Sunday, October 02, 2005


Flesh, n. The Second Person of the secular Trinity, the First and Third being the World and the Devil, respectively.

2005 Update: The food for spirit and endeavor, each of which shows noble restraint around Pascovers.

Right, Andrew Pascover with his Nephew, Stevie. Andy's children have never been photographed.

Happy Birthday, Monkey Man!


Anonymous said...
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Minka said...

Time for the verifier again?
Happy birthday Doug´s brother!!!

Fred said...

Happy Birthday, Monkey Man! (Why Monkey Man?)

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Monika and I think so. Alice was in the "don't like it" camp so I'll leave it down until she gets back from her weekend. Spammers make me want to sin so I can go to hell and watch them suffer.

Fred, because I have too much respect for my brother to call him Monkeyboy.

He's two years younger than me. When he was about two his phobia was "There's a Monkey (Pronounced mohn-kee) in the closet."

Sar said...

Friday Sis, Saturday Pop-pop, Sunday Bro. Why it's a Doug family trifecta!

Doug has sure demonstrated familial thoughtfulness....except for his Monkey Man remark. This I think needs to be fleshed out a bit.

Happy Birthday Andrew!

dddragon said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

So, if Andrew shows up for "Flesh", I suppose Jenna is the World and you are the Devil?

And what's up with his kids not being photographed? Around here that's called being Amish.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, it's true. I have another family member for Thursday. Thanks.

Funny, Dddragon, I didn't catch that. Sounds right to me.

His kids not being photographed is an inside family joke. I didn't have a digital picture of Andy with his own kids but I no longer can own a pen because all the drawers in my house are filled with pictures of my niece. It is possible my nephew has never been photographed.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bisque. Sending you a blue blob cake from the Pacific NW and wishes for a day filled with hours and hours and hours of sports on T.V. and phone calls from your friends and family! I love you, monkey son!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday AP! Maybe between the two of us we can be clever enough to come up with loving dig for eFresh on November 12.

Lila said...

Yes, that does sound like the sort of moniker only a brother could bestow. Happy Birthday, Andrew, er, Monkey Man!

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Mom. To the best of my knowledge Andy has never seen this site, but I'll push him on it this afternoon.

'Na, that's a deal. I'll send you a password. My birthday's on a Saturday this year. Want to tell a story on your big brother?

My dear, refined friend, I believe you mean fraternal :P Thanks.

And thanks, to you Aral. My family is your family. Call him, Monkey Man or Abu.

Cooper said...

Happy Birthday all; you seem to have a lot of birthdays.

Flesh aw I don't know - the covering which decieves us all and the sins of which should not be taken lightly.

Oh I do not want to keep getting blamed for everything around here.Someone else needs to take some responsibilty.

TLP said...

Flesh,n., One of the worst things about being
Jeffrey Dahmer. Or, maybe one of the best things, from his point of view.

Happy Birthday Andy! I guess you realize that the best thing about being a big brother is that
when you make fun of your kid brother's fears, the kid just laughs right along with you. RightMonkey Man?

Doug The Una said...

Alice, I wasn't blaming you I was respecting your wishes. It's my choice. I really like "The convering that decieves us."

Thanks, TLP, funny. I'm hoping the big Monkey will answer tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Our strongest weakness.

Happy birthday, Andy.

Cooper said...

I like it when my wishes are respected.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope your brother had a wonderful day!