Tuesday, April 10, 2007


ABDICATION, n. An act whereby a sovereign attests his sense of the high temperature of the throne.
Poor Isabella's Dead, whose abdication
Set all tongues wagging in the Spanish nation.
For that performance 'twere unfair to scold her:
She wisely left a throne too hot to hold her.
To History she'll be no royal riddle —
Merely a plain parched pea that jumped the griddle.
2007 Update: A King's ransom leaving an empty crown, a headless people and countless pretenders to the throne inching towards Democracy.


I Dive At Night said...

Abdication: An ironic circumstance where by a leader declines his role, therein proving their quality for the post.

I Dive At Night said...

Oh, and just cause...


(Minka must still be jetlagged.)

Anonymous said...

holy royal faux pas! i showed up late on purpose, in hopes teh Penguin would get here in time to re-claim her tiara (for she has one, ya know) and what do i find? i've abdicated my (short-lived) throne for some guy in a diving suit. (good luck remaining in her Highness' good graces, Morgan, you're gonna need it!)

veri: akesoy ~ we always ask for soy... TGSNWMs wouldn't be the same without it ; )

Anonymous said...

abdication the declining of a questionable priveledge or glory. For instance, I declined the right to drive my own car today since it was taking OC to the airport despite the fact that I had refused to do so. Mow what the heck am I supposed to do with this bottle of pink polish?

The Old Mule said...

abdication: giving up power for a long stay on the Isle of Lesbos.

~Mo'a~ said...

Where is the Ice Queen has she Abdicated the FIRST throne?

OK!!! so this was lame...the best I could come up with...*sigh*

I Dive At Night said...

I heard the diving on Lesbos was spectacular. Turns out it was a misunderstanding.

Royality is allowed to be up to one hour late and still be "fashionably ontime". After that, it's anyone's! (Besides, I'm rarely in the penguin's good graces.)

Anonymous said...

Morgan, for that "Lesbos" line alone you deserve a grand smack on the head with her royal sceptre.

Abdication: quitting while you're ahead and/or in possession of your own.

mireille said...

In our case, that's just wishful thinking. He'll be gripping that crown in his inept little hands until midnight January 19, 2009. I just hope we all live that long. xoxo

I Dive At Night said...

Hey, the old mule said it! I just commented. (This is the comment section.)

Doug The Una said...

Morgan, it's just like in a democracy, huh?

Neva, I'm sure the Penguin will appreciate your sleeping in on her behalf anyway.

Quilly, hair of the dog?

Hahaha, Mule. I have no idea what you're talking about but it's funny. Jackie Kennedy Onassis?

Mo'a, she's probably out among her people pretending to be one of them. I think Kant wrote the script.

Morgan, that's awfully funny if not at all right.

Neva, give the guy a break. No point promising the smiting that's already coming to him.

Mireille, can't wait to see what's next can you?

Morgan, I hear you, brother. Girls are mean. Comment away.

Anonymous said...

Abdication: Giving up the thrown before they take your head. Or just ditto to what Puppybrose said...ssssssiiiiiiiiiigh. I'm sure as heck abdicating any original thought here. Good thing I'm cute. (the proof is in my word verficiation: fxy are the last three letters...what's before? Does that matter??)

How come Morgan and Old Mule can get away with naughty stuff but we girls get in trouble. This...this is not right. Tomorrow's word: uprising.

Mutha said...

It doesn't get much to get me going! CHICK UPRISING!!!

oh yeah...what was the word? Something about guys in fur?

TLP said...

I've forgotten what the word was, but the comments are wonderful.

Oh, yeah, ABDICATION! Ab can't write, so he has to dictate to his wife. She probably knows best anyway.

Ariel the Thief said...

I do admire you, Old Mule, you'd be willing to give up power for going to an island where you should give up sex! Easter hasn't left you unimpressed, has it?

The Old Mule said...

As a matter of fact, Ariel, my leaving for Lesbos was an undercover ruse at more amore. Just don't tell.

Anonymous said...

Doug -- you want me to paint a dog's hair with pink nail polish? Well ... okay. Come here.

Minka said...

abdication; dissatisfaction with the coloration of the throne and those sceptres can be a hazzard and don´t even get me started on the weight of those crowns.

Doug The Una said...

Uprising, huh, Jenna? With all your cuteness you can't fail but what will success gain you? You're probably right to accuse me of misogyny but I like to think of myself as more of a misanthropy.

Sure, Mutha. Why not.

TLP, I like to think my story about Ariel predicted that comment.

Hahaha, Ariel! You guys are funny today. I suppose that's how he got to be a mule.

Mule, I can only assume you're stopping by a doctor's office in Amsterdam on your way.

Quill, dogs feel very differently about dignity than amoebas. We're the euglena's of the multi-celled set.

Minka, try the thornless one.

Ariel the Thief said...

Old Mule, despite of what icecream ads try to teach the definition of lesbian is NOT "beautiful young girl that hasn't met a real man yet". :-P

Doug, thank you! I didn't live for nothing.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm too tired to think of anything at all.
If, I'm getting younger and younger, then why do I feel like an old fart?

Abdicate: I got nuttin'.
Your headless people part is intriguing.

Good night.

Anonymous said...

I'm abdicted to this blog and gin.

I should GIVE UP both.


Minka said...


Anonymous said...


1. One of the more unsavory consequences of a male revue. Some things should stay in Vegas.

2. The abandonment of the heavy burden of a regular blogging schedule.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, I know this blog has a literary thrust and it's host should be admiring the tartness of your sarcasm rather than the cuteness of your new avatar. It might help if you admit you were eating a live mouse from that mug.

Actonbell, ironically, my uprising was delayed, pushing the uprising back. Revolutionaries need a good night's sleep.

JD, because you're living on the wrong side of the lens.

Alice, what'd I do?

Minka, ;

Amoeba, I hear you. I think paramecia should stay in Vegas, too.

Anonymous said...

so today i've decided to be LAST(ish), rather than first(ish). good thing, too, since you don't have a new post up, as yet.

Anonymous said...


::wandering lost and confused::

Doug The Una said...

Neva, if Netscape hadn't folded mid-rhyme you'd have done it too.

Quilly, technical difficulties such as oversleeping and a bad computer cast the pall. The light's on now, such as it is.