Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Sechszehn
To hear this week's part, click on Vater Johann's supper, at right.

To read this week's part, click on Dietrich's supper at left.

This week in The Prattler, O Gas, Where Is Thy Sting?
A note on reading I think all volunteers have read once and it's time to start bugging people to read again. If you would like to read and I don't know about it or you volunteered and I don't remember, please let me know. I used to keep a list. That was nifty.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading the chapter,
now i look at the photos
wondering of the conversion
of raw hung meat
to a bowl of mush


tsduff said...

Supper looks good - served with millet on the side? My finches would approve.

TLP said...

Funny stuff! And you do "cat" so well the dogs thought there was one in the house.

Tom & Icy said...


the amoeba said...

Dietrich understands the realities of personal and global carbon budgets - no dinner (you never mentioned if he got to eat anything, direct or indirect), and sleeping space on the floor of a crowded room. That blanket is suspect, though.

the amoeba said...

Not to mention suppression of reproduction. If he follows through ...

quilly said...

I think my favorite part of today's reading, was when Dietrich laid on the cat and it let out a mrow and ran off, exciting the dogs in the process.

Jamie Dawn said...

Great cat impersonation... or imCATation, and those sounded like REAL dogs barking!! My thinks they were.

The historic smell of men does not seem to me to be a good scent. Unless they wore a lot of Old Spice.

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, we can only hope there's hunden.

Bear, they know many tricks in Catholic churches.

That's my key demographic, Terry.

Ha, TLP. You think that's what set them off?

Yowl, Icy.

Good edit, Amoeba. But he thought it was fine grain so he must have had a swallow.

Amoeba, it seems to me that whether he breeds or not in 1521 doesn't affect our present climate troubles, since the population currently factors it in either way.

Yeah, Quill. Those dogs have some comic timing.

JD, you might not appreciate it, and I sure wouldn't. But I can see why Dietrich might like the scent.

Anonymous said...

the ruler
though not a trick
was a useful measure
to assure compliance
a woman dressed in
black wool
in the middle of
walking down an aisle
of students
ruler in hand...
thats terror,,,Peace,Happy Sunday

Doug The Una said...

Sure, bear. I mean, is she a woman or a bipedal ewe? Terrifying.