Thursday, May 05, 2005


Gallows, n. A stage for performance of miracle plays. in which the leading actor is translated to heaven. In this country the gallows is chiefly remarkable for the number of persons who escape it.

2005 Update: A public platform for the punishment of criminals and the entertainment of their conspirators. The gallows lost popularity in favor of rehabilitation which uses recyclable material and makes better television.


Unknown said...

think i am losing my head over this

Will said...

maybe you address this elsewhere but do you discuss Bierce's short fiction on the Civil War?

Doug The Una said...

Will, I don't but there is a discussion board at The Ambrose Bierce Site (linked on this page) where a lot of conversation does take place.

Jin, very funny comment. Sounds like something a person at a career crossroads should give real consideration to, assuming he or she knew a little about the law. Stealing a Herky statue from the pedmall would also be a public service.

Doug The Una said...

Karma, Karma I did forget you! If you lose your head, the world loses a great source of puns and my only connection to Mowgli and manhood.

Doug The Una said...

Kee, I haven't found where Bierce wrote anything about blogging formats. Minimal makes a nice counterpoint to me in person.

Lindsey, thanks for the kind words. Next glass is on me.