Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Special Celebrity Guest

Today, I triumphantly announce that Alice from Wonderland or Not is my Wednesday guest. Alice defined:

Insouciant, adj. Description designated to someone who gives the appearance of casual disregard for the seriousness of life but in reality merely realizes the truth - that life is just a play and it matters not if the audience applauds or boos as in the end either way you go home eat dinner and grab a beer.

About Alice: Alice is one of the truly surprising characters on the web. I'm a little sorry I assigned her insouciant, because I'm not sure if I can describe her without it, but her writing proceeds from light, clever and cheerfully flippant to the crisis in Darfur without segue. She's a charming scold, a thoughtful coquette, a down-to-earth jet-setter and a pithy francophone. You kind of have to read it to believe it. I might have added Princess, but there was no ironic modifier and y'all know how I keep to a system.

A rare but favorite feature of Wonderland or Not are her photoshopped gossip pieces through which she's claimed Karl Rove as a father and Billy Joel, Bill Maher and this writer as older loser (musician/comedian/lexicographer, as appropriate) boyfriends. I think I got her because her father doesn't approve of musicians or comedians. Most of her readers enjoy the humor in these pieces but really just like seeing her picture. The negotiations for me to pose for the photos above went pretty smoothly once she dropped requirement I wear a one-piece swimsuit.

By the way, Weirsdo has two new Audiobiographies up on Doug Drones On.

How to be a Wednesday Guest:
Just send me an e-mail at dpascover at mac dot com and let me know you're willing. On a future Wednesday I'll email you with a word to define and a request for a graphic. You'll have until the following Saturday to return your entry. The only rule is no profanity please.


Hobbes said...

You can have you're way with him NOW, Smart Alic, tho frankly I think Mr. Rover could of done more for you.
But remember Mr. Dog is MINE in Heaven!!!!!!!!!

dj shlilk: plays Yiddish hip-hop?
(Mrs. Weirsdo inSISted on ading that!!!!)

Sar said...

Great job Alice! Beautiful pictures and a funny, very appropriate definition.

I buy it all with one exception. Alice's admirable passion for the plight of Darfur would defy her otherwise seemingly insouciant nature.

(Nice write up and perfect word choice, Doug.)

Unknown said...

Alice is absolutely adorable! somehow, the link to her site ain't working. will try again later, of course

iojdqh: iodene just doesnt heal quickly

Doug The Una said...

Pansi, I never break a date. Pretty funny verifier, Weirsdo.

Sar, she's a mass of contradictions.

Karma, ain't she? And the link is fixed. Thanks.

TLP said...

Nice to meetcha Alice. Good definition. That's a big word. I've never used it in a sentence. Where is that Devil when we have a devil-may-care character to describe?

Logophile said...

Ah, Alice, to think we have missed all that!
Great definition!

wv- ozmuzmlm
sounds like a drunken scientist, doesn't it?

Cooper said...

pansi: I won't be going to heaven as I've had mean thoughts about the president( of both my country and my school), the governor of my old state, the and a Tom Cruise. I'm sure Doug will be there though so when you get there you can have him.

Sar: Thanks

tan lucy: thanks, I don't recall ever using that word myself, but I am certainly going to throw it around now.

ariella: Doug has trained me up right.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I'm glad to introduce you. Alice needs a woman of a certain age to help her avoid the kinds of unsavory fake boyfriends she's so vulnerable to.

Haha, Ariella. You'll love Alice's site.

OK, I'm going into a meeting. Carry on, Alice.

Ariel the Thief said...

hush ladies, men that get to Heaven are given never seen beautiful virgins to keep them amused, so your a debate is pointless. :-D

Hobbes said...

I don't think you are Christinane, arial!!!!

nfkyh: A suggestion that Pansi will Not engage in certain sinful activities with You Here? (Mrs. Weirsdo butting in agen!!!!!!)

Jamie Dawn said...

There's another one of those words that I had never heard before. I looked it up, and I am grateful to have my vocabulary being consistently expanded.

Beautiful pics, Alice. From your pics, you look like a Christian singer named Rebecca St. James. You'll have to look her up and see if she does actually resemble you, or if I'm way off the mark. Good definition. I won't attempt one today.

Anonymous said...

Alice needs girlfriends of a certain age to stop her from the unsavory characters she's so susepticable to?

But I like you Doug.

Sorry couldn't resist that one

Alice has also claimed Paul Simon as a boyfriend. I keep count of the boyfriends Alice claims

And am sure that her real life boyfriend is much more savory

TLP said...

Certain age? Certain age? CERTAIN AGE? I have another idiom for ya Doug. Your name is Mudd. (The doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth after he shot Lincoln was Dr. Mudd.)

I'm just a young thing still. Sort of. In a way. An odd kinda strange way. Just sayin'.

Rio said...

lovely as always, insouciant as always. not doing my homework because i dont even know what i want to be when i grow up.

Minka said...

As with Jamie Dawn, I have never heard this word before. But I am a froeigner here, so I guess I can pull it off. I like it so much that I clicked the pronunciation button about times. Just wonderful.
Alice from wonderland or not has done a greta job here today, thank you for that! And I liked your site as well.

Jacob said...

Pardon me I am visiting again.

Alice an image of insouciance; I think that is just a ruse she is really deep thinker. I truly believe that Alice it just took me time and a more thorough reading of your posts.

I would define it as someone who doesn't take life as seriously as those who think they are an important part of it but that is exactly what Alice did only longer and more colorfully.

The word also brings to mind an image of our president playing golf while the floods ravaged the coast; the ugly side of the word.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, do you know if we're allowed to swap for ugly mutes?

Pansi, tell Weirsdo you speak very well for yourself!

Jamie Dawn, whatever resemblence there may be, I'll wage that it's not her.

Pia, I'm very proud to be in such notorious and fictional company.

YES, TLP, a certain age, 40 and twice Alice's. Not that you look that old. You look a lot younger than that but Aral's 37, so you must be 40, unless you're not. I just meant you have a lot of experience. Not that kind, I mean wisdom. sorry

The lovely and insouciant Rio. Pretty sure you don't want to do homework when you grow up.

Not bad, a4g, or should I say, D'Artagnan?

Monika, what's a pronunciation button? Did you get the French or the English?

Well done, Average, and welcome back. Your definition also describes Alice to a "T"

Actonbell, that's funny. Still, I think you'll need to exfoliate your earnestness for a long time before you get to the shallow part of insouciance. (If you're wondering- no, I have no idea what I just wrote but I'm sure it was a compliment)

Cooper said...

You went to a meeting?????????????????????????? On my special day??????????

ariel: If men get beautiful virgins what exactly to women get

pansi: for goodness sake act polite on my special day.

jamie: I'll check her out, I'm not her though.;)

pia: you know of course I am susceptible to very little.

rio I don't blame you.

a4g: and no one wants to be totally without sous.

monika: thank you

biz man: ha ha you did a definition. I am a converter. Bet you won't do captism though.

actonbell: enlightenment wants to go home now.

Dawg: It’s been a pleasure as always.

Doug The Una said...

Chere Aleeece, I had nothing to add to your brilliance. The pleasure was all mine.

Indeterminacy said...

It's so cool to see Alice here! Plus I've learned a new word which broadens my horizons by one heaven. If given a choice between a paradise with beautiful virgins and one with Alice whispering "insouciant" in my ear I would take the paradise between the looking glass.

Doug The Una said...

Wise choice, Indie. She's the stuff of "found photos," for sure.

Chris said...

Nice tribute to Alice. And we get pics and all.

I think all of us go to her site hoping for more pics. Her writing does keep us all interested as well.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, MJ, and welcome here. I agree, the good writing helps kill time between photos. Let me know what you're up to now. More punditry or less?

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug - I don't know if you are allowed to swap.

Alice - that's one thing bothers me, nobody has ever told what women are supposed to get!

Doug The Una said...

Well, Ariel, I think if you stay a virgin and keep quiet, you get to share a man.