Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Vierzehn
Listen to Jamie Dawn and The Reverend Keith read, as expertly engineered by their son, Taylor (whose link I found on JD's site), visit the priest at right.

To read this week's part, sit down to Vater Johann's table.

This week in The Prattler, Mr. Obama goes to Strasbourg.


Minka said...

Numer 1, Jahr 2009

Minka said...

No need to cut of the good lines, indeed!

wow, the reading was spectatcular...those voices: brilliant!

A bunch of young novices and Dietrich...may he never return to the Braun farm!

Tom & Icy said...

Great production and story.

TLP said...

Very interestingly done!

And the story just gets better and better.

tsduff said...

Um... I thought I was in the wrong room - robot recital or something :) Excellent reading - (oh how I envy those who don't stumble over the difficult syllables...)

Fabulous collaboration to all 4 (Doug, you are astounding)

quilly said...

I kept finding myself envisioning scenes from the first (although later) Star Wars movies. I believe it was the synthesized voices.

J.D.'s clan displays an amazing amount of talent, don't they?

As to the story, Doug is as Doug as ever -- always at his best.

Jamie Dawn said...

We had a lot of fun! Thanks for allowing us to read this episode and for accepting Taylor's tweaking of our voices.
This story is really good. I've already told you that, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded.


Ariel the Thief said...

LOL at the reading! I picture the voices of the characters completely different but the performance made me laugh, I was enjoying. I can now see The reformation of Wolfshausen as a cartoon made by the Fractured Fairy Tales.

Nessa said...

Very entertaining reading/recording. I kept picturing meeces after the cheeces.

"If you came from a good family, you wouldn't be a carpenter." was my favorite line, Doug. Very ironic.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, I don't think Jung Dietrich is ready for the meat market, yes.

Icy, that was pretty high production quality, wasn't it?

Thanks, Blogmama. Yeah, it's hard to believe that's Jamie D.

Actonbell, is Serena running Google now?

Thanks, T. This episode that four cooks can still make fine stew.

They do, Quilly. Lot's of gifts there. Maybe one day Jamie Dawn's brother will accompany on the organ.

Ariel, there's something to aspire to.

Nessa, hating meeces to peeces is more of a cat thing.

cooper said...

“Of course, my good wife would never miss a market day. As you know, she is
devoted to things ecclesiastical.”

That's my fav.

Great reading, to be sure.
Animation my dear dawg.

Jim said...

Vater Johann eats well, I can tell.
I listened to Lammy's 'sermon.' I offered to let him visit Adi.
She could shake the Dickens out of him like she does her bears and rabits. I told Lammy that she would enjoy this as play.

Doug The Una said...

Cooper, I'll look into it.

Jim, the good Priest may be your ancestor. Walela thinks that about Willie. He doesn't seem to enjoy it that much.