Tuesday, May 23, 2006


POOR, adj. Persons who are unable to pay their taxes. For example Vanderbilt.

2006 Update: Drunk with no story.


Minka said...

Brian first?

what a poor performance on my part!

Minka said...

"Poor and content is rich, and rich enough."
William Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I'm well acquainted with a word. It makes me feel poorly.

Sar said...

Poor: That which Katrina exposed not only in residence but also response.

The amoeba said...

POOR, adj. A Standard of measurement. One letter short of stock options and all the authority that they grant. A victim of that authority, with no prospects for betterment.

    "No one is poor", the wealthy one said,
    "If peace and contentment rule your heart."
    That's all very well, but for my part,
    Joy tastes far better when served with bread.

    When the sidewalk must serve you for a bed,
    And you wheel all you have in a shopping cart,
    I imagine your feelings must get tart,
    Wishing your wealth on the rich boy's head.
      - Amnoway Jones

Anonymous said...

Sar speaks not poorly but wisely
And for the very first time I think Doug's definition is poor.

Every drunk has a story; a memory is another thing

dddragon said...

Poor we have been without TLP's postings ... but we are rich again, since she posted today!!


Doug The Una said...

Brian, that's a sermon.

Great quote, Minka! Sorry if I tricked you by posting late.

Ah, Little Blue Pill, cheer up. When the werewolf lovestory is made into the movie you'll deny you've heard the word.

Good point, Sar. Poverty below, poverty above.

O Ceallaigh, fantastic verse!

Pia, fair enough. And it's true, I haven't met a drunk with no story.

Dddragon, I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...

From a Kris Kristoferson song as covered by The Little Willies "If booze was just a dime a bottle, boy you couldn't even buy the smell" Now, that's poor.

And for those who think poor is quantified by "riches" only:

"Who is rich? He who is content with what he has" Hillel

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks, Doug. When I make it big, I'll send you a postcard.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

poor (adj) - Persons who are able to pay their taxes, but don't.

Oh, wait! That's "lame", isn't it.

mireille said...

Rich in spirit. If not in memory. xoxo

Unknown said...

bah! stories i would never tell all come tumbling out faster than i can empty the tumbler

auuupt: howling when drunk, poor thing

Indeterminacy said...

Poor: The punishment for not being rich.

Doug The Una said...

Ginah, that is poor. I thought the smell came free with poverty.

Yeah, I know Jenna. Addressed Dear Reader:

Poobah, I think it's Omnipotent.

Mireille, you seem very familiar.

Karma, that's a great line. That would do for you film noir fantasy just fine.

Miz BoheMia said...

Poor... have we posted a definition for Bush & co? I say this qualifies...

Evil Minx said...

Poor: grammar and speech construction as perpetuated by GWB.

Yes, curmudgeonly one?

Kyahgirl said...

Poor-its all a matter of perpective. I didn't know I grew up in a poor family until I read it in my doctor's file when I was 10.

Poor: Just another label.

Doug The Una said...

And a just one, Indie. A righteous one.

Miz B, your sister Sar had it covered but welcome back. I thought you fried the dragon.

Yes, evil one, and welcome! An Evil Minx on this site is not uncommon, but the Evil Minx is something to celebrate.

Nor a window to throw it out of, right, JD?

Right, Kyahgirl. Like "Autistic."

Anonymous said...

Worse - the windows closed.

Anonymous said...

oops: 's

The amoeba said...

"poor family": hear that in spades, Kyah!

ginah, I understand that Hillel stands in the rich tradition of Sophia, under the same palm tree as Qoheleth and the writers of Proverbs. All of whom, I gather, enjoyed the favor of the Davidic monarchs and consequently were seldom short of shekels.

Anonymous said...

OC (if I may be so informal):

Actually, he was short of shekels and hence established the tradition of learning (as called in the Jewish tradition) without having to pay. Fast forward to present day where we hope for scholarships.

"Poor family" I didn't know I was from one until I went to grade school.

LeMas. said...

poor-not having much, but still having enough that you can still be a chooser.

Kyahgirl said...

O'Ceallaigh-thanks for sharing that link and an insight into "you". I couldn't figure out how to comment there so came back here.

BTW, I was shocked to the core to see that label in my file! I've never considered myself poor and agree with some of the implications of the other commenters, its not about money.

The amoeba said...

Kyah, I once asked my mother if we were poor. I got twenty minutes of severity for thinking such a thing. I wouldn't have wanted to be my dad that night. Then again, I wouldn't have wanted to be my dad at any time. Thanks for looking :).

The Village Idiot said...

poor -- Tiny holes in skin that let it breathe

pore -- To tip a pitcher of liquid

pour -- Lacking in funds

and Doug...I put the propeller back..in the closet

Mo'a said...

Poor, poor me I cannot think of a thing to say.

Anonymous said...

o ceallaigh - I also would like to thank you for sharing that insight into your life. It brought tears to my eyes as it seemed to hit a little close to home.

Evil Minx said...

A celebration, forsooth. Jolly good. Count me in.

Single malt scotch straight up anyone? (Hey, it's evening where i am, i'm not a lush.)

Tom & Icy said...

And you are really really poor when you have a story but can't afford to get drunk.

Doug The Una said...

Ginah, there are no punctuation police here;

Wait a minute, O Ceallaigh. This isn't Biology. I hope to never play scrabble with Actonbell or Trivial Pursuit with you.

Ginah, everyone finds out in grade school.

Cowgirl, Macaroni and Cheese goes with fried chicken and unemployment.

Good point, Masil. There's always something to turn your nose up at.

Kyahgirl, those files are powerful for being made out of paper and held together with tin. People who just met you describe the life you've lived which you then see their way.

O Ceallaigh, that was a good piece. You seem to be visible here.

Village Idiot, we've been overdue for a homonym gag. Propellor's are within our dress code, by the way.

Mo'a, a poverty of words is the wealth of companionship. That sentence should be shorter.

Evil Minx, did you bring the little umbrellas?

Lammy, there's always sterno. Remember, Uncle Doug told you.

a4g, no CYA is the poverty of presidents and the prominent.

Rio said...

oh if stories made you rich.....

The amoeba said...

Whaddaya mean, Doug? Biology is all about cold hard cash.

Oh ... wait ... that's Buyology ...

Hey VI! Can I borrow your hat? The one with the pointy top? You'll have to adjust it, I'm afraid, my size is smaller than yours. 7 1/8th. Micrometres.

Anonymous said...

Now buyology is a science I understand. It's what's gotten me into all this trouble. Sigh. Stupid credit cards. They make a girl think she has money when she doesn't. Harrumph.

Mikki Marshall said...

poor, adj. below the standard. a blogger who hasn't posted in over a month.

see dancinginplace.blogspot.com


Mikki Marshall said...

as well as one who apparently cannot make working links

Fred said...

Poor: Supporting three daughters on a teacher's salary.

Really poor.

tsduff said...

Poor means I can't feed the birds.

Kyahgirl said...

still life-your link worked for me.

tsduff-your comment immediately makes me think of a line from Mary Poppins: 'don't feed the birds, whaddya get when you feed the birds? fat birds!'

(for some reason my kids think this is a hilarious line, even though its a pretty sad part of the show, maybe Doug will let us discuss 'miser' some day)

Ariel the Thief said...

Indie and Lammy you are two wise people. I'd pay you drinks to tell me more.

Doug The Una said...

Cowgirl, great lyric. Where from?

Rio, then blogging would pay.

Brian, was that rap?

Like you don't already have one, O Ceallaigh.

Poor and well-dressed, Jenna. Too bad Audrey Hepburn can't play you.

Still Life, I give Dddragon's girls cyber-wedgies when they go over 30 days without posting. Just sayin' The link works, by the way.

Fred, great to see you and great to see you in poverty.

That's a pretty narrow standard, Terry.

Kyahgirl, Bierce didn't provide it for me to give you, maybe for a Wednesday Guest or after a story.

Ariel, they can't tell stories drunk.

Jake said...

poor: someone who sets his mind only to things temporal.

TLP said...

Poor: the family I grew up in. Poor is being very happy when the new Sears and Roebuck catalog arrives. Not because you can afford to buy one thing in it, but because the old one is given over to you and your sisters to cut out the pictures of people to use as paper dolls.

And yet that kind of poor is often richer than Donald Trump's children. I wouldn't trade.

Kyahgirl said...

Doug, I went and looked at his dictionary this afternoon so noticed the lack of miser. However, did you know he has 'mugwamp' in there? That's hilarious. I know, from growing up in Kokanee country, that 'Mugwamp' is an endearment among Sasquatches!! How did Bierce know that?

Doug The Una said...

Poor, Jake, but timely.

Alas, Actonbell. By the way, I followed the link you deleted and I can see why you like Wallace. O.N.A.N.! Hilarious!

Nope, TLP, however you were raised, I like the job.

Kyahgirl, let's do that one soon. I'll have to figure out what it's supposed to mean but it should be wacky.

Anonymous said...

As soon as you sound like him
Give me a call
When you're so sensitive
Its a long way to fall

Whenever you need a home
I will be there
Whenever you're all alone
And nobody cares

You're just a poor misguided fool
Who thinks they know what I should do
A line for me and a line for you
I lose my right to a point of view

Whenever you reach for me
I'll be your guide
Whenever you need someone
To keep it inside

Whenever you need a home
I will be there
Whenever you're all alone
And nobody cares

You're just a poor misguided fool
Who thinks they know what I should do
A line for me and a line for you
I lose my right to a point of view

I'll be your guide in the morning
You cover up bullet holes

As soon as you sound like him
Give me a call
When you're so sensitive
Its a long way to fall

You're just a poor misguided fool
Who thinks they know what I should do
A line for me and a line for you
I lose my right to a point of view

Anonymous said...

A ubiquitous quality: the poor are always with us.

Jamie Dawn said...

For richer or for poorer?


Ariel the Thief said...

Shayna, I can rap your lyrics yay! (I've already wanted to tell you your lyrics are great.)

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Actonbell. Remember I get the emails. I notice you aren't mentioning that you deleted more than once :P

Soulstirring, Shayna

So sayeth the LORD, Weirsdo. Nicely done bringing two days together.

Jamie Dawn, you remind me of a quote I once heard from some silent movie actress. As I recall it goes 'I've been rich and I've been poor. Rich is better."

Good enough for me, Cowgirl.

Ariel, any chance of your recording that for posting on Doug Drones On?

Alana said...

Poor is what every Laker fan in Los Angeles assumes Clipper fans are because Clipper tickets are cheaper.

Once again, that is NOT the reason.

I've been a little perseverative this week I guess.

Logophile said...

Give me half a chance and I will quote Douglas Adams to you, and yes, I do believe this is another chance!
Here he provides some exposition and an intergalactic view of the poor...
"And all dared to brave unknown terrors, to do mighty deeds, to boldly split infinitives that no man had split before - and thus was the Empire forged. Many men of course became extremely rich, but this was perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of because no one was really poor - at least no one worth speaking of."

Doug The Una said...

Squaregirl, the world does not misjudge you because you're a Clipper fan but because you're a polygon. It's good to see you back here.

Logo, that was a 10% chance at best but great quote.