Saturday, May 12, 2007


Episode 19 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this weeks readers!

To hear the story, join the band.

This week, in The Prattler, "Glad Tidings."

To read the story, scold Diogenes.

For extra fun, here are some first tries at the recording, graciously donated by this week's readers. The first is a minute and a half and the next two around thirty seconds in length.


Minka said...


Morning you lot!

Minka said...

I know, I know, I know...

*jumps excitedly*

Good job to the little girl and the little boy, their mommy was greta too. I loved the way "the little girl" read both Diogenes and herself, with just the right interpretation of sarcasm in Diogenes and alive-curiosity for teh girl. Brilliant.

"That goes double, when he´s naked!" was very funny!

Wonderful installment!

Anonymous said...


whoa... this was great. and by "great" i mean FABULOUS!!

hmmmmmm... Aunt Xenou sounds remotely familiar... that's some fine violin playing (most certainly not fiddlin'...) and those readers? PERFECTO!

loving this week's episode. loving these "performers"! that said, i hope his encounter with the naked Diogenes won't have a lasting effect on Barbaros -- poor kid.


Anonymous said...

thanks for including the extra recordings... too funny.

cock-a-doodle. do.

love it! ; )

TLP said...

As Diogenes shrank...tee hee. I just bet he did. He oughta wear clothes to hide that fact.

WONDERFUL reading. I'd have to research to figure out who has these very talented kids and fiddle,, violin.

The story line is good too Doug, but you should never share the stage with cute kids, if you want any attention for yourself, ya know.

TLP said...

Awww....the out-takes are so much fun! So it's just one kid, doing two parts. She had me fooled.

javajazz said...

i especially loved the last line in take 1, "thanks a LOT Mommy!"
just in time for Mothers Day, even.

how delightful and what a wonderful dimension sound adds to a thing.

and to top it off, i loved the beautifully executed Hava Nagila, both in its major and minor versions!

how much more clever can you get, Dry Dog? (dont answer that.)

Tom & Icy said...

That was really super! Great job everyone!

Sar said...

First...I belatedly but wholeheartedly just enjoyed last week's story - AP3 sounds so much like TLP! And what a goofball, right up my ally - I loved it, great job AP3!!!

As for this week's - ADORABLE!!! I enjoyed your story, Doug, and it's delivery (the violin was cool!). But it was the shared mama & child giggling in the outtakes that I enjoyed the most. And I know that mama! She has a beautiful way of brightening things up. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent installment to wake-up to, and yes well I tend to like violins so what can I say.
Will there be a collective - paper bound?

Looks like you are heading toward a CD version as well.

Anonymous said...

Awww, G ...


Anonymous said...

Bravo! A talented family indeed - can the road show be far behind? Great performance one and all and, of course, another outstanding installment Doug!

Anonymous said...

Superb! Bravo! Everybody take a bow. It just keeps getting better and better.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Minka. I agree, that was something special, BUT no little boy read, I'm told. Just a very talented girl.

Thanks, Neva. I think FABULOUS is fair.

She had me fooled, too, TLP. She's welcome to whatever attention was coming my way.

JJ, how clever can you give me credit for being? I'm glad you enjoyed the audio. This was a special one.

Thanks, Icy. No argument here. Good girl!

Sar, the out takes were fantastic, weren't they? Hearing those two crack each other up.

The CD version, definitely, Cooper. It would be good to have you on it.

Clever, Amoeba. You won't trick me, though.

Actonbell, that's a great point. I'll listen again Monday and see if it still works.

Thanks, Joel. I agree. There's family band potential here.

Thanks, Quill. Hopefully the people who should be bowing will be here after violin lessons.

Lila said...

Excellent! i love it! Great team effort! Loved the whole thing. Bravo! and, Author, Author!

G said...

Takes a bow and hands it over to thte multi-talented Tali.

Thanks to all on behalf of us both. Actually, Tali deserves the lion's share of praise (after Doug of course) on this one. She stepped up to the plate when the boy who was to play Barnabos fell asleep and when we had to fire the actor who was to play Diogenes for not taking direction. Also for figuring out pretty much on the spot how to play HavaNagila. Okay enough kvelling - that's the story behind the story. We had lots of fun (as you can hear from just a few of our out-takes).

Yesterday was a bit hectic in that in addition to a normal day of violin, Tali had a recital in the afternoon. Hopefully today we'll be chilling.

Thanks again, it was loads of fun. And Happy Mother's Day to all. If you're not a mother yourself, you are the reason that somebody is one.


Doug The Una said...

Oh, AP3, you're making me blush.

G, that was a wonderful reading and the out takes are riot. Thank you to you and Ms. Tali. You can bow some more. Tali had practice yesterday, no?

Minka said... Tali did three parts? She is an amazingly talented kid, and I am so glad she made you a mother!

Doug, I seriously think that burning a CD of these installments would make wonderful presents to your readership. I volunteer to receive the first one, give it a good listen and let you know if it is a project worth pursuing. I wouldn´t mind at all!

Happy Mother´s Day to all Icelanders.

Jamie Dawn said...

That was a perfect way to end my Mother's Day.
Actually, it's already Monday and nearly 1 a.m.
Gotta get this frame horizontal.

Well done!!
I thoroughly enjoyed the story AND the outtakes.
Those kids and their mother did a great job!!!!!

Doug The Una said...

Minka, Tali is awfully gifted. You can tell by how far away you can tell from. The plan is to get CDs out to the participants and long-time listeners in time for the year-end holidays.

Jamie Dawn, maybe a truffle will help you sleep. You should have received boxes of them. Cases, in fact.

Ariel the Thief said...

it is only now I could listen to the recording, and I was enjoying it beyond words! thank you for both readers, you are wonderful!

Diogenes still has a lot to learn, though, he IS pride itself. :)

G said...

You know, by myself the recording was fun, doing one with my daughter really was great fun and a good experience for us both. I am now certain a late career in broadcast is out. But for Tali, the doors are wide open.

Minka, thank you - that's so sweet and I am very glad too :) xox

JD, glad you made it in then. Yes that was Tali playing the part of the kids and DIogenes.

Ariel, thanks - I'm glad you got to come listen.

Take care all, until the next reading.

G said...

Oh and Doug, thanks again - you sure know how to keep us entertained.

Anonymous said...

Good job all. Good intonation, Tali. And was that a hint of vibrato I heard on the last passage?

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, I know. Some philosopher. I'm glad you enjoyed the reading.

G, you and Tali did just great.

Thanks, Weirsdo. Of course, I have no idea.

G said...

Thanks Weirsdo - it may be a tiny hint as Tali is just beginning to touch upon vibrato.