Wednesday, November 05, 2008

November 5th in America

Congratulations to those who made history last night
Sympathies to who failed at the ballot.
But one victory drawn troublingly clear, sharp and bright,
Goes to meddlesome bother, whatever you call it.

The left won Virginia, the right California,
And the lesson if you're willing to listen:
Is your countryfolk quiver to correct, rule and scorn you
And another's gold's all that seems to glisten.

The reason we follow constitutional law
And defend it with all of our labor,
Is that most would deplore a long nose in the craw
While busy sniffing after their neighbor.
MAJORITY RULE, n. The method of government that honors each citizen above his fellow.

Sorry to be a buzz kill, grinning leftists, but this kills me. To paraphrase my LORD and Savior, among others, unless you'd have your own beliefs and behavior submitted to your neighbors' approval, don't vote on theirs. 
A final atypical editorial comment: Thank you to John McCain, the best Republican I've voted for and maybe the last.


Anonymous said...

MAJORITY RULE, n. The dictatorship of the soundbiteitat.

To me, the real gripe about Prop 8 is that We the People even allow the issue to be on our radar screens, versus such minor matters as, oh, our collapsing economy and the self-inflicted destruction of our international standing.

I was thinking of our PresElect in the context of other young, energetic, and ultimately short-lived national leaders, and it occurred suddenly to me that Mr. Obama has absolutely no chance of becoming an "initials" president (FDR, LBJ, JFK, etc.). Indeed, his safeguards against such a thing happening may be Our best protection.

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Doug, I'm so happy to hear the presidential election results from yesterday.
But, the article in your link really choked me up. Why can't they just leave the homosexual population alone and focus on getting the dang country back on track!
Anyway, my 2 cents.
take care

Anonymous said...

Youse gots a problem with me sniffing my neighbor, Dog? Lucky for youse, I've been saying my gemantra (which is the woid verification, see?) today, so I'm feeling peaceful-like.

TLP said...

Sadly, it is quite possible that the majority would vote to take away the rights of all minorities, if they could get away with it.

I'm thrilled about Obama winning. Sad about the denial of civil rights to gays or to anyone for that matter.

Is Palin the second-best Republican you ever voted for? Just askin'.

G said...

We all made history last night, no matter which side of the voting booth you're on. Even, with your buzz kill, I'm on cloud 9 with the results.

McCain gave a wonderful concession speech, I must say.

broadcastellan said...

"Grinning leftists" is rather harsh, Doug. I don't think those on the right are more likely to be in favor of same-sex marriage or some such supposedly radical notion of equality. I am very much saddened by what, to me, amounts to far more than a malodorous footnote to sweet victory.

I sure hope your final line reflects your future voting; I would have thought that all those pathetic Joe the Plumber references and the wit and wisdom of Ms. Palin were enough of a turn-off.

Anonymous said...

according to those in the "know", for months anti-gay marriage organizers have been stealthily hitting vulnerable California neighborhoods, while "smug liberals" sat home, confident their state was safe from such egregious bigotry. in Connecticut, i'm happy to report, folks overwhelmingly voted NOT to allow constitutional "tweakings" intended to take away such personal freedoms. so, um, in our case, the Majority Rules in every way that matters!

surely our state is bluer than your state, Shirley... ; )

(yes Amoeba, it's me. NOT blogging, but feeling pretty darn happy about last night's election, nonetheless!)

Al said...

Mutual vilification seems to have replaced baseball as our national pastime. If we subtract the hype and hysteria, we realize that it was possible for equally rational people, equally compassionate and equally canny, to have voted differently yesterday, and yet equally correctly. There is no answer key for the questions a democracy asks its voters.

Majority Rule: Counting something, beans or beanies, to conceal the fact that, when tasked with discerning Right from Wrong, we just guessed.

Congratulations, President Elect Barack Obama. May your time as president advance our imperfect Utopia.

Anonymous said...

Hm...yes on the voting yes. Because same-sex marriages are very dangerous things. Gasp!

I watched the election outcome for you guys. I didn't watch mine. I'd rather have voted in yours...instead of mine.

Majority rules is how I picked the colour for my living room. Hm.

Anonymous said...

I love TLP's question.

Ariel the Thief said...

It is important to celebrate the good things in life! Now can we be back to the growling curmudgeon?

Ariel the Thief said...

One thing I like about him is that he never talks in clichés. :-P

Indeterminacy said...

I always thought the thing about majority rule was the idea behind the electoral vote system - as we've seen in the 2000, it's not always the majority that elects the president. Of course this rule works the same in cases where the majority happen to be right, as when they are wrong.

If anyone can explain why it was good to vote for McCain, you're the man to do it.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to put my will on others. I had reached the point where I believed though McCain is honorable, his party isn't and I was scared

But McCain asserted leadership and became the McCain I once thought I knew

As for that Palin woman--apparently she wants to be a stay at home mom--and well let me not go on

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, that's the common complaint of all the smart people I've discussed prop 8 with. Such trifling should be left to aunts and politicians not democracy.

Kyah, it's great to hear from you. Your 2 cents (Canadian) is worth more than a vote, apparently.

Cheesy, how many blogs do you keep?

TLP, what's saddest is that anyone thinks they're in the majority. And to your excellent question, no. I denied I knew her three times before voting.

G, that was the McCain I like giving the concession. The one I don't like ran the campaign.

Harry, it wasn't meant to be harsh but said with a wink. It's a pretty good day and no, I don't think the right is more liberal. I do think these are bonny days for digging around in strangers' affairs, though.

Snups! I thought someone was stealing your material. How are you?

Actonbell, I think that's a very valid case. I find meanness to be the universal spirit that binds us all. Constitutions should be where we fake a better sentiment.

Thank you, Al. Of course you're right. Next election I move we ban rightness.

How many votes did you get, Jenn?

It was a good one, Cooper. She's my favorite Republican for eternal governor of Alaska.

Ariel, to speak in clichés is to fall as dew.

Indy, there were two good choices, one pretended to be a bad one. At dinner Sunday, I told my brother's father-in-law that McCain has spent the less six months trying to get me to vote for Obama but I refuse to be manipulated.

Hey, Pia, I sincerely meant the part about congratulations. There were plenty of good reasons to vote for Obama and I look forward to having someone of his character and intelligence in the White House.

Indeterminacy said...

I can't hold it against you - I voted for Reagan once. McCain probably would have made a good president in 2000, if not Gore.

Mutha said...

I have never voted republican - and I won't hold it against any of you. I am in way too good of a mood for that.

Welcome to the New Age.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Doug !!!!! Well a day late,but you know how that alcohol can be,did vote sober!!!But after that,just wanted to enjoy what the day/evening had in store...Have Not voted for a successful ticket since jimmy carter(my first presidential election) can only hope history will give him good reviews...Peace Always,,,ps did not vote a straight ticket,even voted for a peace&freedom candidate...diversity in ideas and lifestyles is one of the factors that allow this country to grow :-)

Anonymous said...

McCain began selling his soul to the devil when he spoke at Bob Jones University.
Judging by all the married closeted gays around here, such propositions achieve the very opposite of the family values they seek to promote.