Friday, November 21, 2008


ELECTOR, n. One who enjoys the sacred privilege of voting for the man of another man's choice.

2008 Update: In American democracy, a voter selected by ballot to misrepresent the outcome of the election.


TLP said...

A college athlete.

Ariel the Thief said...

Electors have always been a mystery to me. Electors and baseball.

Anonymous said...

ELECTOR SET: Toy for the Captains of Industry and Commerce (legit and otherwise).

Anonymous said...

ELECTOR In a children's game, the last one to yell, "Not IT!"

Anonymous said...

elector - One of the toy robots starring in the Transformers cartoons. Usually portrayed as an evil robot.

Jamie Dawn said...

Both yours and Bierce's definitions are top notch.
I shall not add to them nor detract from them.

My baby girl is home, and I am happy as can be!!

Jim said...

Elector: The basis of the modern day reflector, his vote should reflect the group he is voting for. (He is not bound to vote their way but will never be elected as an elector again if he doesn't. The perfect reflector mirrors exactly as the directing source [the electorate/director] directs.)
I was going to say something easy like elector set but got beat to that. The early kid gets the wor(m)d.

Anonymous said...

is that not a Brand of Voting Equipment,another being Pre-Selected...Peace---verf=pries

Anonymous said...

good morning world,may the scents of the day be pleasurable...Peace

Logophile said...

Nicely done, Doug.
I was so happy the election results (at least enough to figure out the winner) were in early on election Tuesday and delighted, yes, delighted I say, that the Democrat won. It the first time I've voted for a major party candidate in years.
I am still afloat on the winds of change, the hope-aliciousness of it all has overcome me.
Scuse me while I fetch my smelling salts.

tsduff said...

Elector: Isn't that related to the electron? Hmmm - must be in the wrong classroom.

Anonymous said...

it is not 11:59 pm on Nov.30,yes understand your thirst for the freedom Dec.1 brings...but short timers' disease...Peace---verf=tiout

Doug The Una said...

TLP, generally. Or a wounded soldier.

Ariel, we have so few secrets in my country.

Nice, Amoeba.

Quilly, the synonym is "It." It's like that with committee chairs, too.

See, Poobah. My Webster's didn't have that one.

Enjoy the return of the film-maker, JD.

And the word, Jim.

Beg pardon, Weirsdo. I find the term "jock" offensive.

Good morning, Bear. May your day smell like fruit.

Logo, I'm sure they smell like roses now.

Terry, look for the room down the hall the giant watercolor handprints on the door.

TLP, proof that it's better to be lucky than smart.

Bear, you're right. Actually the short-timer's disease came before the holiday as it happens.