Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

A holiday, like Valentine's,
That each man welcomes unwilling
A time to honor children, trees,
And what we're gladder killing.

Like piety on Easter,
Lacking just the yellow bonnet,
Earth Day brings forth the somber word
With righteousness upon it.

And so I'll celebrate in verse,
Stay concise, also devout,
To keep my carbon footprint
From leaving ashes in my mouth.

GREEN, adj. (coll.) Environmentally gentle like 600 miles in a Prius.


TLP said...

I'm first! Yea!

Now I have to actually read the post.

TLP said...

Green: A freshman.

Great poem.

tsduff said...

My favorite color is green. Sometimes blue - but today, definitely green.

Green: Next time taking the train instead of the car.

Do you think of those poems while you sleep? Do you have them just spinning around in your head, ready to translate into the written word upon waking? Enjoyed today's offering - happy Earth Day.

the amoeba said...

GREEN, adj. What brown can do for you.

Nessa said...

In honor of Earth Day, I am not throughing any trash on the ground today.

quilly said...

GREEN n.Hawaii -- with a little blue thrown in for good measure. (If you squint your eyes really hard and look beyond all the concrete, you'll see it.)

Jamie Dawn said...

Green: the color of my thumb - I'm a house plant freak. We live in an indoor forest which makes up for our enormous carbon footprint. The Reverend flies back and forth from AR to CA every couple of weeks, and Taylor drives a gas guzzling SUV there in CA. We have much to atone for so my plants are our redemption.


Ariel the Thief said...

Where have the cowboys gone? :)

Anonymous said...

It ain't easy being green.

As it's snowing...

Nessa said...

"throughing" - I am green in the gills from my inability to spell properly.

Fred said...

I went and saw a movie. I wasted gas to get there, sat in an air-conditioned theater that was too cold, and ate too much popcorn.

I feel sick.

Tom & Icy said...

We salute the trees
In very many ways
When we have to pee
I'm waiting for Dog Days

tsduff said...

It's okay Fred - we all fall occasionally. Just get right back up.

Anonymous said...

a simple day of green grass growing...Peace and again TY

Ariel the Thief said...

So Doug, now that all those trees are cut and all that soil is moved to be there roads for cars, you are going to gently pet the Earth driving your Prius? Touching.

Doug The Una said...

You're right, TLP. I'm kind of stuck, aren't I?

Nope Terry, they are the only children of performance anxiety.

Amoeba, that's clever.

Nessa, on Earth day, you should through the trash.

Quilly, you're shorting the orchids.

JD< I've started counting my garden, too. And the Prius is the carbon offset for the pick-up, if anyone asks.

Gone to flowers, everyone. When will we ever learn?

Jenn, that's get in the way. I can see that. Why do you live in Canada, again?

Nessa, I do that all the time, or I'd make more fun of you. Earlier in the week I said someone was write in a comment. Yeah, but not me.

Fred, don't worry. The evidence of your carelessness will soon be burnt beyond recognition.

Good girl, Icy!

Terry, don't waste carbon on sympathy.

Sounds like a green day to me, Bear.

Bugs don't count, do they, Ariel?