Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Fünfzehn
To hear this week's part, click on the saints and sages of Colgne's Cathedral. And apologies for the increasing long-windedness of these episodes, but at least this week's reader knows where it comes from.
To read this week's part, click on Vater Johann's fallen view of Strasbourg's Cathedral where, I am to understand, Barack Obama did not take mass last week.
This week in The Prattler, The Passion of The Atheist.
Happy Easter.


the amoeba said...

Poor Dietrich. Indirect dining is the worst kind. At least he knows how to hold up his end of a conversation.

These are filthy times, plagued with theses and sodomies and every manner of evil.

I thought you said this was a cathedral. Not a university ... ;)

TLP said...

"Indirect dining...." That's wonderful Amoeba.

Well read. You come from a family of talent. I don't think it was overly long at all. said...

a nobler labor than building cow

How so?

A new hero is born every day.

ha, indirect dingin.

Minka said...

I like your dad´s´s soothing to me.

I just hope that the meat chewing priest´s teeth will fall out soon enough. Age, at least brings you back to humble beginnings, most likely in the form of soup!

I am pretty sure I have been in Dietrich´s position at some dining tables on a few occasions :)

Little suggestion: in the line, when he talks about teh brown haired girl, that he would likes to have pulled her hair "also", it just feels that "as well" or "too" would flow a little easier. Is that a foreigner´s perspective.

And thank you...fianlly I understand why the poor are the most religious, if God speaks to us through rituals, those are the people that´ve got plenty.
I guess my connection to God was lost when I started to mix and match socks, huh?!

Thumbs up to your dad´s reading!

Jamie Dawn said...

Not too long at all.. well done!

I'm thinking the priest put all his worldly, lustful desires into eating meat and onions.

Poor Deitrich never gets a word in edgewise.

This is a terrific episode!

Easter Greetings!
Jesus is risen!!

Ariel the Thief said...

Happy Easter!

Doug The Una said...

Too funny, Amoeba.

It's true, TLP. Every one of us over ten or so is literate!

Thanks, Actonbell, but you're encouraging my bad habit. Have a good Easter beer. I think you're right that slow-talking Dietrich has a future.

Very good question, Coop. I think Vater Johann fails to appreciate the cow containment.

Happy Easter, JD. He is risen, indeed.

Boldog húsvét, Ariel..

Ariel the Thief said...

Húsvét means to take meat, from the words hús (meat) and vét (taking). Happy meat! :)

Doug The Una said...

Minka, advance apologies for not replying the first time, but if you are mocking me for talking too much over dinner look at your own comment. That said, very good editing and analysis.

Ariel, that's a magnificent name for Easter, unless you are telling me that my online translator lied.

javajazz said...

your father is absolutely
adorable and charming.
sounds like he had
way too much fun reading,
and that was a lot of reading!
what a trooper and
a real good sport.
i couldn't pay my dad
to do something like that...!
ps Happy Easter...!

Doug The Una said...

JJ, dad said something similar about your reading.

Ariel the Thief said...

That he couldn't pay his dad to do somehting like that? (Nah, translator was right!)

Doug The Una said...

Well, then I think Magyarul must be a language of poets and prime ministers.