Sunday, May 01, 2005


Thanks to all who have entered the contest, there were many excellent entries. If this were my day job, I'd be sending out resumes as we speak. Is anyone updating Ogden Nash?

Damone, the webmaster at The Ambrose Bierce Appreciation Society (permanent link on right) has graciously agreed to serve as co-judge and in respect to his time, the prize will be announced Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meanwhile, follow the link on the right. Damone's site has excellent biographical information on Bierce including the story of his mysterious disappearance in 1913 (which was the subject of the film Old Gringo,) as well as on contemporary staging, filming and criticism of his work.

One of my great pleasures since starting this site has been learning about Bierce's life and work, chiefly through Damone's and Don S.' (The Ambrose Bierce Site-link also on right) sites. They can only make me a better plagiarist.


Doug The Una said...

Anonymous you, thanks for the kind words and the tip. I'll look for that book. With a title like that any content is just gravy.

Jack said...

Geez! i totally forgot that I had an entry in your contest, Doug. LOL!

Doug The Una said...

C'mon, Mace. Are you telling me that there's been anything but my contest on your mind for the last few weeks?!? Stick to the program, buddy. This is where the drama is!