Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Mayoralty of Macedon

Episode VII
Listen with the new mayor.

Or read a map of the heavens with Orion


Anonymous said...

Kind of early for Sunday aren't you, Doug?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah.

FIRST! Second, too, I guess. And maybe just a little bit mouthy. ;)

Anonymous said...

And third.

Now who would have thought that Orpheus would pick my brother for councel?

Anonymous said...

So, lemme guess. Rahm Emanuel isn't high on your Saturday night party guest list. And/or, you don't like the implications of a President who chooses a Chief of Staff whose name means "God with us"?

Hey, at least his name wasn't Haldeman. We hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all disappointed in Emanuel - yet.

I don't expect anything done will be acceptable even though the disaster left behind will be largely responsible for the next 4 years.

My Singing and dancing skills are on the top end of that variable - just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Ya don't suppose Orion got his belt as a gift from the GOP, do ya?

word veri: ware n it

TLP said...

At least there were no sour grapes in Macedon after the flood.

Anonymous said...

when a flood recedes someone must be creative in the disposal of the many decaying dead fish..LOL.......Peace Always....i understand that o is responsible for: the fall of rome ,death of christ,dark ages,civil war,ww1,ww2,etc..what a load to carry...and the beat goes on...Peace&Love Always

tsduff said...

Oh my. Short and dismal today I see. In fact I think you are being rather hard on music lovers. Perhaps the wrestler should dole out earplugs with his counsel.

TLP said...

Peace be with you. And with the whole world.

bachair: where Douglas is.

Doug The Una said...

Ha, Quilly. Procrastinated blogging is a sure sign of a long to-do list.

On the contrary, Amoeba. Emanuel is profane, abrasive and aggressive. It's important to have one real American in the White House.

Cooper, I've heard you sing, remember? I don't know if I agree about acceptability. I think that standard should be well-intentioned and thought out. I might not agree with everything the new administration does, but I have confidence the market price of cynicism and stupidity is about to plummet.

Ha, Saurkraut. Does Neiman sell stars?

None here, TLP.

Peace, Bear. How can you leave out 9/11?

Terry, I didn't intend dismal. I just think my Macedon experiment failed.

You too, Blogmama.

Jamie Dawn said...

No riots broke out amongst the supporters of Orion, nor were any expected to break out should he be defeated. On the other hand, riots were a certainty if Orpheus lost, so preparations were made for that possible eventuality.
The hunters went back to hunting and providing and planning ahead for the certainty that their hides and meats would be pilfered and spread amongst those who did not hunt and gather for themselves.
Meanwhile, Orpheus had promises to fulfill and would only be given half a term to do so, at which time new voices would emerge to point out that change was needed if those promises were not fulfilled.
The lovely tune is only lovely if its melody is true.
Discord comes soon with the realization that the tune was written by one who is tone deaf.
Hope remained that Orpheus' new symphony would strike a harmonious chord amongst all the people, but the hunters were worried.

Ariel the Thief said...

I'd say that guy above is not in the best condition. Probably allergic to peanut, and just ate some.