Friday, November 07, 2008


TOMB, n. The House of Indifference. Tombs are now by common consent invested with a certain sanctity, but when they have been long tenanted it is considered no sin to break them open and rifle them, the famous Egyptologist, Dr. Huggyns, explaining that a tomb may be innocently "glened" as soon as its occupant is done "smellynge," the soul being then all exhaled. This reasonable view is now generally accepted by archaeologists, whereby the noble science of Curiosity has been greatly dignified.

2008 Update: A musty palace for the freshly innocent and recently wise.


Unknown said...

i gravely declare i am first

Anonymous said...

Initially an obstacle to recycling, but in time a site.

Al said...

Tomb: Resurrection's anteroom.

(Great update today, Doug.)

broadcastellan said...

A monument to the real estate market.

Minka said...

I agree with Al, your update is superb.

tomb, n. the confirmation that the concept of personal space is deep within our bones!

Ariel the Thief said...

Without tombs we'd never remember where we took the dead ones.

Jim said...

Tomb: Mrs. Jim is to spread my ashes in the places I had wanted to go but never made it. Where should my tomb be? I think my tomb will not be visible to those who wish to pay respect.

Anonymous said...

Al left no tomb unturned. Know how bad that is, just couldn't resist

Tombs are good for Halloween and vampire stories

Liked Harry Heuser's definition too. This girl however is going to undead the real estate market in North Myrtle Beach

Anonymous said...

TOMB, n. The birthplace of twins.

Further applause for your def today, Dawg.

Doug The Una said...

I solemnly agree, Karma.

Right, Weirsdo, the worm's silo.

Speaking of resurrection, Al, it's been good to see you here lately.

Absolutely, Harry. Where realtor's can still close a deal.

Bird bones are roomy, Minka.

Ha, Ariel. I tie balloons to mine.

Jim, from your site that sounds pretty local.

Pia, every buyer is a blessing these days.

Ha, Amoeba. That pun took me a minute.

Anonymous said...

to some the tomb is the end of the line , for others it is the symbol of the freedom ahead....current,,gop spend eight plus years building their tomb,now those so willing to accept death for profit,struggle for life......Peace Prosperity Blessings

TLP said...

Well done Doug.

Tom-b or not tom-b, which would be tom-a probably.

Anonymous said...

On a scale of 1 to 10 today you get a 10.

Jamie Dawn said...

Lazarus, come forth!!!

The stone's been rolled away!!!
He is risen!

Tombs always remind me of resurrection.
It's just the word, I guess. It makes me go from death straight to life.
In actuality, tombs are musty, like you said.
Uh-oh, I feel a sneeze coming on...


Anonymous said...

In movies they're always boobey-trapped. Is that for recruiting? Indiana Jones taught me to avoid them. And that sand does not equal the same weight as gold. And to

Anonymous said...

... don't mind me as I pass thru... still looking for Grant.

Anyone seen him?

He doesn't appear to be where he was last put.

Lieberman and McCain were both last put into the Senate. A tomb for both of them.

Tom & Icy said...

You must be thinking of Antigone.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Tomb it may consern, amen

Anonymous said...

Tomb...the impound yard of san francisco parking control...12 hours there(4 friday night-8 saturday)vehicle is free at last.....Patience is word of the day....Blessings---Happy Saturday Night,Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tsduff said...

Doug - It mightn't be musty

Tomb: A place to lie immobile forever.

A place to leave your last words to the living.

Not a place of great joy.

A raven will not rest entombed like other mere mortal beings.

Doug The Una said...

Save me a spot, Brother.

Tomc, TLP, is how I always go.

Actonbell, that's almost always smartest. Quietest, at least.

Thanks, Coop. I'll take a 10.

Hahaha, Jenn. Yes, for recruiting.

Saurkraut, did you try under the horse?

Um. Could be, Icy.

SACADA, you have lots left over from halloween, don't you?

You too, A-bell.

Oh, man, Bear. Sorry to hear.

Nope, Terry, that would be a waste of good eatin'.