Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A holiday limerick

Searching our sad hearts for gratitude
Gives us considerable latitude
To name poverty
Or dreams that won't be
Tis a pity that won't fit a platitude.

GRATEFULNESS, n. The stage before satisfaction.


Tom & Icy said...

Null dreams make one gratefully dull.

Anonymous said...

GRATEFULLNESS n. that feeling one has when rolling away from the Thanksgiving table.

Ha! My verifier: xresized

Ariel the Thief said...

Funny limerick, and the definition is wow!

Gratefullness, usually given to the wrong person for the wrong reason.

Anonymous said...

Satisfaction: you can't always....I feel so grateful and satiated by life right now and can't pretend not to though I know it's anti-pc. I always feel I should qualify that with "I have lost 40% of my NAV but I figure we're all in this togethr

Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite early-onset curmedgeon

Anonymous said...


God: "I'm going to make it rain for four thousand days and drown 'em right out."

Noah: "Riiight. Listen to this, you'll save water. Make it rain for forty days, and forty nights, and wait for the sewers to back up."

God: "Riiight."

- Bill Cosby

May no mudslides dampen your Turkey Day.

Anonymous said...

Turkeys are not grateful for this time of year. At all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow. My verification is an actual word. Concede.

That makes this comment doubly true!

TLP said...

Good poem, good definition. I'm grateful.

Mutha said...

Something to do with The Dead.
Happy Thanksgiving, Doug!

Word verification: Gratiati (Italian for gratefulness)

Jamie Dawn said...

Gratefulness: It's what my heart is full of... well, most of the time any way.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Eat lots of good stuff and make sure the doggies get treats so they will be grateful too, as well.

Jim said...

Happy Thanksgiving Doug et alia!

Al said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dougie!

Unknown said...

Mumbai under terrorist siege for almost 24 hours now. City has been at total standstill - encounters going on at the 2 hotels taken over by the terrorists who have been firing indiscriminately. It's all very distressing

Doug The Una said...

Icy, that's my philosophy, too.

Quilly, even the verifiers accuse us anymore.

And never kept long, Ariel.

Pia, those who had to spell out NAV and those who mourn it are all in this together, it's true. Happy turkey.

Thanks, Amoeba. Happy thanksgiving to you and Quilly.

I don't know, Jenn. We all have a purpose.

You're welcome, blogmama. Happy thanksgiving.

Thanks, Mutha. You too.

Only when it pumps red, JD? Happy thanksgiving to you. Remember, the grace should last two minutes per cup of gravy.

You too, Jim et alii.

Brother Al, have a great one and pass my Thanksgiving wishes to our wife.

Thanks, Actonbell. You too. Have fun with the in-laws.

I was just reading about that Karma and glad you checked in. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

A redefinitive Biercer
Grew gradually fiercer and fiercer.
When asked, this curmudgeon
Attributed his dudgeon
To "My country--and the public that steers her."

Doug The Una said...

Excellent, Weirsdo.