Tuesday, July 08, 2008


BOUNTY, n.  The liberality of one who has much, in permitting one who has nothing to get all he can.  
A single swallow, it is said, devours ten millions of insects every year.  The supplying of these insects I take to be a signal instance of the Creator's bounty in providing for the lives of His creatures.
Henry Ward Beecher
2008 Update:  The plumage a judge paints on a decoy.

Happy birthday to bountiful G.


TLP said...

If it's on your head, Doug'll release the hounds on you.

TLP said...

And Happy Birthday to G!

broadcastellan said...

The boat we rock when our own ship fails to come in.

Anonymous said...

BOUNTY, n. The breadfruit, Artocarpus altilis. That being the bounty borne by the Bounty as a bounty to the African slaves of the West Indies, and to their masters who needed something cheap to feed 'em. The doubtful bounty of sailing from Tahiti halfway around the world with a ship filled with breadfruit trees led to the mutiny on the Bounty.

For all you Marlon Brando fans, the ship upon which Brando delivered his bountiful performance as Fletcher Christian still sails. I watched it being refitted in Maine for its current world cruise.

Anonymous said...

Happy bounty, G! Wheree'er you be.

Unknown said...

a cornucopia of wishes for G!


Logophile said...

Happy Birthday, G!!!

Bounty, the quicker picker upper!!
It's Monday, leave me alone, it's the best I do!

Ariel the Thief said...

Bounty, Doug who let's us play in the shadow of his genius.

Happy Birthday, G!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, cry "Havok" and let slip the dog of war!

Harry, that is particularly true for young fans of aging films and old radio.

Is that a fact, Amoeba? When I lived in Australia I saw a documentary about Pitcairn island, where the mutineers landed and apparently found a bounty of food and a bevy of tahitian women whose descendants are just as pretty as peaches.

And a nectar to you, Miss Karma.

It's Tuesday, Logo. Help yourself to a berth.

Not you too, Ariel. Boldog karácsony! Rossz magyar!

Anonymous said...

happy boithday to G
what else can we say to thee
cept that swallows eat insects
and for that get my reeespect.

bounty: on the label of my snapple, it says that the average human enjoys a bounty of 8 spiders swallowed during their lifetime whilst asleep.

don't ever sleep, g. you can never know what type of bounty will be crawling across your palate upon waking.

Anonymous said...

bounty-first thought was that i had taken care of that price placed on my head,dead or alive....then came mutiny--as the two/thirds of the world who get the table scraps of the one/third...which lead to thoughts of the commodities market and our global corporate lords...which then lead to the thought of how THANKFUL i am for the life i have lead,,past present,future...Happy Birthday to the moon children who frequent this site !!!!Peace today and always...hope the travels are going /have gone,well......................

Anonymous said...

Bounty -- the supply of wit and laughter accessed via this forum.

And -- obviously -- the amount of birthday happiness we wish for g.

Anonymous said...

Pretty as peaches, indeed, Dawg. Trouble is, some of Mr. Christian's descendants got into the habit of picking that bounty while still green.

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday, G!

May G-d's Bounty always shine upon you.

mireille said...

Happy, happy birthday, G! xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Hahaha, Sauerkraut! I guess g must have et about 4 by now.

Let the sun shune in, Bear. This is the dawning of the age of Aries.

Thanks, Quilly.

Amoeba, I'm noticing a trend that if you live in an isolated community you want that y-chromosome bad.

Amen, N_ssa!

Mireille, did you wear that for the party? It's not that kind of party.

Logophile said...

Ooooh, it was Mr. Logo's first day back at work after the vaca and all that so it feeeeels like a Monday.
Can I get partial credit for a Monday effort?

G said...

Thanks for the bountiful birthday wishes! Of course, Sauerkraut, I could have done without that reminder before bedtime. Suddenly I'm not so tired.

You're a swell bunch.

~ G

tsduff said...

I prefer my bounty during the day with eyes wide open... as far as spiders in my mouth at night whilst I sleep... pshaw. What I don't know I don't want to know. I don't do bugs, except when I'm on the bike and they occasionally get stuck in my teeth.

Cooper said...

Happy birthday G.

That was a sweet definition Doug, I can do no better.

javajazz said...

happy birthday,
bountiful G...!

and Bear? thank you!

and dog...you always present
a bountiful collection
of words i sometimes
understand here.

Ariel the Thief said...

Boldog Karácsonyt, Doug!

Doug The Una said...

Logo, if it ain't late, it ain't Monday.

Hope it was a good one, G.

Terry, when they get caught in my teeth I consider them cocktail bugs.

Thanks, Cooper. Sure you can but I understand the life of a graduate student the same way I understand that of a father.

JJ, on the good days would you mind explaining them?

Boldog {j Évet, Ariel.

Harry's a wit, Actonbell. I always enjoy when he stops by and I think you'd enjoy his blog.