Saturday, March 17, 2007

An Honest Man

Episode 11 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's readers.

To hear the story, admire the work of an architect.

This week, in The Prattler, "Liberalism in Schism."

To read the story, come be illuminated by Diogenes.


G said...

Wow, I like this being first every now and again ;)

And a double barreled mystery this week. I love it. Great story and the read was great. Now who is this mysterious duo? I have to go figure out my Spin for this week and I'll be back...

G said...

Top o the mornin! In my haste, I didn't wish you a Happy St. Patty's Day (and a good Shabbos :).

Okay, I detect a little bit of New England in that voice so my guess - OC (for the NE connection) and Quilly! They make a lovely story-telling duo.

Nessa said...

Oh, G, you beat me to it. I vote for OC and Quilly, too. Some of those lines were pretty funny delived by them, too (“I’d like some time to examine you further.”) He, he.

Kyahgirl said...

That was great! Diogenes almost sounded like a Canadian. I can't for the life of me think of any male Canadians who hang at WA though.
I always figured OC would have a bit more Maine in his voice but maybe not. And Quilly, yeah, I guess it could be....
Argh, I give up.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea but loved the architect/Alice thing

Minka said...

That was fanatstic and hilarious. Brilliant writing, humorous reading and OC and Quilly are fab together.

Minka said...

assasin, balance to over- population! Unfortunate start of job title though...just sayin' !

Anonymous said...

i believe i'll throw my guess in with G & teh Penguin -- and say this fabulous (and oh-so-fun/funny) collaborative reading was brought to us by the letters O, C, and Q(uilly)!! FANTASTIC! reallyreally wonderful...

as for this leg of Diogenes' epic quest for truth? all i can say is this: i wish no harm to befall a King, but if his folly results in a fashionable covering for our philosopher, i'm all for it! (seriously, how long can this guy go "au natural" before someone complains?) grand edition this week, Doug, kudos all the way around, and back again!

Anonymous said...

OC and I, huh? I suppose that's as good a guess as any. You folks do know we live on opposite sides of the continent and haven't seen each other since January?

Whoever this is, I hope they had as much fun making it as I did listening to it. Great installment, Dawg.

Anonymous said...

I finally got to hear this. The nor'easter took out our power this morning, and access to the Internet has been intermittent (like one minute on, three hours off) ever since.

I would have said Neva and Joel - but we've already heard from Neva, and gorgeous as that voice is, it isn't hers. Could it be Cindra and Tom? their reintroduction to WA?

Whoever it was, they done ok. Though I hope they got Doug's permission to play with the text. Who do they think they are ...?

The Old Mule said...

Great duo job!

Doug The Una said...

G, The readers remind me of Nick and Nora Charles, don't they you? Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Haha, Nessa. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this wasn't a brother-sister team. And hopefully not Father-daughter.

Actonbell, I can see that or hear it. And thank you on all our behalfs.

Kyah, he didn't mention beavers once. Lower 48, definitiely.

Yea, Pia. I promised her a cameo. Hope she likes it. I'd hate to offend an assassin.

Funny, Minka! True, no wonder they kill.

You're right Neva, that was G and the Penguin. I thought they'd fool you.

Quilly, I hope that, too.

Nor-Easters are like that, Amoeba. Unreliable. For myself, I was impressed with the ad-libbing. It added to the stylistic scope of the story. That was my best James Lipton, how'd I do?

Mule, I've never had one of those.

Sar said...

Hmmm, so does OC have a split personality that can perform on command, or incredible vocal range. Because you know my plan is to guess OC, and I'm sticking to it.

Another great installment, Doug. But I still say we need to return the focus to purple. Or 47.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm using the laptop with no sound.
A duo this time, huh.
Curiouser and curiouser...

Diogenes needs to find a full coverage loin cloth.
His nakedness is distracting me.

This weekend's word has the word ass in it twice.
I think that's funny.

The Old Mule said...

Well, Doug, they are worth double what they cost.

Indeterminacy said...

That was stunning! Well done!

Melli said...

Well... I'm a first time visitor / listener... and I think whoEVER they are they did a wonderful job! That guy has a really great reading voice and should be making books on tape for a living!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday it was stormy weather. Today it was one event after another. What can I say?

Top o' the morning and a slice of the green to you too, lassie. A day late.

GN, you'd think our Douglas had an ulterior motive, planting that line in there.

Dan Akroyd, Actonbell?!? Wonder if Doug got him to work for scale.

Kyah, there isn't a lot of Maine in my voice. I came to Maine from Massachusetts. The long way.

No one guessed Alice for the female voice, Pia. Why's that?

Minka, I suppose that's a reflection of society's general opinion of hashish addicts. Just as well the word didn't take on a British flavour, though. Or maybe it would be a boon to the world. Who would take an arsearsein seriously?

Guess they could get away with nudity in Greece, Puppy. Unlike the northeast during a nor'easter.

Thanks, Mule. They come cheap at twice the price.

Who you callin' unreliable, Dawg?

Jamie, see comments to Minka and Puppybrose.

Not half-baked for once, Indie?

If you think that guy's voice was good, melli, you should go to Doug's archives and check out some of the others. I sometimes think we have a lot of Hollywood types incognito around here.

Basic lottery strategy, Sar. You keep playing that same number, one of these days you'll get it right.

Like now. Yeah, it was Quilly and I. And we did record it back in January. Ladies and gentlemen of the Chat 500, start your engines. ;)

Nice writing, Doug. And thanks for working with and around us on this.

You keep guessing like that, Sar, you just might hit it right

Doug The Una said...

Sar, this was your lucky week. You can keep guessing OC if you like, though.

Jamie Dawn, let's just postulate him in a loincloth. He usually appears that way in art. And aren't you glad he doesn't work out at your gym?

Triple, Mule, and not a penny less.

Thanks, Indie. Wasn't the reading classic.

However you got here, Melli, welcome. For more about the readers, you can click the links that read "O Ceallaigh channels bierce" and "Quilldancer" in the column on the right. And there's room for another reader, by the way.

No one who doesn't deserve it in his moment of triumph, Amoeba. Thanks to you and Quilldancer for doing a great job.

Doug The Una said...

Oh, now I see how you got here, Melli. Never mind my advice but any friend of Quilly's is a friend of ours and that was her nibs reading, I assume, the assassin's part.

Anonymous said...

All -- let me introduce you to an OC you may not know: He didn't just read this part, he acted it out, grand hand jestures and all. As a director he is a perfectionist. We read the piece over and over and over again. The one time we had it absolutely perfect, start to finish, he forgot to turn the mic on.

OC's dispair, though, was my giggles. He is such a ham, I kept cracking up. I guess hardened assassins aren't supposed to giggle at naked philosophers. (Who made that rule?)

Besides, how could I not giggle? About the fifth time he raised his arms and proclaimed, "... and thrice now, Messiah!" I choked, then told him I thought we needed to stop because he was really beginning to believe it. Part of my reaction is still on the recording.

I had a blast making this. I am glad you all enjoyed listening. I just wish you could have watched.

Anonymous said...

He is such a ham

Riiiight. This from the woman who keeps trying to extort quarters from innocent school children, and plays chicken with peanut butter. It's not the ham I'm worried about. It's the jam.

Anonymous said...

The one time we had it absolutely perfect, start to finish, he forgot to turn the mic on.

That so doesn't surprise me.

Lovely reading you two!

Nice story as always Doug.

I always come too late to guess. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

Oc -- I am absolutely certain you are more than capable of taking care of yourself. After all, you survived the attack of the land crab, mastered your bicycle, and escaped certain death in four feet of mud.

Jenna -- what surprised me was how well he took it. No anger. No impatience. Just, "Oh well." I could get used to that.

G said...

Well Nick and Nora Charles, or OC and Quilly - nicely done. You can tell a good time was had by all in recording.

And so ends another weekend installment of An Honest Man is Hard to Find or a er, Are You be continued.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Inde, stunning and with an Alice thrown in one can never go wrong.

Lovely voices, the gentleman sounded like my father.......

So much better than anything else I've read or heard this weekend.

Melli said...

LOL! Quilly -- sounds like the whole thing was just a really fun experience - and you and OC both did a great job! *G*

Doug - I've added you to my reader! I'll be around ... don't know about the reading part ... I DON'T have one of those "books on tape" voices! LOL! But we'll see... actually... I don't have a mic for my computer either... THAT could be a problem! ;)

Minka said...

Morning!!! *taps fingers impatiently*

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, one of the things I really enjoyed about the reading is you can hear the posture of O Ceallaigh's arms in his voice and the entertainment in yours. I should have asked for video.

Haha, Amoeba. I bet you poked the sky with the index finger of your right hand while you typed that with your left.

Howard, a trollop is never late. Actually, that couldn't be less true, could it? OK, but its always good tidings when you get here.

Quily, that is a good sign. Have you seen him in a pit yet, though?

g, you're making fun of the ad libs, aren't you?

Alice, I had just written the fifth episode where this character was introduced when you said you'd pout if you didn't get a cameo, so I went back and denatured the adjectives.

Melli, that would be a problem but not an unsolvable one. Just let me know.

Minka, sorry, I overslept, but hopefully wherever you are, there's entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry abut the pouting thing.

Doug The Una said...

You're entitled.