Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mayoralty of Macedon

Episode VIII
Never click on a naked old man unless you're willing to hear a story.

And stay away from dogs unless you can read.


TLP said...

Huh? I can't hear it or read it. I'm hopeless. Or you messed up, which is not possible.

Doug The Una said...

It's not you, TLP. It's me. Or .mac. It should be ready to listen in about half an hour or so, but you aren't old enough to still be up then.

Yeah, I know, Actonbell. We're very photogenic.

tsduff said...

Ahhh, a beautiful Willie and Walela

(Willie (who you callin a mutt)always steals my heart)

The old man isn't naked.

Okay enough with the diversions.

Ms. Chickie is wearing her new coat of feathers finely. I don't really think Obama has anything at all to do with the natural molting process.

Hope you haven't burned up, gotten smoked out, choked on the particulates... or had to flee.

As the Bear offered, you always have a place of refuge here in Walnut Creek.

Anonymous said...

oh so True the Predator within will be hard to keep At check!! is this usa or iceland????

Anonymous said...

The doggone philosopher's recovered from his thorn wound, I see. But perhaps not from his electoral one?


Looks like you're in the clear. So far ...

TLP said...

But at least no one is bitter in Macedon.

Anonymous said...

“There’s better shade behind the statue of a remembered man or a
forgotten God.”

Depends on where the sun is.


Beautiful dogs. What you taught the one to smile for the camera?

How far are you from the fires?

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Terry, the fire is about 7-8 miles across the valley. Heading this way, but it has a town to go through before it get here.

Anonymous, it's where predators are easy to come by. Iceland is elves.

Right, Amoeba. I climbed the ridge behind my house to look for smoke, though.

No one's bitter here, TLP. I am excited for the president to be, but you didn't think I'd stop being a smart-aleck when Bush left office, did you?

Cooper, I'm pretty sure she learned to smile from someone else. I'm pretty safe and thanks for asking.

Jamie Dawn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of the doggies!!!!!

You ended this tale with the word appetite.
I like that word, and mine is hearty.


Tom & Icy said...

I bet you taught your dogs to go fetch words.