Monday, December 10, 2007


HEAD, n. That portion of the human body which is supposed to be responsible for all the others. It is customary in some countries to remove it, and many have acquired great skill and proficiency in the art... [Bierce goes on to tell a story too long to be keyed in- Lazy, headless editor]

2007 Update: An auxiliary echo chamber for the mouth.


Anonymous said...

Head: When in love, the portion of the body invisible to the heart!

Anonymous said...

Oh and am I supposed to brag FIRST??
I'd only want to do it if it is tradition to do so in here!

Mutha said...

Head:Ironically, also a name for the toilet.

OC or Q said...

HEAD n. highly sought-after and (much needed) prized possession as evidenced by the frenzied scramble to climb deeper and deeper into debt while trying to get ahead.


Anonymous said...

The word is head?

-keep it clean keep it clean keep it clean-

I think I'm going to use my head and just keep my mouth shut.

Shayna said...

As soon as I get my head around you
I come around catching sparks off you
I get an electric shock from you
This secondhand living just won't do
And the way I feel tonight
I could die and I wouldn't mind
And there's something going on inside
Makes you wanna feel
Makes you wanna try
Makes you wanna blow the stars from the sky
And I can't stand up
I can't cool down
I can't get my head off the ground
As soon as I get my head around you
I come around catching sparks off you
And all I ever got from you
Was all I ever took from you
Yeah, the world could die in pain
And I wouldn't feel no shame
And there's nothing holding me to blame
Makes you wanna feel
Makes you wanna try
Makes you wanna blow the stars from the sky
And I'm taking myself to a dirty part of town
Where all my troubles can't be found
I said yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
And I'm taking myself to a dirty part of town
Where all my troubles can't be found
Makes you wanna feel
Makes you wanna try
Makes you wanna blow the stars from the sky

Anonymous said...

A gender-neutral term used instead of "chair," perhaps because of the latter's association with "ass" (cf. Tom & Icy, above).

TLP said...

Jenn: good job of not giving ... that definition of head.

My verifier is pqrno! Tee hee. Close enough.

Anonymous said...

HEAD, n. A cherished possession, even when empty.

Of all the many horrific things that happened during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror, many of the lesser events have been lost to all but the most assiduous students of history. Though the lesser events were often less terrible than the greater only in degree.

There was the unfortunate history of the drivers who filled their carts with the bodies of the guillotined, and took them off to be buried. The authorities noted, one day, that the guillotiners had to keep hiring new ones. They thought this a waste of resources, and set up an investigation.

The investigators found a bunch of nervous, hypersensitive people in the execution teams, whose sense of humor, if it had ever been, had been squelched by the events of the Terror. And they complained bitterly that they could find no drivers with any sense, much less courtesy. For they persisted in asking, when their carts were loaded:

Where are they headed?


Ariel the Thief said...

Pascover, are you editing Bierce? Has the end of the world come?

Head, the thing you are supposed to cut off when going to kill a dragon.

Doug The Una said...

Karishma, that was good. A dust of dark humor combined with that doe-eyed innocence we're all hoping to see through. And I think bragging about being first is optional, but I don't make the rules.

Mutha, I'm not sure that's ironic.

Quill, that was a grand summary of the sub-prime mortgage crisis. What were they thinking = with what were they thinking?

Jenn, I know that was hard for you. Thank you for your restraint. (Why does everything sound dirty when its addressed to a trollop?)

Icy, I think that's the inferior auxiliary echo chamber.

Whoa, Shayna. Vintage.

Professorial, Weirsdo. Thanks!

TLP, they should never give you that verifier.

Nice shaggy dog, Anonamoeba.

Ariel, it was a busy morning and after I picked the word and realized the rest of the page and all the next were the definition I just couldn't stand the typing. If I remember to scan it, I'll post the image. Fair? And I wish you'd told me. I keep hacking and hacking at the tail.

tsduff said...

Head: The part of the rattlesnake that can still kill you (or your dog)after it has been severed from its body.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your definition is superb today!
Not that they aren't usually superb, but today's is especially superb.

Head: The HEAD of a pin is what angels dance on.
How many angels can dance on the HEAD of a pin?
No one knows.

Please clarify:
Does Rukh rhyme with Luck or Look?
If it rhymes with look, then I feel kinda stupid.

tsduff said...

rots of rukh

Minka said...

head of femur attaches to the acetabulum of the sacrum to form a ball-and-socket joint that allows for movement.

sorry...that's all I've got. I need soem sleep!

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, and one more thing...
About the one word Lammy post that showed up mysteriously on my blog, BOTH of my kids blamed it on Lammy.
I should have known it was Lammy.
Lammy knows the kids made a Lammy Christmas Video, and he wants me to put it on my blog.
I probably will, but Lammy doesn't know it, so he's acting out lately.
He's worse than Taylor!

Doug The Una said...

Monty Python, Actonbell?

Well, aren't we Suzy Sunshine this evening, Terry!

JD, I pronounce it like look, but I was just yanking your chain yesterday.

OK, Terry, so you pronounce the way JD intended. You are the house ornithologist.

Minka, Willie is minus one femoral head. You should both rest.

Doug The Una said...

Oh, and JD, I bet Lammy is exactly as bad as Taylor.

Jim said...

Head: A word that rhymes with 'dead.'
There is such a thing as Deadhead, like in the Greatful Dead.

Indeterminacy said...

Ich hätte lieber Köpfchen als Kopf.

Indeterminacy said...

(Translation: I'd rather have brains than a head.)

Anonymous said...

so, having missed this post yesterday, i guess i've gone from the head(ish) of the class to making an ass(ish) out of myself. serves me right. d'oh!

it hurts my head to realize that had this a NEW post, i'd actually be first. (just sayin', i'm here, where are you?) . ; )

Anonymous said...

"...had this been a new post." aieeee! my head! my head!!

Doug The Una said...

Jim, once upon a time I thought I could be a deadhead. Turned out I was just a sick head.

Indie, Ich hätte lieber glück als kopfchen.

So, Neva, I'm late?

G said...

The answer to your question to Actonbell is Warren Zevon. Good tune by the way.

Now that's in my head.