Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Lumbering, Tumbling Giant

The townsfolk in Michigan know one giant well.
Every step that he took, he stumbled and fell.
Each time that he fell the ground rumbled and shook,
And women clutched babies each step that he took.

The towns didn't prosper but nor did they fail,
For the giant moved slowly, like the laziest snail.
So the folk watched the sky and built shelters and such.
"Sure, it's bad when he walks, but he doesn't move much."

Then one day, he fell and did not rise again.
The townsfolk all feared for their lumbering friend.
Burying him would take all the folk had
But alive, as a monument, he wasn't half bad.

GENERAL MOTORS, n. A holding company for disbursements.


tsduff said...

Let me be the first to wish you every birthday happiness today.

Hope your General Motor is still running.

TLP said...

"Sure, it's bad when he walks, but he doesn't move much." *sigh* That line makes me swoon.


Mut said...

¡Feliz cuplianos, big lug!

Tom & Icy said...

You still having birthdays? Have a nice one.

Anonymous said...

My lumbering giant is a bicycle. There's a reason.

Because it's your birthday, Doug, I will refrain from entering into a discussion of Marxism in this space.


Anonymous said...

Tombstone sentiments on your birthday. And no one is surprised. I wonder why that is?

This year I want to offer sentiments suitable to your occasion:

Grouchy birthday to you!
Grouchy birthday to you!
Grouchy birthday dear Dawg.
Grouchy birthday to you!

And many more!

Anonymous said...

It's your birthday? Well happy birthday!

Doug The Una said...

Ha, Terry. Thanks. The carb's a little choky but all else seems in order.

Thanks, Blogmama.

¡Gracias, Mamita!

Apparently, Icy. And thanks.

Amoeba, mine's a Prius for the same reason. I think we all better study up on Marxism and I don't mean that particularly with regards to the new prez.

Grrr, Quilly. Thanks.

Thank you, Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the tale,a remembering point in life,as one celebrates a Birthday,Happy Birthday to you,Sir...General Motors--An American Known around the globe,to watch this soldier die ,instead of applying aid,would be a shock felt around the globe...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace Always Bear

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, oldman!

Here's to not living in Michigan as the lumbering giant falls.

Lila said...

Happy Birthday, bro!

Libby said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i'm here because tlp invited everyone to the party & said you don't mind cleaning up our mess! woohoo!!

Doug The Una said...

Bear, can we kick the soldier a time or two before plugging in the IV?

Thanks, Sis!

You are very welcome to the party, Libby. Just make sure the clothes you take home are the ones you came in.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your birthday is today?!
It is also our anniversary and the date that my dear Grandpa died and went to be with Gramilo, and God of course.
Nov. 12th is a day to be remembered.
I hope your birthday was a goody!!!!
I'm sure your office staff pampered you in some way.
I hope there was cake and even a few balloons.
I'm also sure your family bowed in reverence to this great day that you entered their world and changed their lives forever. Your parents and siblings probably danced jigs in your honor and raised their glasses in toasts to your health and success. Your niece and nephew don't care that it's your birthday at all. They only care when it's theirs and they get presents from their uncle.
Happy B-day!!!!

And the DOW just keeps dropping like a stone...
Auto makers want to be rescued, and so does everyone else. Let the BIG TIME spending begin!!
There are plenty of rich people to tax and pay for it all, or so we're told.

G said...

Something made me sign in today! Happy Birthday Doug and many happy returns (like on your 401k).

Excellent poem - nice birthday effort indeed. Here's to a wonderful year in whatever form that takes for curmudgeons.

Anonymous said...

I never mix birthdays with economic policy discussions so...

Happy Birthday Doug.

From your retirement account to theirs - cheers.

Ariel the Thief said...

Happy Birthday, Doug! It's almost over but tomorrow we can keep asking if you had a wonderful birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Kick away,though the mismanagement will feel no pain...GM had electric car in California,crushed them(recycle program),missed the curve...Never-the-less,it is too big a SYMBOL to fall....and fail to get up...i vote for crutches,with the condition the an idle car plant is converted to Solar Panel production,with the thought of solarizing residential homes,to free up power for industrial America...using existing win,so i think....Peace,Happy Birthday :-)

Ariel the Thief said...

I loved the poem. I dunno how you did it, it just wrung my heart.

Doug The Una said...

Right, happy anniversary, J.D. You know what's amazing, we just spent $400 Billion in six weeks and now we say "let the big spending begin!" Everyone needs to sacrifice in times like these. I think I'll give up politics.

Ha, G. Right, the 401 (k)

Thanks, A-bell. It was swell.

Right on, Cooper. Thank you.

Ha, Ariel. I can say "swell, thanks" as fast as you can ask.

OK, Brother Bear. Let's get you in the Senate for next time.

Thanks, Ariel.

javajazz said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Doggie...!
menopause brain forgot
to remind me!!
(and no, i'm not talking
about Terry! heck, she's
the reason I found out
in the first place!)
please forgive my tardiness...
i hope you had a
wonderful celebration!
xo lisa

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. Truly great poem

The Dow went up 552 points in the last hour or something today--wasn't home. Was having my new home inspected

It does that every weel or so just to give people false feelings of security

Anonymous said...

The giant's panhandling is a nuisance, though.

Happy birthday!