Monday, May 10, 2010


REMOTE, adj. The day when merit will be in more demand than money.

2010 Update: At a distance flattering to intimacy.


sauerkraut said...

remote: a man's best friend during football season or when the other half wants to watch the new s'error palin reality thing on the Discovery Channel.

Mo'a said...

I may have been remote here...however, I have been present in my real live (as opposed to my virtual live).

Doug: interesting update ;?

spooky virification: iciestog

the amoeba said...

REMOTE, adj. In the Facebook age, where your bestest friend in all the world is.

Jim said...

Does constitutional law scholar Elena Kagan have even a remote chance of becoming our newest Suprememe Court Justice?
She has my vote but my vote doesn't count for much anymore.
Slate, with pun in cheek, says ""But what's needed right now are new circuit judges who are already expert in changing the law." - Emily Bazelon and Judith Resnick, in Slate."

pia said...

Remote is the new virtual

And yes Elena Kagan will be the next Supreme Court Justice--she grew up down the block from my old coop so I feel a deep, not remote, connection :)

Karen said...

Hi Amoeba. Did you know the most famous musical adaptation of the Taming of Shrew is Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate?

p.s. Jim is on your tail like white on rice. Are ya scared yet?

Jim said...

I'm on your side, guys. I like all kinds of rice ever since I met Mrs. Jim--we didn't eat the stuff in meat and potatoes Nebraska.
Now I even eat it with beans. Red beans with andiu sausage and rice mostly.

That was an aside. I like Taming of the Shrew very much even though I personally do believe that not all "shrews" should be tamed!

Karen said...


"Just you wait, 'Enry Iggins, Just you wait" !

So singeth Eliza Doolittle.

Jim said...

I don't 'egg' on easily! :)

Karen said...

Then Jim, it's a good thing for you I'm busy doing something else right now. Have Mrs. Jim fix you breakfast.

Thom said...

REMOTE, adj. - Be gone commercials!!!

Ariel the Thief said...

Silly Doug, that is the Moon.

quilly said...

REMOTE, adj. digging a bigger ditch to better keep the riff-raff out.

Word verifier: insanee (clearly)

actonbell said...

heh, I like your update.

We have too many remotes. The one for the CD player must be some kind of joke.

cooper said...

remote, adj. In cyberspace or outer-space, or just sitting on the sofa with eyes glazed over.

Doug said...

Sauerkraut, that's why I'm not married. Sure, I can maybe love, but what I can't do is watch reality television.

Mo'a it never hurts to stay close to the flesh.

Yup, Amoeba, and where the dangers of philandering spend time practicing.

Jim, I think the odds aren't that remote but it will be fun watching everyone pretend the outcome isn't obvious.

Pia, "Remote is the new virtual"- you've outdone yourself. I suggest you find a way to post that on Facebook.

Bless the doe-eyed cockney, wot?

Jim, I appreciate that about you. I'm over easy.

Karen, lucky for Jim is lucky for all.

Thom, I'd have guessed that would be your angle.

Ariel, that's getting pretty cuddly for a Magyar.

And in, Quilly.

Actonbell, that's funny. I had the same reaction to seeing a remote in the stereo box. Those things are 21st century cordwood.

Huh, Cooper?