Thursday, October 13, 2005


Poetry, n. A form of expression peculiar to the Land beyond the Magazines.

2005 Update: A mechanism for adding depth to the base. An alternative to the post-hole digger and shovel for when accuracy is unnecessary and a small tool will do.

Happy Birthday to Brer Sreekesh!


Anonymous said...
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Em said...

Poetry 2005: some use this as a genuine artistic tool, others - sadly, use it like toilet paper for their brain ;) or a soapbox for their entitlement.

dddragon said...

I thought that I was a poet,
But wouldn't you just know it.
I tried to make a rhyme
but gave up in time
I shoulda guessed I'd blow it.

Ha Ha - you're TAGGED!

Tom & Icy said...

Don't you need a license for poetry?

Sreekesh Menon said...

Thank you Brer Doug !!!

Poetry: Life in words less said.

LeMas. said...

Poetry-a way for people to express themselves, often badly. But I listen politely during hour long drives anyway.

Jamie Dawn said...

Poetry: Crappy writing that won't fit into any other category.

Me thinks, I said to my reflection today,
Most poetry sucks, should be thrown away.
Some rhyme and some don't,
To prove it, this will not.

TLP said...

1. Writing which can help one see more clearly, to feel more acutely, and to understand more deeply what one sees and feels and thinks.

2. Less lovely than a tree, but lovely nonetheless.

Anonymous said...
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fin said...

poetry is looking through the window of a house.

Doug The Una said...

J, I think you need a new handle.

Rainbow Lotus, so good to se you here.

a4g, I'm not polydactyl. That's why I hope. Pretty funny, though. Good feet.

Curse you, Red Dddragon!

You should, Icy. You need one for guns.

Happy Birthday and Dusserra, Sree. Ironic that good conquered evil and you were born the next day. Mission Accomplished!

Masil, we should carpool.

Funny, Jamie Dawn. I like the poem. Not crappy at all.

Thanks for that ray of sunshine, TLP. I bet your feet are Longfellows.

Fin. Welcome and nice to meet you.

Cooper said...

as with beauty lies
in the poets cataract eyes

the art of language
it has been called
but that's not true
let me tell you all

it's not so tough
words don't have to rhyme
words that are mangled
will do just fine

If you’re feeling lofty
and above it all
poetry may be your call

it can be rap
or hip hop even
or hazy meanderings
about the season

Poetry is for everyone
When they are bored
and want some fun
It can be for me
it can be for you
when we are in class
with nothing left to do.

Don't be so cynical
just take a pen
and spill you guts out
to other women and men

it can be profane
never is profound
it won't get you a lover


Poetry, n. elitist escapism

Sar said...

What a lumbering poor vehicle prose is for the conveying of a great thought! ...Prose wanders around with a lantern & laboriously schedules & verifies the details & particulars of a valley & its frame of crags & peaks, then Poetry comes, & lays bare the whole landscape with a single splendid flash.
- Mark Twain

Sar said...

And Happy Birthday Sreekesh! :)

Anonymous said...

Poetry, n. 1. A medium of expression, which, when shown to others, is peculiarly suited to alienating one's friends and family, and even better suited to alienating complete strangers. 2. What happens when your tongue trips over your heart.

Doug The Una said...

By golly, you intimidate me, Alice. That poem is absolutely you.

Great quote, Sar! Twain's prose was poetry. Even his letters read that way. And thanks for helping me wish Sreekesh a Happy Birthday.

To summarize, Andrew, the Amway of romance.

Doug The Una said...

That is such a good quote, Actonbell. I have Sar for Twain and you for Wilde. I'm gonna be so smart! someday

Anonymous said...

The contrary to Wilde's quote is also pretty much true: All genuine poetry springs from bad feelings. Just kidding. And Doug, as long as I can be on the top of the pyramid, I'd happily be the Amway of romance.

~Daydreamer~ said...

I can't be sarcastic about poetry. I love it (and write it!).

It's seeing a single rose as a garden and love as heaven.

Dark poetry is still my fave though.

Doug The Una said...

Andrew, I like the multi-level part.

Bless you, Marwa. No need to be sarcastic about poetry when you can write it like that.


poetry, n. The art of waxing pathetic, in a scheme to rhyme and woo coffeehouse collegiates.