Saturday, April 07, 2007

To Ninevah

Episode 14 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to Erik, this week's reader who was my roommate at Deep Springs College and classmate under Herr Wass in High School. I was tempted to have Erik translate this week's episode into German, but it just would have ticked me right off when he succeeded. Erik made me feel dumb enough in the 80's.

To hear the story, head for Ninevah.

This week, in The Prattler "Paschal Fiasco" (later today or tonight.)

Happy Birthday to Sar!

To read the story, ask Diogenes a smart question and see if he answers.

Clockwise from the top, My father, myself, Minka, and Kyahgirl in Switzer Canyon, Angeles National Forest.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

only commenting right now to say, uh, zuerst!

also -- it's a good thing i have audio, because the written version won't load up. oh well... did i mention i'm zuerst?

sorry lovely Penguin, but i had to seize the moment, i don't get to be zuerst often! ; )

Minka said...



Minka said...

Neva, there are no words!
that must have been a split second!

Anonymous said...

whew! i was finally able to read the story as well as listen to your clever friend, Erik (made YOU feel dumb, Doug? say it ain't so!) -- who did a wonderful job with this week's excellent chapter in the on-going (and going and going...) saga of Diogenes and his search for "truth". (tho' why "truth" and not a toga is beyond me...) that said, i'm struggling with the fact that the accountant-turned-mendicant was happy to have met up with Mule and Dusty, especially since he's now facing the loss of his head. oy, sometimes i get so confused. (is this your way of making us feel dumb?)

Minka *gulps* uh, er... as you can see, i had difficulty restraining myself from slipping in the first comment this morning. not to worry, you know me, so you know this won't happen again anytime soon : )

finally... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear and lovelovelovely friend, Sar!

Anonymous said...


1. The ability to resist competing for the first comment on Waking Ambrose. See SLEEPING IN. It's the weekend already ...!

2. The ability to wake up in the morning and find one's toenails the same color as they were the night before, Quilly.

Nice work, Erik, and welcome to the wild bunch.

Happy Birthday, Sar!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Doug and Erik...happy birthday Sar!!!!

G said...

Anybody who can make you feel dumb, is worth a listen. Nicely done Erik and another good installment on the road to honesty.

Restraint: likely you won't find honesty there.

G said...

Most importantly: Happy Birthday Sar!!! Hope you're enjoying it with your beautiful family right now!

TLP said...

Without restraint I declare this an excellant addition to the myth that you are creating Doug.

Eric, you have a very nice voice. I automatically love anyone who can humble the dawg here. Not that he's uppity. He's not. Just smart...

TLP said...

Excellent not excellant. I humble myself here regularly.

Anonymous said...

Doug are you really creating a myth?

You have a friend who can make you feel dumb :)

I got so into listening to Eric's voice I have to read the story

restraint: something I shall someday learn

Happy Birthday Sar!!!!

Doug The Una said...

Puppy, the two email notifications came in at the same moment and seeing your name zuerst my first thought was "uh-oh."

Minka, will you accept that you were first second?

Neva, Erik's some kind of genius of a sort. We stayed friends because I'm only competitive in physical beauty.

Amoeba, I hope your toes are purple. I think sleeping in on Saturday sounds wise.

Actonbell, that's actually a useful definitions. I might try to write one of those. Maybe in my third year.

Thanks, Joel.

Thanks, G. It's easier than I think.

Thanks, TLP, but I prefer to think of myself as uppity. It makes me feel more oppressed.

Pia, I think this story will become a myth if it can get misremembered enough times. So might Pia Savage.

Miz BoheMia said...

*sigh* So much time outta the blogosphere has me totally out of the loop of the stories I am afraid!

Restraint... a quality neither possessed by, or aspired to, bohemians, especially bohemian sisters of self-proclaimed-but-not-really-so-although-SHHH-'cause-your-secret's-safe-with-me curmudgeons...

And happy birthday Sarita! May your day be nothing short of FABOO!

Minka said...


I thought this was a very interesting reading, I liked the pace and attention to detail a lot.
Another DS survior in our midst!

restraint... saving the best for last

´cause there is also common sense!

Sar said...

Thank you for the b-day, and more importantly 47 (hat tip to Actonbell) shout out, Doug & beloved buddies!

Will write/post more when not under the constraints of purchased internet access. In the meantime, rest assured, 47 has treated me very well indeed here in Aruba.

My best all,


Restraint: Knowing when to hold 'em & fold 'em and walking away a winner on 47!

Minka said...

I am such a scatterbrain:

Sar: A wonderful, spunky and witty Happy Birthday. Youa re still in Aruba? Some people have it all, don´t they?

I´ll show restraint in trying not to be too jealous :) xox

Doug The Una said...

Miz B, I'm crabby as Joel and Neva's lawn. Ask Minka, Kyah, Pia or Ariel.

Minka, online is the perfect place for a Deep Springs class reunion, I think.

Sar, I hope it's been grand.

Minka, you are so too not a scatterbrain, mainly!

TLP said...

Ooooh! Shoes. Love it.

Ariel the Thief said...

Miz B, sad but your brother is telling the truth. I was ready to show him around in Budapest but he refused to leave his hotel room, yelled for whisky and wanted girls but kicked them off before they could say hi. it took the stuff to be given the biggest tips ever to let him stay for more than one night, but then I thought it'd be ok when nobody saw him anymore for days but one day there he was running around in the hallway at noon completely undressed, grabbing people by their collars and wanting them to give his robe back. they said they haven't seen anything like that since Britney Spears...

Anonymous said...

mocking our lawn, are we? and on Easter, no less...

lovelovelove the pic! i'd have recognized that shapely ankle ANYWHERE. Minka's is lovely, too. ; )

Doug The Una said...

TLP, and stylish shoes for sure!

Ariel, thanks for not bringing up the cannibalism. I don't know what got into me. I had no idea Hungarian Paprikash was supposed to be chicken! Why not call it "chicken paprikash" then?

Thanks, Actonbell! You too!

Puppybrose, I missed sunrise service for the first time since college. This will be a sinful year, I can tell.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! Sinful? Let the good times roll FO SHO! Seems to me my seedy back alley video guide to Spain's hush, hush chicas could come in handy then... *GASPETTY GASP*

Ay... why can I not say something classy before wishing you a Happy Easter! I swear I try, I really do!

The curmudgeon, the vulgar bohemian and the queenly penguin... what a family! ;-)

Felices Pascuas hermanito y gracias por pensar en tu hermana! Besotes muy grandotes y con eso... BOHEMIA FUERA!

Minka said...

Happy Easter!

That´s me!!!!!! *waves at herself*

Yes I know, you guys were there too ;)

G said...

Happy Easter to you and your family! Doug, is that you with the clam diggers on?

Enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, everyone!

Hi, Erik! ::waves::

Happy Birthday, Sar -- belatedly.

restraint; that which I do not have but OC may wish to artifically provide, even though his toenails are not purple.

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy b-day weekend to Sar!!

Erik did a nice job reading it in English.
Ser gut!

LOVE those feet!
I'm so glad you all got together!! :)

Doug The Una said...

Gracias, hermana y pienso a ustedes todas las dias.

Thanks, for the reminder, Minka! I forgot the rest of us were there too. I hope it was a grand Easter for you.

Thanks G. I'm not sure what a clam digger is, but the shapely calves in the picture belong to Minka and my dad.

You know, Quilly, there are certain indignities a man shouldn't have to suffer. Of course, anyone with a PhD has long since waived that assumption for themselves.

Thanks, JD. One of these days we'll get your foot in the picture. I hope it was a great Easter holiday and Keith has today off.

Minka said...

what is a clam digger? Maybe that should be a word for the week we tackle words with c :)

Minka said...

oh and also: is there a reason I can´t find the Paschal Fiasco on teh Prattler, or is it just my computer?

Doug The Una said...

Minka, I have no idea what a clam-digger is. I'm guessing pants with high ankles like you wore to Switzer. This morning I noticed Paschal Fiasco was missing, too. It was there Saturday afternoon, though. I'll try to fix that tonight.

G said...

Doug, your guess is correct. The word I was seeking and couldn't find in my addled brain was capri pants! It was either clam diggers or dig back to the term for them when I was just a girl - peddle pushers. Okay fashion fiasco over.

Anonymous said...

G: laughing. ya know, we called 'em pedal pushers or "high waters" when i was a kid... : )