Tuesday, May 12, 2009


JUTE, n. A plant grown in India, the fruit of which supplies a nutritious diet to the directors of our State prison.

2009 Update: The principal ingredient in burlap for sacks.  The principal ingredient in a burlap sack, however, is typically a hog or heiress.


the amoeba said...

Burlap is also known as sackcloth, the principal apparel of the principled. Or at least of those who choose to exhibit a principle, whether or not they adhere to it. Though if they're still a principal at the exhibition if after the burlap's adhered to them for awhile, their principle may be accepted.

I'd better catch that plane ...

Jim said...

Jute, or the ingredient in the burlap sack might be two shotes. :-) Or look like that.

quilly said...

Where I come from, "jute" goes with "box" and plays a sad country tune.

Tom & Icy said...

If I had a dime for every time I heard that word used in a conversation, I'd still be broke. Well, come to think of it, I heard people say, "Wha jute doin'?"

Jamie Dawn said...

Jute is used to make burlap sacks. So, maybe Leah wore unattractive jute sacks to cover her body while Rachel wore the more trendy silk body wraps of the day. No wonder Jacob's eye turned toward Rachel and not Leah. Or maybe Leah did not have the best hygiene.

The thunder is rumbling BIG time right now. I'm going to go and unplug our router; I fear it will suffer some kind of surge and ruin my access to the internet which would cause me to mourn and wear jute sacks.


Nessa said...

Jute: One of many German tribes responsible for sticking their noses, and swords, and battle axes, etc, in other peoples' countries.

btw, Doug, in an effort to try to understand Dan Brown's popularity (?) I took out a copy of Angels and Demons and he really is a very poor writer and The DaVinci Code movie was really bad. I am still surprised at Howard and Hanks and here they've done a second one. Amazing.

sauerkraut said...

jute: the burlap bag too often contains kittens and a see-ment block. never hear too often about the flute made from jute... mention of that probably results in a sauer note.

sauerkraut said...

whoa... just saw the dan brown movie review... I dunno but I like Dan Brown's stuff. He doesn't drink whiskey, but he has a nice house in Rye.

skywind said...

Oh, jute, very interesting plants.
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TLP said...

LOL Acton!

I have nothing to say about sackcloth 'cept I remember that it goes with ashes.

Anonymous said...

jute a friend of hemp...Peace

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, try not to stop in LA on your way or I'll show you some principal.

Or bobcats, Jim, I'm looking for Mavis.

Kaw-Liga, Quilly?

Yeah, Icy. We're finishing up the J's this week with a bunch of words you never hear. Fun, huh?

Stay out of the ashes, too, JD.

Nessa, I don't get it but I've never read it. Blessings on all those who prosper.

Sauerkraut, the world is waiting for you to invent the jute lute.

Hello, again, Skywind.

Actonbell! Actonbell! How are things in Fernwood?

And suits every occasion, TLP.

Oh, yeah, Bear. Um. Peace.

weirsdo said...

So, mourning attire, with ashes?