Friday, October 06, 2006


BENEVOLENCE, n. Subscribing five dollars toward the relief of one's aged grandfather in the alms house, and publishing it in the newspaper.

2006 Update: A vote to re-elect.

Felicitaciones por tu antiguedad, Papi Brujo


FelineFrisky said...

My dear benevolent, Doug - how wonderful to be first! Not very gracious of me, but Nyah! D :P It happens so infrequently!

FelineFrisky said...

Benevolence - Triat typically found in the generations of elderly, something that was once common, now scarce amoung our young - we're talking 20's and younger here - at least in FL. sigh. D

Gawd, I hate word verify!

Anonymous said...

Benevolence: in chancing to do good, the soul rises above the body.

Sponge Girl said...

benevolence, n. Tolerating - and being suitably impressed by - Sponge Girl's announcement that she has made the Hall of Fame for Battleships GQII!

Me so smart.

Minka said...´t ring a bell!
FF, how inconsiderate of you to just take first spot when so many would like to be in that position! *shakes head in disbelief*

Jamie Dawn said...

I strongly believe that I should be a benevolent queen or dictator of a small nation. It is my calling.
Currently, I keep a benevolence fund in a drawer so I can bless the downtrodden when need arises. My teenagers are often downtrodden and in need of cash in a crises.

Charlene Amsden said...

Benevolence v. an aflect of exposure to too much Ben

Anonymous said...

Benevolence: 1. Reaching out with the upper hand. 2. Throwing a bone to a dog, a kiss to an admirer, and/or a comment on a blog.

Happy Birthday, Papi Brujo (if that's who you really are...). May the Force be with you!

Anonymous said...

Bierce can't be beat on this one. "Toward the relief"...that is funny.

Anyhow, happy weekend!

Sar said...

Good morning, this is Sar contacting you from the Stiletto Benevolence Fund.

In today's climate of torture and scandal, isn't it wonderful to have a place like The Brawl where you can go to escape it all. Uh, well at least most of the time. If you enjoy and appreciate this escape, won't you do your share to fuel the efforts of your favorite stiletto? For just 3 easy payments of Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles, you'll receive the privilege of being a gold level brawler and, as a special bonus for those establishing new memberships you'll also receive the opportunity to be a featured guest on a future Friday.

Act now, stilettos are standing by!

(happy birthday Papa Brujo!)

Charlene Amsden said...

benevolence v. act of restraint

i.e. This morning at the gas station I allowed the man who called me, "Baby," to live.

Doug The Una said...

Soak it up, Diane. I wonder if typing challenges are a triat of the person in the first position.

a, a benevolent soul should always be out of reach from the pocket.

Congratulations, A. Spo! Whatever that means, I tip my hat.

Minka, think of it as the antonym for "penguinity."

Excellent summary of the week, Brian. Where can I leave a penny tip?

Jamie Dawn, I strongly believe that too. Where would I go to submit? And why would a teenager be in crisis?

Clever, Quilly.

Puppybrose, definition number one is what I wish I'd written.

You too, Mule.

Sar, I gave at the office.

Very thoughtful, Quill. BENEVOLENCE, n. To overlook verb-noun confusion by a kind-hearted schoolteacher and resist the provocation to call her baby.

Charlene Amsden said...

LOL --I am clever and dense all at once. That's what I get for using copy and paste instead of my brain. Pft...

Kyahgirl said...

Doug, for a small bribe I bet that Puppybrose, in her supreme benevolence, would let you use that definition. :-)
Maybe if you offered an even larger bribe she'd let you pretend you made it up. She can be swayed by the offer of a TGSNWM.

The Village Idiot said...

This is clearly a compound word, let's break it apart so we may fully understand the meaning of benevolence

bene n. A prayer; boon.

volence n. A varaiation on the word volans

volans n. The Flying Fish, a southern constellation between Carina and Hydrus.

Clearly one can see that benevolence is a prayre to the flying fish constellation

Anonymous said...

Benevolence: your defination cracks me up, so I won't say anything about your comment on my comment at Sar's.

Which when I read it again, did crack me up. I write in layers of meanings without even trying :-)

Feliz Compleanos, Papi Brujo

Oh, and Doug, remember next Friday :-)

Logophile said...

wait a minute,
if you break it down
bene~ Good
volence~ violence?

Violence is good???

Tom & Icy said...

When a business doubles their prices and then have a half-off sale.

Anonymous said...

Kyahgirl: you, my dear friend, know me all too well!! honestly, for a TGSNWM, i'd *almost* be persuaded to vote for O'C, instead of myself in this week's Caption Contest. (assuming our Stilettoed Sar gets that poll-thingy fixed!)

that said, Doug, i'm feeling magnanimous today, amigo. por lo tanto... ¡mi definición es su definición!

Minka said...

Doug, *wispers in his ears* You used the same phrase to wish "Happy Birthday" as last year. It is sorta, well ... you know. What with you defining words everyday, one would have assumed you could come up with a different phrase now and then. Just sayin´!

Have an especially lovely day today, Papi Brujo!

(see how easy that was?!)

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Brian. What do I get for a nickel?

Charter school, Quill?

Kyahgirl, someone needs to do a blog defining Starbuck's initials.

V.I. I thought bene meant good. Not that that's important.

Logo, I always thought so.

Haha, Icy. Yep.

¡Gracias, Perrita!

Minka, thank you for the monitoring. I'll change it now.

Kyahgirl said...

Doug, don't you think its interesting that so many significant people in your life have birthdays in this two week period? I'm sure it must mean something, I'm just not tuned in enough to the universe to figure it out.

Charlene Amsden said...

A goodly number of people in my family havebirthdays in April. I don't think that says as much about us as it does our parents. Apparently in my family August was a very benevolent month.

The amoeba said...


1. Good flying, as exhibited by the flying fish, which ascend to the skies and become the constellation that VI thinks we should all worship.

2. Bullwinkle: "But I like violence!"

Rocky: "You like violence?!? People getting hit over the head? Bombs blowing up? Trains crashing?!?"

Bullwinkle: "NO! (sniffs flower) I like violence 'cause they smell so nice."

3. The inclination towards charity of a billionaire, made possible through the removal of same from tax burdens, so that boons, if any, arise from the will of the one instead of the will of the many. See GATES/BUFFETT FOUNDATION. Talk about getting written up in the newspaper!

G said...

Happy Birthday Papi Brujo! I don't have time for more benevolence than that.

Oh, have a good weekend to all!

Jamie Dawn said...

You'd be surprised the NEED for cash that teenagers have.

You can submit to my benevolent authority right where you sit at this very minute. My rule begins now, and I promise graciousness even to the crustiest of souls.

Doggie treats will be forthcoming.

Alana said...

I've heard that benevolence is a way to kill a wife or heap hot coals over the head of an enemy.

The Village Idiot said...

I was being archaic..bene is a prayer or a boon. as well however it could be said good flying like OC mentions

Being an archaic bag of bones sometimes my definitions are well OLD

Anonymous said...

Benevolence: A guy who custom-writes songs for sick kids (as seen tonight on "NBC Nightly News")...

Nice word, nice story. Thanks, Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Kyahgirl, I suppose it means I threw out the net in September 30 and dragged it bac October 6. I've got a shoe that celebrates October 1, but I'm missing it's mate.

Quilly, Conceived in benevolence and born to cruelty. Your family is all of humanity.

O Ceallaigh, I read that out loud in Rocky and Bullwinkles voices if you wondered.

Cindra Jo, I'll take your word for it.

Thanks, G. That'll do.

Ave Jamie Dawn *on one knee*

Squaregirl, I have to admit, killing with kindness always seems counterintuitive and inefficient to me being as how there's poison and rolling pins. It is a good way to madden, though, I'll grant.

That's intersting, VI. I always approximately translated "Benediction" into "Saying the good." Thanks for the lesson.

OK, A. I relent. That is nice.

Y'all this was a long day and tomorrow's story may be late but it'll be here. Happy weekend everyone.

Kyahgirl said...

I hope this long day wasn't a 'bad, long day' Doug. If the rabble harrasses you in the morning, send 'em to me. I'll herd them all away. Its what us sheepdogs do.

Anonymous said...

Benevolent soul
Malevolent heart
They say

Charlene Amsden said...

Ow! I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Charlene Amsden said...

There's a definition up at my place that may tickle your funny bone -- and it is not in the least benevolent.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Kyah. I appreciate that. The pirañas are sluggish this time of year.

Cooper, they're at least half right.

Thanks, Quilly. That was fun.

Minka said...

*nods in approval*

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Minka !

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I subscribed $5 to the relief of the Hurricane Katrina victims but didn't publish it because I was embarrassed to be seen as a cheapskate.
I'm actually quite a spendthrift, but I'm a broke one who lives on $1400 a month currently.