Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Compliment, n. A loan that bears interest.

2005 Update: A caress offered the ego, spirit or belly, whichever is nearest the pocket.


Unknown said...

there are other things closer to the pocket

vyeajhn: very, affirmative, John

Semisweet1 said...


Sar said...

Another fantastic definition Doug! Oh, what do you know, there's a compliment for you. :)

"When an audience does not complain, it is a compliment, & when they do it is a compliment, too, if unaccompanied by violence."
- Mark Twain

(Karm, my verifier is fndmhqvn, *knowing nod*.)

Minka said...

With all the lovely wishes you received last week, I think we should be allowed to skip this definition:)
We already have shown we understand.

accept my compliments, Monika

verifier:bgljttxj-now what is all that about?

Unknown said...

Sar, if you figure out mine, i'll figure out yours - which seems to be, 'fundamentally, men have very queer notions'. i'm not sure that's a compliment though. yes? *vigorous nod*

jaesp: John, I went and lost Aesop

Doug The Una said...

Karma, excellent use of the verifier.

Semisweet, you are Mr. Word.

Aw, Sar, thanks. In my case, though, you should definitely aim for the belly.

Good point, Monika. Accepted and I offer you mine.

Oh, boy, it's not a good sign when the verifiers become fascinating. yrqcbqapu, acr. You are quick but quickness always produces uncertainty.

S A J Shirazi said...

Wonderful definition. Only add word compounded befor word interest.

TLP said...

Both you and Ambrose did very well with this. Oh, how the compliments flow today!

Compiment,n., Akin to flattery, but done with sincerity. Faked or otherwise.

blneyin: Baloney I know.

Sar said...

Karm - you're on! But I'll take your second verifyer because I agree with Doug about the first.

jaesp: Joy and Ecstacy Sar Provides

* * * * * *

Doug - I'm surprised you didn't catch where I pulled my Mark Twain quote from. That compliment must have went straight to your head.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Shirazi, but the top definition is always Bierce's and I don't take liberties with his writing. You're right, of course, though.

Thanks, TLP sorry I didn't get it up earlier.

Sar, by which you mean the Joy of a job well done and religious ecstacy, I presume. Of course I recognized the subtitle from Sound Destruction.

"jfkitkjk"-nothing but trouble can come from this.

Anonymous said...

Compliment, n. Confirming a person's misconception of himself.

Unknown said...

jaesp: by Jove! again enjoy Sar's pancakes?

hffzen: hey, **** the Japanese

we obviously have nothing better to do but hang around here and pass time, D. but thanks for the complimentary beer

Sar said...

Sorry Doug, but Karma's right. It's all about the pancakes!

Sreekesh Menon said...

from kindness to compliments, whats happening brother?

good definition.

Ariel the Thief said...

your definition is perfect, Doug, I can add nothing!

(it's up to you to decide if this is offered your ego, spirit or belly or whatever is near to your pocket.)

TLP said...

Pancakes? Beer? I used to have a good pancake recipe for pancakes made with beer. There's a party over here? I'm crashin'.

Andrew: That's flattery. Flattery is all right if you don't inhale. (Adlai Stevenson)

afccthic: Any fool can see that. I sees.

Doug The Una said...

Thank you, Andrew. It's an honor to have the smartest wisest man on the internet join in.

Karma, the fridge is full and help yourself. Try the Asahi. (I don't get it by the way)

Well, Sar, the griddles hot.

Sreekesh, the big blog birthday bash roont me. Maybe Thursday I can find the old inner demon.

Ariel, I think I'll keep my own counsel on that one. Thanks twice, though.

TLP, that's a great quote. I think it was paraphrased by a more successful Democratic candidate. Gosh! Best use of a verifier ever. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! The trophy's yours.

Jamie Dawn said...

A buttering up, of sorts, with the hope of a good return.

Indeterminacy said...

More effective than a can of worms when fishing.

Tom & Icy said...

Woof! When humans talk in that high pitched voice and smile it makes my tail fan. Woof!

Doug The Una said...

Jamie Dawn. you're lovely.

Indeterminacy, also good fish for worming.

Good girl, Icy!

Anonymous said...

Duck everyone!

The kid has contributed three straight days of being-a-sweetie blog. I can feel his head starting to spin. Someone in Blogdom please send for the closest priest before Doug performs a self exorcism which more than likely will effect his vision. (At least I didn't say "go blind." Consider that a compliment to your abilities, Snicks!)

LeMas. said...

compliment-what you offer when you have nothing interesting to say.

~Daydreamer~ said...

Compliment: Smiling to your ugly boss when you should be punching him.

Tell me about it.

Doug The Una said...

Don't worry, Mama. I wouldn't take my moodiness out on my cyber-family.

Masil, I can almost take that personally.

Hahahahahaha, Marwa! I know 35 people who agree with you absolutely.

Unknown said...

ooops Mama, has his head turned 360 degrees already? *waving garlic*

i need to punish him for not giving me the trophy. not that i grudge TLP the compliment

sjhdc: so, John, did you come?


Nice choice today, Doug.


Doug The Una said...

Karma, I'm sure I don't understand your last sentence. Where?

See, Gabriel, you civilize nicely.

a4g, I love it.

Actonbell, I'm glad something works on certified. The Simpsons are a little over my head, but I like the Shakespeare.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hey, you gave me a compliment! You must want a good return. So here it is... You're super!

Cooper said...

I'm on break today - can't think.You work me way to hard. >--->-0

That is a compliment.

compliment,n. praise that doesn't really matter from people that matter less.

Lila said...

compliment, n. The way to an insecure person's heart.

Doug The Una said...

It happens, Jamie Dawn. Right back at ya.

Alice, one more day in the mine and I'll have enough salt.

Aral, I knew there was a way to an insecure person's heart! Thanks!

dddragon said...

Compliment: what some people fish for.

hey, did I tell y'all that I got 100% on both of my class reports?

Doug The Una said...

Dddragon, you're a genius and so disciplined! How's that?

"ME" Liz Strauss said...

compliment; a kind word and a smile that disarms cynics rendering them helpless. :)

Anonymous said...

Here's one from Saki (H. H. Munro): "You're looking nicer than usual today. But then, that's so easy for you."

Doug The Una said...

Liz, you can do anything to 'em once they're helpless! Oh, OK :))

Lovely, Weirsdo, you betray your education, but then, it would be hard not to. Whattaya think: Saki:Wilde::Bierce:Twain?

Anonymous said...

I agree to a certain extent, but, although I hate to say it, I think Saki's not as good as Bierce; of course, Saki didn't live very long either. If Wilde hadn't written EARNEST I wouldn't think he was in the same league as Twain at all. Even so, Saki and Wilde appeal to me more, because of the delicious elegance of their wit. Among Americans only Dorothy Parker (also a minor writer) comes close.

Doug The Una said...

True, Bierce is actually the most prolific of the four and it's my understanding that Munro's time as Saki was only a few years. Parker should be the patron saint of bloggers.

Anonymous said...

H. L. Mencken SHOULD be the patron saint of bloggers. The blogosphere would be both a more serious, and a funnier, place.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Parker's not a minor writer; sorry. Maybe some of her lines are and her lifestyle

But her stories: Big Blonde is etched in my head forever. She had a way of making a flash of the head and other mundane details come very much to life

Oh I always come to discussions after they end

Doug The Una said...

Andrew, if Mencken then why not his mentor, Bierce?

Pia, you're a little late but your comment is noted.