rarest animals in the world. A cross between an extinct pygmy-deer and a species of killer-rabbit, they are extremely shy unless approached. None have ever been captured alive and this rare photo shows a mighty buck about to strike.

Known by the ancients as "deerbunnies", it wasn't until the early 1960's that the modern more fearsome "jackalope" name was adopted.

It is written that you can extract a Jackalope's milk as it sleeps belly up at night. The milk is belived to be medicinal and can be used for a variety of afflictions. The truth is these creatures are aggressive and unpredictable, and should not be provoked for any reason!

The goverment wants you to believe they aren't real, but there are many who believe. The evidence is mounting!"
The government role sound just the opposite of when we went to the moon.

Jim said...

BTW, most of the sites I Googled spelled jackalope the way I did.

Your Jaunty-jackalope picture was there.

Karen said...

Jim, what a frikkin' load of crap! That quote is NOT from Wikipedia. It's word for word from some jackass site called

The SUDftw site has a bunch of subversive links encrypted within its homepage. This one is terribly secretive ~
(You'll have to paste in into your browser)

"Home to the infamous "Jackalope", Douglas Wyoming is a popular stop when traveling in the Wild West! The town of Douglas ... is small town America at its best! In fact, we were rated "One of the Best small towns" in America!"

Jackalope Railroad Days
Wyoming Train Photography and Art Exhibition
June 5-6, 2010

Located at
The Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum
Wyoming State Fair Park
400 West Center
Douglas, WY 82633

Anonymous said...

a childhood favorite
the yearly trek
to the black hills
had to cross their
along the way...
deer elk coyote
sheep buffalo cows
a varied mix...yet no
have seen the collections
of skulls and write ups
on the history...
once in time,they roamed the plains in numbers greater than those of the buffalo in the 1860's
they multiplied rapidly
ate all the plains' grasses
to the roots...thence the
dust bowl and their
sad to say ate and ^%$#@
to death...sad tale

Thank You Doug
nice to give the
cards a turn in my
mental rolodex
of great kid

the amoeba said...

HYBRID, n. Conceived in a cloud of smoke of the (ahem) medicinal variety.

I've seen a jackelope, but I never did find out if he stayed married.

actonbell said...


Is that twenty times? Can I go to recess now?

tsduff said...

Doug, as a native Californian born of two Californians - also native, I wonder if your definition of hybrid might not quite put me in the same category as a chimera or a jackelope... a soap opera perhaps.

Me too Ariel.

Ha ha Actonbell - touche!

Hobbes said...

The vigorous opposite of high bred.

Karen said...

No, Hobbes. You've misspelled "Hybrid." TLP is right. She probably has a Toyota Prius parked in her garage this very minute.