Tuesday, May 04, 2010


PERICARDIUM, n. A sack of membrane covering a multitude of sins.

2010 Update: The hammock of the heart, in which convictions, convenience and contempt also suspend.


the amoeba said...

*sneaks cautiously toward the pinnacle, on the lookout for rogue Unitarians*

PERICARDIUM, n. Perry's poker game.

pia said...

A little known deadly illness about to become an epidemic

Ariel the Thief said...

Pericardium, I love mine.

Logophile said...

I very nearly love mine.

Anonymous said...

PERICARDIUM, n. I have plenty but I love 'em as well :)

quilly said...

Since Amoeba is channeling me, I get to take the day off.

Btw, my sister no longer has her pericardium. It had a disastrous encounter with Phenphen and self-destructed. My sister was given an oxygen tank and a lovely settlement. Now she sits home in a chair counting her money and remembering the days when she used to run with her grandchildren.

actonbell said...

Oh, quilly, that's awful. And sad.

Great Wall Motors makes a vehicle called a Peri Car. That's worse than naming a car Aspire (the Ford that aspires to be a car?)
If you rent a Peri Car for a day for a given rate, is that your Peri Car dium?

Cooper said...

We had a cat in Tasmania that died of bleeding into the pericardial sac..kind of makes me wish we could peel them off because it squished her heart until it stopped.

Jim said...

I gave my pericardium a do-over. I had the plumbing redone and painted the outside. It had sprung a few leaks so the got patched also while the painters were doing their thing.
My grandfather always said to 'teach your pericardium well because its father's Hell.'
I try. :)

Doug said...

Amoeba, those Unitarians can get pretty crabby when you mock their card games.

Pia, you don't say.

With all your heart, Ariel?

Of course, Logo. Hence the peri.

OK, Thom, can I admit you guys confused me today? I mean fair's fair, but still.

Quilly, that's a very sad story.

Actonbell, that was pun of the month as far as I'm concerned.

That's a sad story too, Cooper. I think I might skip the anatomical words from now on. Sorry for your loss.

Jim, good plumbing is good living.