Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We return to our regularly scheduled program...

Tomorrow, Waking Ambrose will return in the normal format. In the meanwhile, here are a couple photos from the trip and Walela has an announcement. Thanks to everyone for the story. I threw out my back acting it all out, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Thanks especially to those of you who protected my virtue. Click on Walela for the announcement.

Thanks to Ariel for showing me Budapest. This is a picture of us (right) looking down towards the Danube.

This is Strasbourg (above, left) from the roof of the Cathedral. Thanks to Maclean for not using the word "gauche" after four years living in France, especially with reference to his big brother who can still lift him over a Cathedral wall but preferred not to.

Finally, here's Prague.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Doug. Amen. We were getting so tired of typing...

The amoeba said...

Welcome back, Doug! I tried to lose your audience for you ... ;)
I had no idea how exhausting being a full-time curmudgeon could be! Will have to try another computer to hear from Walela. This one wouldn't read it. grrr.

Charlene Amsden said...

Welcome home, Doug. I look forward to more pics. And I love Walela's announcement. I think the idea is brilliant. Guess I'd better get a microphone ....

As for OC losing your audience -- I believe there was at least one member he captivated -- Al, I saw him there every day ....

Lila said...

Welcome back! I couldn't get the announcement to open up, unfortunately... Are Ariel's feet the ones on the left?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Doug.

I think the announcement is a virus, because my work computer won't open either.

I guess I will have to wait until your special show an the Travel Channel.

"Walela Howls in Europe"

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS pictures, Doug. far more interesting than some of the imagery created for you 3 links below. that said, i, for one, am very relieved to see a shot of your shoe -- hopefully you still have both of 'em. (and i lovelovelove the fact that Ariel is in that shot, with you!)

WELCOME HOME! can't wait to read this Very Important Announcement of yours, and i'll do just that as soon as i download a newer version of Adobe which i wouldn't need otherwise. (so thanks for that exercise in annoyance).

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Doug! And tell me about it Walela - being cute and expected to work, I mean really!

Sounds like some cool ideas springing forth. So from that perspective, your vacation "worked" and gave you the clarity to forge a new path. Nicely done.

Thankfully you're home before anything untoward occurred. I can't say what another day being batted around may have lead to for you.

You and Ariel look like you had a grand time meeting!

Anonymous said...

Quilly, thanks for noticing. But, sometimes, it isn't easy to tell the difference between loyalty and an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Al. It's good to be home.

Thanks, O Ceallaigh. The announcement is a pdf document. Tomorrow I'll post it as a web page so that may work better. And thanks for keeping the bitter candles burning in my absence.

Quill, yes please to the microphone. I noticed some captivity going on over there.

Aral, of course that's Ariel in the sneaker. I'm a fashionable gent who's been to Europe.

Thanks, Brian. It's not a virus its a pdf. Or maybe a virus.

Thanks Puppybrose. Strangely not one person tried to steal my shoe.

G, the Europeans understood that they're either with me or against me. Yes, Ariel is a great host and has a future in the tourism industry as a sight.

Al, I'm not sure there is a difference.

Alana said...

Welcome back...and thank goodness! Some of your readers kept trying to get you killed, among other things.

I really like your black boots, where'd you get them?

Oh and tell Walela I think that was a fun idea!

Mo'a said...

Welcome back.....squaregirl is telling tales....who would want you killed or **** I ask you....fabrication is what that is LOL.....not that there isn't proof.

TLP said...

Sounds like a winning idea Walela. I'm in.

So cool that you got to meet Ariel.

Mistress Anna said...

Nice pic of Charles Bridge. Hope you had a great time. I couldn't open Walela's announcement either? hmmm

Anonymous said...

By the way, are you the one with the halo or the red hat?

Kyahgirl said...

Welcome home Doug. I enjoyed your photos.

I'm glad someone is seeing that dang Ariel...she's been absent too long. Miss her!

Looking forward to hearing Walela tell us some news.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Squaregirl. I took them off a dead journalist on the train.

Thanks, Mo'a. I saved the comments and forwarded them to my attorney.

Very cool, TLP. I'm glad you're in. So far we've only heard you say "Hello."

Mistress, I've been very bad. I'll post it as an html tomorrow. For someone reason I can't upload that version from the office. Maybe because I'm supposed to be working.

Neither, G. But I ate the guy in the red hat a few minutes after this photo was taken. Need a coat?

Thanks, Kyahgirl. Yeah, Ariel's still alive or at least walking and talking. I try not to make assumptions in Central Europe.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I was supposed to go to Prague - until the evil budget cut monster came for me.

TLP said...

I don't understand the problem that folks are having with Walela's link. It's just Adobe Reader 7.0.

tsduff said...

Love the idea with the readers - but the clutz in me shudders, not knowing how to create a sound file to send :-( Glad to see you back - cool photos!

Logophile said...

Walela is a genius, as are her co-conspirators in that plan.
YAY, Ariel a la shoe!
Nice pics,
oh, and btw, welcome back!

mireille said...

Nice touch with the dead journalist. You been gone? Where'd you go? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

So you're the one who has been sending me all the Gevalia coffee spam. bet you're responsible for one third of all my spam

Alana said...

Oh, I call "Goodnight Moon"! It's my specialty. Well that and "Green Eggs and Ham", but that's rather long.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home.Loved the Prague pictures, how cool is Prague eh?

I better be in a least once or my heart will be broken but it sounds like a plan. Got to change things up a bit here and there.

Nice shoes.

Minka said...

Awwwwww...Karlsbridge! *getting greener in her face* Such and odd and lovely place!
The Story thread beneath has put you on mnay a location, none of them correct it seems :)
I saved your certain death from AL *points finger* I´ll have you know!

Doug The Una said...

Iggy, that sucks. When the good budget fairy returns make a point of it.

I hear you, TLP. Oh, yes I do. They all have browsers, though and today's attempt is a web page.

Terry, if you'd like to email me, maybe I can help you with that.

Thanks, Logo. Good to be home. Now if only I could learn the language.

Mireille, you know you missed me. Tell me you missed me.

Thanks, Goldennib! Oh, and that matter you were hinting at while I was gone is taken care of. You have the official Waking Ambrose Seal of Condonement.

Well, ah, Pia. It just seemed like you needed stuff.

Goodnight, Squaregirl. Good night stars.

Cooper, I promise. Prague is special, definitely. Hey, you're gonna read too, right? "Blue Christmas" didn't get me through the year.

Minka, I was told it was something to see and it sure was. You were first among those protecting my honor. Thank you.