Thursday, January 03, 2008


AUTOCRAT, n.  A dictatorial gentleman with no other restraint upon him than the hand of an assassin.  The founder and patron of that great political institution, the dynamite bombshell system.

2008 Update:  Someone whose command is beyond question and whose writ is global, such as a man in his shower or every woman at a bee.  The collective noun is "a bride of autocrats."


Minka said...

autocrat,n. a rebel come of age

Anonymous said...

autocrat - A remote controlled politician.

Anonymous said...

...a man in his shower I understand...however, every woman at a bee?????
That Minka, she is so clever :)

Kyahgirl said...

you are a funny guy....a man in his shower indeed!

Anonymous said...

AUTOCRAT n. he who does as he pleases regardless of rules, regulations or public opinion
[examples of ...] Darth Vader, G.W. Bush ...

Anonymous said...

AUTOCRAT: a type, if I could get away with it, I would like to be. Since I'm not one, I think they are despicable and hitonious.

AUTOCRAT: autopilot, automobile--one takes over, the other the driver guides.

AUTOMATIC: my mom never did like to drive a car with an automatic transmission, she never knew what gear it was in. To her that transmission was too autocratic.
Her little Ford Mustang II had a stick shift. I have it now, it has 67K miles. Not bad for a 1974 model.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I am with Jim, his definition no. 2.

Except that the picture in my head is of a Yugo with Quilly's fave as the uberdriver.

The Old Mule said...

autocrat: a Hegelian man of means.

Or, as the spanish warlord said to the captured mexican general at the end of a north mexican skirmish..."Senor, do you believe in the dialectic? Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

I am always loose with details, but you get the point.

Ariel the Thief said...

autocrat, the problem with them is that you cannot choose yours.

spzkp - sponged zoologist keeps his zip

mireille said...

I share the wonder with Mo'a: every woman at a bee ... wth? Spelling, quilting, sewing ... that kind of bee? Isn't autocrat a kind of cafeteria-style restaurant where the food is behind little windows? Oh. Automat. Never mind. xoxo

TLP said...

A fast food restaurant that serves Vietnam-era military food. Also see MREs

(Though it occurs to me that you're all too young for that one. Do young people know what automats are? Have you ever heard of C-rations? Inquiring old minds wonder about these things.)

TLP said...

Mireille! We crossed paths there! So young folks do know...

On the bee...I thought maybe when you quilt or knit you're on automatic pilot. I know I am.

G said...

women at bees - now ain't that quaint?

Autocrat: I suspect that doggie in the picture.

Jamie Dawn said...

AUTOCRATS are "me monsters" who make the world revolve around them.

Anonymous said...

Autocrat: a 2 year old at bedtime and/or a puppy at the crack of dawn.

suffice to say Joel 'n I've been at the mercy of both at some point in time over the past 22 years. ; )

oh, and PS on your definition: you're saying a man in his shower is the "master of his own domain"?? cheeky.

tsduff said...

Women at bee's - Just what are you trying to say? I hate to say it but if I were at a bee, I'd not know what to do with myself. A cute little quilter I'm not.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, good definition!

Poobah, what's the other kind?

Isn't she, though, Mo'a?

Kyah, the key to global supremacy, I find, is finding a small enough globe.

And every other first grade teacher, Quilly.

Hitonious, indeed, Jim!

Sauerkraut, that's a good image. A panel truck, is it?

I do Mule, somedays you're the warlord, somedays sthe general.

Ariel, that's too clever. You'll be a suffering slave.

That kind of bee, Mireille.

TLP, I remember the phrase. I never et one. Your daughter, on the other hand.

You finished them, A-Bell?

G, not at all. I have decreed otherwise.

JD, the kind in black hats?

Neva, I was thinking more generally of privacy and uninterrupted illusion.

That's ok, Terry. I don't shower.