Friday, December 21, 2007


RAMSHACKLE, adj. Pertaining to a certain order of architecture, otherwise known as the Normal American. Most of the public buildings of the United States are of the Ramshackle order, though some of our earlier architects preferred the Ironic. Recent additions to the White House in Washington are Theo-Doric, the ecclesiastic order of the Dorians. They are exceedingly fine and cost one hundred dollars a brick.

2007 Update: In the fashion of every pious scold's childhood home and each bon vivant's current night's lodging.

N.B.  The magnificent Jenn is finding hotel deals for Chicago in March and posting them in the comments at Barncrawling.


I Dive At Night said...

If you say Dorian, but mean Ionic, is that Ironic?

Ramshackle: My livingroom all this week.

Anonymous said...

I like being called magnificent. It pleases me greatly.

Ramshackle - my condo thanks to my housekeeping skills.

Anonymous said...

Ramshackle--my life for the past month and up until at least New Years

Then it will be another sort of ramshackle until I sell my apartment and find a place I really want to live in and...

Anonymous said...

Ramshackle: my Christmas decorating, thanks to my ADD.

i can't seem to recall whether or not i stopped by yesterday -- guessing a Last Minute and/or Very Quick Trip into NYC, in order ensure a certain Holiday Penguin gets to bask in the glow of all that is Rockefeller Center will do that to a gal with an ADDled brain. D'oh Ho Ho! ; )

Anonymous said...

RAMSHACKLE adj. the condition of whatever remains after having tethered the goat to it.


Mutha said...

This word reminds me of my mom, who says things like "Shanty Irish Luggage" when referring to carrying clothes in a brown paper bag. Once when I was dressed in a way she found confusing in the least (see punk rock) she asked what "ramshackle get-up" I was wearing.
Ah she's a pissah.

Anonymous said...

ramshackle, the aging body down

Jamie Dawn said...

Perfect word for this time of year.
RAMSHACKLE is the condition most of us are in as we scamper to do last minute shopping or prepare to travel. I feel sorry for ANYone who will be in the airports this weekend.

Ariel the Thief said...

Ramshackle? Other than the world as we know it? I don't know.

ipiey - Ghost Riders in the sky

Tom & Icy said...

The doghouse provided by a best friend.

Anonymous said...

RAMSHACKLE, v. t. What you do when the ram doesn't wish to recognize that all the ewes have been serviced.

In this case, Almighty God Bierce's words were so potent that they reached all the way from San Francisco to Washington DC. Where the neglect of the White House became so severe that it nearly fell down under President Truman.

Of course, now that the place has become Fortress Amerika, a symbol of Our [sic] Government's fear of its own people (not to mention everyone else's), and the Palace which some people wished to call it in the first place, maybe it should fall down.

Doug The Una said...

Morgan, more I often I say Ionic when I mean Moorish, which is moronic.

Jenn, I say whatever keeps us from being Hazel is worth it.

Pia, there's no shame in improvisation, I'm sure.

Ho Ho D'oh to you, Neva. You're doing good work for the unfortunate, bless your socks.

Haha, Quilly. If that's where the word comes from then it's the right word.

Sure sounds that way, Mutha.

Minka, I wondered what you called those. That was poetry.

Jamie Dawn, I do too and I know some.

Ariel, it's the only example I could think of either.

Icy, it's where we pups are most comfortable.

Amoeba, I think I wouldn't cry for it. Darn that Dolly Madison.

TLP said...

Totally confused here. Why is Jenn finding hotel deals for MAY? I thought the event was in March.

Obviously a ramshackle is hoofcuffs for a male goat.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, thank you. Jenn was looking for rooms in March. I was barely paying attention this morning which is better'n average.

Jamie Dawn said...

As of about 2:00 this afternoon, I completed ALL my Christmas shopping and ALL my grocery shopping!!
I shall not enter a store of any kind until after Christmas.
Saints be praised!!
No tiendas, no supermercados, no centro commerciales, not even a estaciĆ³n de gasolina!!!

mireille said...

um, did anyone bring up the handcuffs on a quadrupedal, cloven-hoofed mammals of the genus Ovis? Also where bon vivants sleep is a matter of great interest to me. xoxo

Jim said...

Ramshackle -- h92 8w 5y3 58j3 r94 qoo t99en j3n 59 d9m3 59 5y3 q8e 9r 5y384 0q456l

Anonymous said...

Jim -- 0 7734!

Anonymous said...

Jim? Goa'uld on line 2 (see "Revenge of the Geek", at right). When you go to the aid of your party, do they tell you "Thanks but no thanks, we need someone whose typing is a little less ramshackle?"


Anonymous said...

And thanks to G and Terry over at Barnstorming (where non-Googleites can't comment), I looked up holiday dates related to the planned Chi-Town shindig:

St. Pat's (Amoeba Goes Green): 17 Mar (Monday)

Purim: 21-22 Mar (Fri.-Sat.)

Good Friday: 21 Mar

Easter: 23 Mar (Sun)

That might explain $200 "deposits" for $90 rooms. Which protozoa with church gigs won't have to worry about :(.

Doug The Una said...

¿Zero marchetas tampoco, Jota De? Muy bien, hecho! I hear I have some nephews and a niece to shop for still but I won't believe it until I hear it in Spanish.

Mireille, Quilly brought that up but with less latin.

Jim, around here we call what you just did to me "Pansify." By which I mean, "wha?" Is that machine code?

14, Quilly.

Amoeba, I might have guessed you'd be the one to get Jim's joke. Your point about the planning is a good one. I don't plan. I do accept volunteerism. I will change the settings on Barncrawling.

mireille said...

I bow to the Quillster. Could someone explain the numbers to me? xoxo

Cooper said...

Shabby Chic is the term I prefer.

Doug The Una said...

Someone probably can, Mireille, but s)he ain't me.

Cooper, I'm sure that's the common one where you are.