Saturday, April 14, 2007


Episode 15 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader.

To hear the story, listen to Cassandra for once.

This week, in The Prattler, "Where To Go in Baghdad."

To read the story, borrow a book.


Minka said...

Brilliant. Best installment yet. I am serious. Just loved the reading. The prophecy spoken with just the right amount of misty knowledge...the matter-fact-I-know-what´s-gonna-happen-and-I-can´t-say-I-am-surprised voice of Cassandra. *claps for unknown reader*

truly liked it!

Anonymous said...

Me too

Anonymous said...

me three.

hmmmm. so who is this brilliant reader, anyway? could it be a certain Tempest in a Teapot? i'm stumped! but completely enchanted. this was a grand chapter and a truly engaging performance!

*claps hands wildly* BRAVO!

Minka said...

Listened again and am even more steadfast in my conviction. This tiem I focused on teh writing:

"...or is it for slicing cheese?"

"Honest women are where men don´t listen. Didn´t know we were that common, did you?!"

"It´s liberating when nobody listens."

With just the right amount of Dougishness and truths universally acknowleged, you outdid yourself ...again! Which sorta doesn´t make sense, but it is Saturday morning for crying out loud!

prophesy, v.i. to air too soon

Actonbell: Fez' up!

Lila said...

I'm in agreement, Doug: This was a great, GREAT installment! The reader is wonderful.

I have no idea who she is. But I can tell you all... that is NOT my sister actonbell. Keep guessing.

TLP said...

I agree that this is the best writing so far. Very good job reading as well.

As my daughter ap3 told you, it is not daughter actonbell. I have absolutely NO idea who it might be.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who the reader might be, but she definately has the mystical voice of a prophet. Lovely read.

Doug The Una said...

Really, Minka? Like you I thought the reading was spectacular but the writing wasn't my favorite. There's something to learn from this. I wish I was a better learner.

Thanks, pop. See you on the mountain.

Neva, it's not Actonbell. I hope, with an edge of despair, that she'll read an episode at some point but it wasn't today's.

Gosh, Minka. Thanks. Happy Saturday to you. Is parricide to heir too soon?

Thanks, Aral. And you're right that isn't your sister, Actonbell. BUT you have another sister.

Thanks, blogmama. So, are you saying this isn't Dddragon or AP3 either?

I agree Quilly. When I first listened to this episode, I told the reader it was just about perfect which may have been an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Excellent chapter all around...I'm going to guess Pezster AP3.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Dawg and AP3! ;)

(I sense a family resemblance to TLP, despite her disclaimers, and the kind of verbal self-assurance that comes from preaching ... er, prophecy. Which all means that the reader is Squaregirl. ;) )

Anonymous said...

yeah -- i'm thinking "Pez Pal", too... if not AP3 or Actonbell, then it must be DDDragon. ...mustn't it?

and you don't give yourself enough credit for your ability to craft a fine tale, Doug. this edition really is superb.

Anonymous said...

Doug it was wonderful--the writing

The reading blew me away. Is it a member of the Pez family with a faintly almost not heard British accent?

You're bad Doug--now I have to come back to find out

G said...

LOVED it! The reading/the writing - all around great. Ooh a Pezpal, AP3/3D? I also must admit to Logo popping into my mind when this reading began.

Hmmmm. Must ponder some more, I'll be back. I loved this chapter indeed. I really liked when Diogenes chided her for being "emotional". We jump right to nuts nowadays, I like emotional much better.

Really nicely done Mystery Reader.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular as always.

The voices here are always grand.

Doug The Una said...

Joel, that's not a bad guess under the circumstance. Bear with me.

Yes, exactly, OC. When all arrows point in one direction, the answer must be a square.

Thanks, Neva. We're getting pretty near concensus on the Pezness, aren't we?

Pia, I found the accent more Central American.

Thanks, G. Logo is an interesting twist.

Thanks, Cooper. You know when you graduate you'll need a new excuse not to read one of these, right?

Lila said...

I can tell you all, that is NOT my sister dddragon, either. Keep guessing.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well done, both reader and writer!

We women talk a lot because men generally only catch about every tenth word or so.

If I had to choose, I'd rather be a princess than an average prophet. :)

Doug The Una said...

Aral, TLP already read so if it's not Dddragon and not Actonbell, then who can it be?

Actonbell, this may not have been you but I'm more than curious what it would sound like of you read one of these. Just sayin'.

J.D., what's that about woman generals?

G said...

Is ap3 playing coy with us - hmmm? Or a sly diversion tactic? I'm off to watch IceAge2 with the kids...perhaps by dawn it will be revealed.

Have a good night all.

Lila said...

I can tell you that the reader is not I... and I don't know who the reader is!

TLP said...

It is not a Pez Person. Promise.

Doug The Una said...

G, you won't find the answer in Hollywood.

OK, sis. So I can give away that this week's reader is bigger than a pez dispenser and smaller than a dragon. Does that help anyone?

Doug The Una said...

Ooops, sorry, TLP. How do you know it wasn't Goa'uld disguising her voice? That kid's pretty clever.

TLP said...

Yep. Goa'uld is clever all right. But I'd know her sweet little voice any time, any where.

Where is Mireille lately? Anybody seen or HEARD her?

Anonymous said...

'tis an excellent question, TLP! also thinking we might take a second look at a certain Logophile, what with the "book borrowing", and all...??

just my luck -- we've got a stupid Nor'easter moving like a freight train up the coast -- heck, by tomorrow we might not have power -- which means i go to bed tonight knowing there's an excellent possiblity the reader might not be revealed until... *gasp* ... Monday!

wait. i know who it is...


tsduff said...

Kudos to the mystery reader - always a pleasure to be read to :-D

Prophecy: In some cultures it is customary to place a series of objects evocative of possible future occupations in front of a baby. Whichever object the baby crawls to or picks up is said to indicate the kind of profession the baby will grow up to have. Hmmm - wonder why I went to the pepperoni?

Minka said...

Lovely Sunday to the Waking Ambrose comment section! Some of us have to be at work this fine day, just sayin´!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for their appreciation. It was very nice to come home from a grueling competition and find them.
But I notice no one guessed it was I.
So you think just because a grown woman plays with toys all day she can't read well? Huh?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That should have been, "Thanks to everyone for YOUR (or her and his) appreciation." Bet you didn't even catch that.

TLP said...

Wonderful job Weirsdo! I came back this AM just to see who it was. Congratulations. On the reading and on making me late to church. And I have to do the coffee this morning. If you were Unitarian you would know how important that is!

Anonymous said...

WEIRSDO! i might have known. i should have known.

i'm so embarrassed because i didn't know. you were wonderful -- every bit as amazing and imaginative a reader as i always knew you would be -- despite the fact that i didn't guess you! d'oh!

again i say BRAVO! *claps even more wildly* that was spectacular!

TLP: pray for us all, sister/girlfriend, apparently we need it more than we thought.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, now there's an interesting guess. It seems Mireille is too busy with her perfume-sniffing. xoxo.

Exactly, Neva, it was Al.

Terry, it must have been your natural attraction to the Earth, its creatures and its sausages.

Happy Sunday, Penguin. On the sabbath?

Weirsdo, I bet if there'd been a dinosaur and a barbie doll in the episode you'd have been everyone's first guess. Very well done and thank you.

TLP, you remember, of course, that Weirsdo attends Unitarian church but remains unaffiliated. That kind of makes her a superunitarian, doesn't it?

Neva, it's a unitarian church. Do you think Emerson will intervene in your guessing? Maybe Osiris?

Anonymous said...

Very well done Weirsdo!!! Very well done!!!

Anonymous said...

::clapping:: Yay, Weirsdo! Very nicely done.

G said...

Doug - intentionally throwing me off with "you won't find the answer in Hollywood" - you could have interjected "Hobbeyswood" (sic).

Nicely done Weirsdo! And adding in that grammer lesson as a bonus in the comments really seals the deal. There was something familiar about the voice - from your Pirate episodes, I suppose.

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed and hope Mall Diva's competition went well.

mireille said...

Weirsdo! I love that voice. And I'm here!! ♥ doug and lucy ♥ xoxo

Minka said...

weirsdo... amazing. very well done! You left a tough spot for the next reader!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again everyone. Actually, I was a member of our Unitarian Fellowship for 10 years, but quit this year. I still love Dr. Weirsdo's Unitarian church, where we were married. I think secular humanist most accurately describes me, but I do know all about the Fair Trade coffee.

Anonymous said...

You've heard me sing, are you sure you are up for that?

Logophile said...

The lovely and talented Weirsdo.
Must say her voice is much nicer than Pansi's.
Wonderful job, madam.

Doug The Una said...

Joel and Quilly, I agree.

G, I'm a sneaky so-and-so, aren't I?

Mireille, welcome back. I thought maybe Bucket et you.

Minka, the next reader knows it, too.

Weirsdo, I'm sure drinking fair trade coffee is good enough to qualify you as Unitarian if you want to continue the label.

Absolutely, Cooper.

Logo, must you put down dear Pansi to raise up Weirsdo? They're practically kin.

Minka said...

oh Pascover, you are gonna be next week´s reader, aren´t you?

Good luck!

Doug The Una said...

Yup, Minka. You see my problem.