Friday, July 13, 2007


HASH, x. There is no definition for this word--nobody knows what hash is.

2007 Update: n. A petit melange, but with an Arabic etymology and an Irish aesthetic. The name shares its root with HASHISH and ASSASSIN which explains the dish entirely.


Minka said...


Anonymous said...

Hash: I have no idea what you're talking about; I've never heard of the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Not to plug my book or anything, but there's a scene when I go through customs, with big pieces between my cheeks and teeth--in sliver foil--opiated also--still remember what it looks like

Was in high school--my parents had no idea, as they led the way through customs.

This is so the wrong place to plug my book as Doug practically forced me to write it

TLP said...

Yeah, well, Ambrose made hash outta that definition.

I don't have any knowledge of any kind of hash. And that's the truth. ;P

Minka said...

I was in Amsterdam a couple of days ago...this has nothing to do with anything other than Amsterdam being a fine city...twirly in a way :)

Anonymous said...

Hash: scribble-scrabble. often seen as a slashing mark of oblivion for a written word/phrase, the flickering nothingness of a lousy cable connection, and/or the foggy blanket inside one's brain following the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol and/or, um, hash.

Anonymous said...

Hash Browns...Corned Beef and Hash.

Sorry...I had a sheltered childhood.

tsduff said...

You know those guys that come and grab your plates at the Stanford cafeteria before you are finished eating...? They HASH your plates, and are thus known as HASHERS.

Anonymous said...

Hey. My mother made hash. Repeatedly. And I survived the experience.

But the Summer of Love killed hash. Dead. I haven't seen it made, or served, in decades. There's now at least one entire generation in which it's really true that no one knows what hash is. Except you, Cheech.

G said...

Minka! So nice to see you "high" up in first plae!

Hash: I swear - it came with the brownie mix! Now have another :)

And have a good weekend while you're at it.

Doug The Una said...

Right from the top, Minka!

Andrew, check your pipe.

Pia, publish and I'll plug it myself. Buy it and then plug it.

TLP, and I'm a bricked-up, gullible moron. That's also the truth.

I know, Minka. I read about it in the newspaper.

Neva, anyone who can even order a triple grand soy whatever-the-heck latte needs no alcohol and no hash.

Joel, that was actually the kind I had in mind. I think we're alone with O Ceallaigh, though.

Terry, am I supposed to know those guys?

Amoeba, mine too. And I still like it, dammit!

G, the brownies would help.

OK, y'all, I'm offline for the day. Don't do anything I wouldn't.

Jamie Dawn said...

As for me and my house, we will serve the assissin.

Hash, as a verb:
Never let the sun go down upon thy wrath; Always make sure to thoroughly HASH things out before thy head hits thy pillow.

Hash, as a noun:
A hitonious concoction of potatoes and crap.

Anonymous said...

Hash -- the mixture Gram always served for breakfast -- with deep fried eggs, brown and crispy at the edges -- about mid-week after roast for Sunday dinner.

Anonymous said...

Diane loves Hash.

Gag me!

The Old Mule said...

am I the *only* BBQ fan in this joint?

Tom & Icy said...

You sound happy.

mireille said...

hahaha, Icy. Subtle. But I'm sure OUR Doug would never imbibe. Burns your throat, as I remember. And I don't remember much. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Jamie Dawn, thanks for the marital advice, but I let not my left hand know what my right hand is doing.

Quilly, you make it sound good.

Brian, embrace your inner carnivore.

Actonbell, see, that was just lack of planning. Thanks for the edit.

Not hardly, mule. You'll see in Chitown.

Icy, it was Friday, although I'm working today. I keep the veneer up Monday through Thursday.

Mireille, you just have to let it cool before eating it.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I have to say is that hash it nasty. My roommate used to eat it out of the can. I wouldn't feed it to my dog. If I had a dog. Which I don't at this exact moment.

Come to think of it, I sort of have a dog.


Doug The Una said...

Right, Cooper. But your dog likes hash.

I Dive At Night said...

Hash (verb) To discuss.

Hash (noun) Makes people babble.