Friday, April 06, 2007


FARCE, n. A brief drama commonly played after a tragedy for the purpose of deepening the dejection of the critical.

2007 Update: The sincerity of a stranger, the purpose of a neighbor or the daring done by a dreamer in the eyes of his dog.


Minka said...

*claps excitedly*

Minka said...

farce, nothing like Fawlty Towers!

also: dating in Iceland

Mutha said...

farce: Trying to get here before the penguin
Also, a really good cover for hard-core silliness (of which I am a strong supporter).

Anonymous said...

Farce: funny expression -- achieved by placing the tongue inside the cheek (and i don't mean YOUR tongue inside someone ELSE'S cheek, either, bub. tho' that might be funny, too...)

lovelovelove your update, reminds me (shock) of another favorite quote: "No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does." ~Christopher Morley

altho', in YOUR case, that would be "the dogs" and/or "your minions" (just sayin'...)

Anonymous said...

and by "your minions", i don't mean your dogs. okay, so some of your minions may, in fact, be dogs, but many are also quite lovely. (not that your dogs aren't lovely)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

farce - An event created by an arse.

Anonymous said...

Farce: Character dialog with lines like "Nyuk nyuk nyuk" and "Hello, I'm from the United States, and I'm here to help you."

Anonymous said...

Farce - The logic and reason of the young.

A specific reference to the excuses and explanations offered by our youngest son, which almost always unintentionally amuse and confound)

Doug The Una said...

Minka, Fawlty Towers is a legend I haven't seen but it sounds funny.

Mutha, good to have you on the team.

Now, there's a quote I can get behind, Neva. Walela is no ones minion and Willie's a mignon. That's the whole inventory. I am my dogs' miniee.

Poobah, those are getting easier and easier to come by.

Al, slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch.

Joel, I can imagine. The logic of the young is a adult's comedy of errors. And yet, how many arguments have you won with your youngest?

Anonymous said...

Farce George Dubya Bush ios just a good ole boy.

Tom & Icy said...

I let one every once in a while

Anonymous said...

Doug...we argue on different planes of existence therefore can it really be called an argument? We're checking into hiring a U.N. translator...could work.

The Old Mule said...

farce: the usual

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, you understand, I hope, that your typo perfects your sentence.

Icy, there's nothing quite like a dog farce.

Joel, have you tried a ouija board?

Absolutely, Mule.

G said...

Farce: as she sits at her desk with a file open and papers strewn about and types onto the computer...a farce indeed.

Miz BoheMia said...


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa, haaaa, haaaaaa.....

*wipes tears of pee-in-your-pants laughter off her bohemian cheek*


Have you been hanging out in Spain? It's like you get me hermano mio! And that's a scary thought, I know! EGAD!


mutgress- digression of a mutt?

zwcwc- Minka instructing me to run to the bathroom in a German accent. I WENT ALREADY! ;-p

Now if this word verif would only work!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Farce: A kid's excuse for misbehavior.

I guess yesterday's brutal honesty in your return comment was not a farce. Thanks, friend, for putting me in my lowly not-always-at-my-best place. Darn it! I thought I WAS always at my best.
I was living a farce. CRUD!

BTW, from one friend to another, I think you should know that every once in a blue moon, your definitions suck. :)

Doug The Una said...

G, try making paper-clip men. They're good for slapstick.

Miz B, it's pretty much all Don Quixote over there as far as I can tell.

JD, I was just trying to give you friendship as you defined it. I don't remember asking for friendship ;) (I actually did know.)

Mo'a said...

Oooops!!! is this a private party/farce or can anyone attend?

TLP said...

Farce: U.S. politics.

Fawlty Towers is fun farce, and so is Are You Being Served? But Monty Python is surely the best farce ever.

ackcgnta: Akc! can't take another verifier!

Anonymous said...

FARCE, n. Political power, reduced to its essentials. What George Lucas was going to anchor his Star Wars empire on, until he sobered up the next morning, and he recognized that there was something awry with "May the farce be with you". FARSI: The Iranian translation.

Doug The Una said...

Mo'a, all are welcome, but if it were private, you'd be invited.

TLP, I wondered who would come up with that. Thanks for staying non-partisan. Are the verifiers getting worse?

Amoeba, wasn't that the tagline for Spaceballs?

Anonymous said...

Doug, maybe Lucas and Brooks were drinking together in that bar that night, and they cut a deal. Brooks would use the original and deny all knowledge of where he got it. Thus saving face for both parties.

Beware the Dark Side of the Schwartz.

Minka said...

Quilleba...that is a Spaceballs reference, isn´t it? God, how I loved that movie! the oversized statue of Yoda...hilarious!

ups...I see the host already figured that out, but what does he know?

Hobbes said...

Comedy in need of ritalin.
Happy Easter, Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Quilleba, may the Schwartz be with you both.

Minka, little enough but who is the greater fool: The fool or the fool who follows him?

You too, Weirsdo. Say, is that a cannon?