Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Mayoralty of Macedon

Episode VI
Come listen by the ancient plumbing

Or hop up and read.

Two other things: First, Rabbit Rabbit!

And you might have noticed some, uh, contained enthusiasm here. I think Waking Ambrose will continue until after TLP's and Terry's birthday for one more Rabbit Rabbit and then go blank for the rest of December.


Anonymous said...

it said 0 friends and editors...i beg to differ !!!!!!!guess yesterday was a better day with 18 friends and editors...guess that's why it is said that some days are better then others....SO a blank slate for december is in store....WELL WELL,you call the shots in this format...So End Of Discussion,though a random thought now and then would be appreciated from this reader......Peace Always

Anonymous said...

keyes nader barr mckinney , did not see an area for write in nor "none of the above",have aaa tripticket for canadian(4usd=5cad)ready......Peace

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Ariel the Thief said...

Phew! I did manage to say rabbit rabbit all over on blogger before 12:00am WA time, these crazy verifiers almost tricked me, though. I was two seconds from having my November luck run away...

tsduff said...

Oh yeah, I see how it is,... AFTER TLPs bday... what about mine? Sheesh - some folks get all the glory. Well, in any case, this is not a happy-maker. How shall we greet each day without our daily word? Must give my two cents - don't like it at all. Okay, I will say every Dawg deserves his day (OFF) and you are entitled. Hope you have a great December. We will all be freaking out, grumbling, and running around wishing for clarity from Ambrose. Caw Caw.

Tom & Icy said...

You gotta get them Reindeer in shape.

Anonymous said...



TLP said...

Good what-appears-to-be the almost-end to the election in Macedon. But, what about the fashion? I wanted to see their outfits. Who gave the money for their threads? Inquiring minds need to know. Will we hear the acceptance speech? The final swan song of a lost campaign?

Listen guys, I'm the big MAMA here. Of course he'll go on until my birthday. It's just a coincidence that my b-day falls where it does, right where he wants to take a break.

Seriously Doug, it will seem very, very strange not to check (and lately check and re-check to see if you've posted) each and every day (except Sunday of course).

On the pictures you used today: It wouldn't be so comfortable to read the newspaper seated on that pot. Just sayin'. Not that I know a single person who reads on the pot. Not one.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Brer Bear. Random thoughts are likely on Terry's blog, etc.

Rabbit rabbit, Ariel! Well done, but I think the verifiers are in Magyarul, so you kind of have that advantage,

Terry, Oof! Error corrected and my apologies.

Exactly, Icy.

Exactly, Coop.

Actonbell, I intend Waking Ambrose to be back New Year's Day. Meanwhile, expect long comments and definitions on your blogs.

I think togas, TLP. We've done vacations before and besides, you have kids and grandkids to spoil that month.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, tee, hee about the famous pipesmith.
That's some good writing, Douglas.
Thee be praised.

Rabbi, Rabbi.
Oh, silly me, I'm thinking Biblically again.
Rabbit, Rabbit!!

So, a December blog break, huh?
Enjoy it all.
You shall be missed in Blogdom.
Until then, blog blog blog...

tsduff said...

*smoothes ruffled feathers*... Ahhh, maybe I was a bit hasty with the juvenile foot stamping. The upset at learning of your impending absence was just overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Oh, in your free time you might want to consider posting at my blog, I'd like a vacation too.

Jim said...

But Doug, this is the only blog of yours that I come to. Sometimes life just isn't fair!
Really, I don't blame you, it seems you do a lot more blogging than I do. And I have 'unlisted' seven of mine.
Your mind could change by December.

Anonymous said...

DiA just isn't the same without you, Doug.

It needed to be said.

Doug The Una said...

JD, I'm crackin' the whip just as hard as I can. I'm hoping for blog elves from Santa.

Terry, as Julian of Norwich once put it, "Sin is hovely but all will be well and all will be well and every manner of thing will be well." I'm pretty sure she was a magpie.

Cooper, I knew you'd understand.

True, Jim, I could stop tomorrow. I'll still be visiting my friend's blogs.

Goat-boy! I'm touched you came and found me. To be honest, I occasionally still lurk and y'all are doing fine. Well, not the Longhorns so much, but the DIA commenters. Nice of you to stay in touch, if you'd like to drop me a line it's first initial, last name at

The Old Mule said...

Amigo mio, que le vaya bien.

I'll be around, now and next year -- gods willing. Yours is a great place, and there lives a fine mind! Be well.

My world has spun me loose for a bit, but I will be around more in '09.

Ariel the Thief said...

Hey, Mule! Good news to us. Good news to you too? :)