Saturday, November 26, 2005

Command Performance

Story #20, in which Doug humbly offers a little story upon the request of the Pez sisters and Pia.

To hear Doug's humble offering, click on Pavarotti.
queen_knighting_knight_lg_clrTo read Doug's literary submission, stop the queen from killing her poor and noble servant.

The story is cross-posted on Doug Drones On where Weirsdo has a new audiobiography up as well.


Sar said...

However did your mamma put up with you? Incorrigible indeed. ;)

Excellent definition & a funny story, especially that fact that you took the time to fashion little boats.

Lila said...

That's such an AWESOME story!!! Wow, if Nivek Army Ranger Pez had ever done that, I can't even IMAGINE the hell he would've caught from TLP!

Doug said...

Thanks, Actonbell. Funny.

Sure, Sar. I'm nothing if not methodical.

AP3, you mean not every boy did that? Uh-oh.

Jamie Dawn said...

That sounds like the kind of stuff my son has done and still does. I love candles. I don't think I have had a candle in the last ten years that he has not ruined by burning little bits of stuff in. Our toilets have remained unsinged so far. Great story!

flame: Memories of some old flames are sweet, but others are NOT.

Fred said...

Oh, that's a good one. I haven't checked the underside of the kid's toilet seat; I'm frightened by what I might find.

Cooper said...

Always knew you liked hot stuff.

I fear for the dogs because as they say.....once a firestarter always a firestarter.

TLP said...

You little pyro!

Actually Nivek did melt some plastic "army men" of his in a kitchen pan. Uncle Owen covered up for him. Bad boys stick together.

What is it with boys and fire?

Great story. I bet your Mama has plenty of them.

Doug said...

Jamie Dawn, please tell us about the NOT ones. You can do it in this space.

Not to fear, Fred, you have daughters, probably all is well. Just believe that and go forward.

You're right, Alice. To clarify, it was a normal phase because at that age it wasn't weird.

Oh, she does TLP but fortunately she hasn't figured out blogging yet. No helping! Oh, and a rich, throaty, suggestive hello to you.

Anonymous said...

oh, yes I have!

Flame: Something I should have lit under your little backside more often.

LeMas. said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who has burned my eyebrows and lashes.

dddragon said...


And you have inspired my post for today ...

Flame: whether over the campfire in the woods or over the stove in the house, the best thing for making S'mores!

(I seem to be on a food kick lately, eh?)

Doug said...

It's true, Mama. I might have turned out a little less rare.

No, Masil, but you may be the only one for whom it wasn't an improvement.

Dddragon, you haven't lived until you've had toilet seat s'mores.

lula said...

PLASTIC toilet seat, huh???? Well, it's no wonder that the PANSI doll is your flame!!!!!!!

My verification word is xoxoxo

mireille said...

really? but that's MY verification word. As you know. xoxo And I had a dream that Doug is Tom is Doug is ... gotta stop it with those hallucinogens.

TLP said...

Scary dream, huh Mireille?

Doug said...

Lula, love between a man and a piece of plastic can be a beautiful thing. I'm glad you understand.

Mireille welcome back to our side of the looking glass.

Brrrr, TLP.

Unknown said...

i went and commented at the Droning site and forgot to come here. i was too distracted carrying that torch for you, D

uaonn: you are onion

adhdpodcaster said...

Hello Doug:

Your post as always are fun and informative, well done.

My name is hoe bing, I have posted previously with regards to ADHD.

I like your style of blogging and was wondering if you would like to contribute to my blog.

Many parents and podcast listeners would most certainly welcome your warm and refreshing point of view.

I have a podcast on ADHD and the research that surrounds it. I was wondering if you would like to join forces and promote it together with me?

You can find the blog here

I would really appreciate your opinion on my podcast and even more so would be grateful for a link exchange.

The main page of the podcast will serve your readers well...that is what I think :P

Looking forward to starting a relationship with your blog.

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Minka said...

ah fire, I have my bit of experienc ein that area as well. Let us just say that if it is hot and grass dry it can run pretty quickly and farmers give you the eveil eye for years afterwards!
girls play with fire too, in a more interestign fashion ;)

Doug said...

Karma, I'm absolutely an onion. Thanks for noticing.

ADHD Podcaster, welcome. You'll forgive my amusement that yours is the longest comment. Do you have an OCD site too? You actually might want to discuss my developmental disability site.

Monika, arson transcends nationality and gender, I agree.

Cooper said...

I'm slightly offended the ADHD guy did not come to my blog. ;(

Doug said...

What ADHD guy?

Minka said...

Doug, that was funny.
Athyglisbrestur is the Icelandic word for Attention deficit Hyper Activity Disorder. I knew you all wnated to know that! :)
Besdies Doug hasn´t published a new post yet and one can´t come here and just leave!

Doug said...

Monika, I'd really prefer the Icelandic abbreviation.

Minka said...

There is no abbrevation. We actually have few of those now that I come to think of it! Icelandics protect their language very much and every new invention or concept gets a very Icelandic word. Either old words from teh sagas that are no longer in use or we just make up really good stuff.Take satelite for an example. It is gervitungl in Icelandic and means fake moon. resourceful lanuguage, ain´t it?
Where is your entry for today?

Doug said...

Then the whole country better be on Ritalin. Um, at the top?

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm back home and settled into the usual routine again.
The old flames that are not so fondly remembered have all died under mysterious circumstances. I choose not to speak unfavorably of the dead, but they were all putzes.

Doug said...

Welcome home. Now I understand why you moved. Ran out of space in the backyard, huh?

Hobbes said...

Tx!!!!!! for you're kind words, Mr. Dog!!!! I am birning with impatients for are date now ; ) !!!!!!

ninjapoodles said...

I just can't believe you're acting like you outgrew it. You might have learned some important safety lessons, but I bet dollars to donuts the fascination is intact. What IS it with boys/men and fire? Is it some archetypal thing, rooted in deep, back to the original discovery of flame?

This reminds me of Dave Barry's many immolation experiments with Roller-Blade Barbie, and microwaving Pop-Tarts. Men may mature, but they don't "grow up." Thank God.

Doug said...

Pansi, I wouldn't be a gentleman if I didn't stick up for you. A few more meals like Thanksgiving and I'll be waiting. Hey, and Christmas is coming.

Haha, Belinda. I've outgrown burning fuel-soaked paper boats in toilets. I claim nothing more.