Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Electioneer, v.i. To stand on a platform and scream that Smith is a child of light and Jones a worm of the dust.

2005 Update: To redistrict.

Editor's note: I'm a precinct clerk, which means I'll spend the whole day offline securing the election process by chasing away scoundrels once they've voted. Be kind to each other and, to my American readers, please remember, no political activity within 100 feet of a voting booth. It's the law!


Sar said...

Electioneer - The civic duty that transforms my favorite blog dog into a volunteering human.

Go get em, Doug! :)

Unknown said...

you didn't say be kind to you, Doug-with-a-stick. i elect not to.
har har

Anonymous said...

Too bad you can't chase the scoundrels away BEFORE they vote, or at least before they run for office. . .

Anonymous said...

Electioneer, v. i. To tell the truth, but only about the other side.

dddragon said...

100 feet?! Then we've a whole bunch of people here breaking that rule!!

Cooper said...

The little guy, on any given political ladder, who practices the art of persuasion around town for no recompense; he suffers many indignities, often deserved, along the way.

I always feared you were a gatekeeper of some sort Doug.

Jamie Dawn said...

An electioneer is like an auctioneer selling a political candidate. The constant drone of rhetoric becomes like the buzz of a fly that must be swatted.
Swat away, Doug!

We moved out of CA back in late July. I haven't blogged about it at all. I still received my absentee ballot though. I'm an Ahhh-nold supporter, but I'm not an electioneer. I don't want anyone mad enough at me to hit me.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this Doug, but without you around there are some mighty witty comments

Though of course you are the inspiration and the gatekeeper, and inspirational

Okay now that I have said these really nice things; anybody have any dirt on Doug;-)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

electioneer (v) - The physical act of a young person wearing rodent ears and a white t-shirt emblazoned with their first name standing within 10 feet of a Lyndon LaRouche supporter.

Unknown said...

its so quiet here, D, you are away too long.

i'm breaking into your house

AsianSmiles said...

electioneer (v) - to practice idolatry and fanaticism.

TLP said...

Electioneer, v.i., To interrupt and generally annoy.

Remember, no political activity within 100 feet of an otherwise perfectly fine blog.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, I'm just a poor non-partisan election officer. No-one to get but I got'em anyway.

Very well, Karma, try not to leave bruises.

I'm just the enabler, Weirsdo.

Very true definition, Andrew. Now I see why I turn to you for advice.

Dddragon, I don't know if that's California or Federal law. There should be no electioneering near the poll, though.

Yes, Alice, but freedom is on the march.

Yeah, I had no idea, Jamie Dawn. I thought you were up near the bay. Somehow, I'm sorry to hear it.

Pia, wait for Saturday. There are rumors of dirt in the North and East.

Poobah, have you noticed that the incidence of smoking among LaRouche supporters is like 5 times the national average? When I see them in Sacramento it's like the peanuts cast where everyone's pigpen.

Actonbell, I try to gum my pizza to fit in.

Karma, you're under the couch aren't you?

Asiansmiles, yup.

That's right, TLP. This site is every bit as apolitical as an election.