Thursday, October 27, 2005


Platonic, adj. Pertaining to the philosophy of Socrates. Platonic Love is a fool's name for the affection between a disability and a frost.

2005 Update: In the United States, featuring bonds of affection and baseball. Robust.

Left, Doug Pascover, Platonic Lover

The Chicago White Sox are World Champions!!! Thanks to the White Sox Organization and all my friends who rooted for them to win the series!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sar said...


Congratulations to your World Series Champion White Sox, Doug! Thanks for letting me ride along in this here bandwagon - it's been a hell of a fun ride. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Afterwards, I bet there was a platonic orgy, as Dr. Weirsdo described it.

Anonymous said...


Just heard a man on the radio say that his father had waited all his life for a White Sox win, and of course his father had just died. Don't know what the moral of that story is, but I'm sure that there is one.

Thanks for giving me the pleasure, and it was, of being your guest yesterday.

The Courting pin up heard the word orgy and uh...she doesn't quite get the meaning of platonic unlike Pia who isn't sure she wants to explain it to her.

Lost innonce and all that but in a reverse world

Lila said...

Yeah, baby!!!! Congratulations Doug and White Sox fans everywhere!!!

What a great team the 2005 White Sox are. I've been very impressed.


Unknown said...

rah rah white sox despite my not understanding this game at all.

in my neck of the woods, what would describe a platonic relationship:

"din mein sister,
raat mein bistar'

never mind if you don't understand this at all

Anonymous said...

Platonic, adj. Socratic, as practiced by a rich dilletant. Platonic Love is a misnomer, generally used to describe when one person lacks the nerve to act on one's feelings, and the other lacks the feelings.

Jamie Dawn said...

Platonic: Best buds and nothing more.

I didn't see a single second of the World Series. I am glad that the team you were rooting for won, though.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Sar. It was good having you in the bandwagon. Now. Can you play a fife?

Weirsdo, I hope it was a platonic orgy. Have you ever seen us?

Thanks, "Anonymous" Yeah, I always knew the Sox would win it all one day. A lot of people didn't live long enough. Glad I did. I'm on bonus time now.

Thanks, Karma. You know I'm getting that translated, right?

Good definition, Andrew, although I know sometimes there's more symmetry than that.

Thanks for your indulgence, Jamie Dawn. And thanks for translating to English.

Anonymous said...

Platonic: The awkward period prior to justifying a sexual relationship that one knows is going to be disastrous.


Ariel the Thief said...

Platon, the "what is beautiful that is good" guy? in school I used to think he was an idiot, but I've learned to respect sacred idiots like that since that, they walk on hallowed grounds.

love has many ways. who are you the platonic lover of, Doug?

dddragon said...

Platonic: staying up all night for a man across the land to cheer his team to victory. (okay, not all night. Fell asleep on the couch.)

Logophile said...

Platonic~ describes a relationship based on the exchange of ideas and emotions without the exchange of bodily fluids.

TLP said...

dddragon is right. I stayed up to watch and root for the White Sox just because of you, Doug. A man I've never met and most likely never will. I was so happy for you when they got the last out! And not just 'cause I got to go to bed then. Honest.

That's a platonic friendship in the best possible sense of the word.

Minka said...

Congrats, I have actually tried to follow this game since you mentioned the White Sox(try when you live somewhere outside of America). All I gathered so far are that the Sox are known as the team that threw the Championship. Maybe they were red, maybe green...I am pretty sure they were white! Did I step on some toes?
Sorry about that, but somebody has to bring you back to earth!
On another note, I am happy your team did win.

Doug The Una said...

Good one, Sarah. Often the case, those are the blinders we put on ourselves. And thanks.

Ariel, sacred idiots is a phrase I love and agree. This morning my partner is the world and everything in it.

Dddragon and TLP, many thanks. I'll be by sooner or later. Don't assume you know who's sleeping on the lawn.

Ariella, ick. Emotions?

Yes, Monika. That was 1919. Thanks for the congratulations and for being wicked enough to bring that up in the middle of my celebration. Like Dddragon and TLP, you clearly know me geography notwithstanding.

Logophile said...

Yes, Doug,
as in
axiety- about one's team and their performance.
anger- about one's team and their performance.
joy- about one's team and their performance.
etc etc etc

Doug The Una said...

Ah, Ariella. Thanks. Is there a book?

Lila said...

Hmpf! There TLP goes, commenting on your blog and not mine! BOO HOO! Mommy, come visit Pezland!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Actonbell. And thanks for a sunny definition. You mean like at work?

Aw, Aral. I'm sure she's lurking.

Rio said...

platonic definately not the name of my game

Cooper said...

Down with Plato, I never really believed all that highly evolved man love was anything thing more than masquerade for the homoerotic.

Platonic, n. What a girl tells a guy she wants to be when she reallys wants to be nothing at all. Vice versa if you must.

Congratulations on the win of your Man Team.

Ariel the Thief said...

"Platonic, n. What a girl tells a guy she wants to be when she reallys wants to be nothing at all. Vice versa if you must."

LOL! good one!

Doug The Una said...

Lula, Ave Maria.

a4g, I'm still laughing. Thanks.

Rio, darling, understood.

Alice, that's funny. And your definition isn't news to any man my age.

Or any woman Ariel's.

LeMas. said...

platonic-the way to keep the object of your obsession in your life
Geez, I didn't even realize the World Series was over. First Boston and now Chicago? What will people have to hope for?

Doug The Una said...

Masil, you seem to disagree with Alice above. You must be the one honest woman Diogenes would have been looking for if he hadn't been, well, Greek.