Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In the milky-starred chamber of Morpheus

In the milky-starred chamber of Morpheus,
Draped by emulsified petals of lotus,
A spirit propelled by the strumming of Orpheus
Takes the hand of a comet and waltzes as planets take notice.

The daring nights carry the windswept asylum,
Where substance and spirit o'er the dome of sky lurk.
All the more a predation when Orion and Andromeda come
As you dream disagreements for tomorrow at work.

LEVITY, n. The emulsified soul.


Jim said...

I don't know which is more fun, dreaming up disagreements for work or just plain causing a big stink with little planning.
If you look on the brighter side of things you for sure will have much levity. Just don't get canned. (Or caned like one of your previous posts mentioned.)

Logophile said...

Yet another reason to be pleased about not really having a job
I can feel free to plan on not arguing with anyone.
I'd rather dance anyway.

Anonymous said...

LEVITY, n. You think I confused you yesterday...I'm dazed and confused today. I'm leaving it at that

C.J.Duffy said...

No need to dream up disagreements at work. Try breaking wind but silently and then denying it. That will cause a few raised eyebrows.

Karen said...


As long as we're braying with all our might, let me jump into the fray with a comment left on a previous Waking Ambrose post:

Mr. Pascover,

My return response is tardy. For this I blame obfuscation of circumstance. I will endeavor to persevere with continued ambiguity.

Best of regards,

K. A. Gardner


Ariel the Thief said...

This poem is pretty hectic. In every ways. :)

actonbell said...

levity: logophile has the best idea. That, and a good ol' midday buzz.

the amoeba said...

LEVITY, n. The divine breath that lifts you, body and soul, heavenward over the guardrail of prudence - whereupon it ceases abruptly and casts you down the precipice and onto the rocks below. Why there is no joy in Mudville. is down, and Quilly can't get anybody at her service provider to help. Thus, levity is in short supply at our place today. Levitation, however, is a distinct possibility, especially if you're associated with WordPress, Mr. Gleason. To the moon ...!

TLP said...

Huh? Asylums scare me.

sauerkraut said...

I dream of sugarplums dancing in my head... disagreements at work? Not so much. ...

quilly said...

Amoeba is right, there were more tears than laughter at my house today, and I am NOT happy with WordPress even though none of the kerfuffle was their fault.

I'm back. I am certain when I am less emotionally exhausted, I'll regain my levity. There's lasagna in the oven, so that should help.

Anonymous said...

for lazy ass
as in state legislature
john q public

often confused with
comedy club
deck painted,damn wrong color,,,but at 25 dollars
a gallon,,looks Great. LOL

tsduff said...

If only I could hear Orpheus play his lyre...

Between the emulsified petals of lotus and the emulsified soul - it is beginning to sound like an a cup of mayo or something (emulsion of oil and egg yolk) ha ha.

Levity - A bright spot in the dullness.

Anonymous said...

have been thinking of top ten list
best moment thinking back...had HHS directors'4x4 jeep,used vehicle phone to call the folks and reminisce
of camping days on the same grounds,that i have been selected with others,to now cleanse of human live.As i drove thru check point charlie,amass with sheriff deputies,and elected whiners,
i proudly rolled down window and flipped them off.made my day better,for a brief moment....

levity,at the expense of others,
but never-the-less,for one damn moment i felt,disjoined from the assembled...
a rebel again
for a moment

Doug said...

Jim, I can't tell you how disappointed I was yesterday when Walela booted me at 1:15 am and I realized the argument I'd been having and winning was just a dream, but that was still better than a moment later when I realized I'd been dreaming about work.

Logo, I suspect work is what saves me from dreaming about blogs.

Isn't this liberating, Thom? To come right out and admit that we don't get it?

C.J., I'm usually alone at the office so nobody's fooled.

Karen, thank you for curating the comments.

The meter is like a bag of microwave popcorn, isn't it, Ariel?

Actonbell, that is a good idea. Just being sleepy is close but not the same.

I can imagine yesterday was kind of frantic at the Quilloeba household.

Bad memories, TLP.

Then you have the right job, Sauerkraut. Elf?

Haha, Bear. That's the right color, then.

Terry, it was definitely a mayonnaise day.

Bear, you were a hit man?

cooper said...

levity: a lightness of being experienced on weekends by "the elites" — regular folks call it behaving badly.