Tuesday, November 04, 2008


TAKE, v.t. To acquire, frequently by force but preferably by stealth.

2008 Update: To lend a debt.

To my American friends: Please amuse your poll-workers today.  In this and only this lies the virtue of democracy.


Indeterminacy said...

Can we vote here?

Mutha said...

You are my favorite poll worker, Doug. But the very cute grandma that greets me each time I vote is a very close second.

Mutha said...

Indy! Did you absentee?

Ariel the Thief said...

Democracy would be a great thing without people. :-P

TLP said...

My take on the long-lines situation is that there is no good reason why it isn't this way at each and every election.

You're a good person to work the polls Doug. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

It will Take time to vote today,signed up in 26 states,my adviser karl rove,told me it is easier to ask for forgiveness then permission...well off to the local pub,i mean poll...hope to amuse the help with my Earth First t-shirt,,does seem amuse tsa staff...will Take the day one vote at a time,,back up plan is Gimli Canada....Peace Always...OOOOOOOOOOO

tsduff said...

The Bear and I will TAKE the phone banks by storm tonight in Oakland on the last calling shift (8pm), marking the first time ever for me to participate in an historic political event. It will be a lovely shindig of celebration I hope.

Jamie Dawn said...

My first thought when I read today's word was this:

Calgon, TAKE me away!

My second thought:

TAKE this job and shove it. I ain't workin' here no more.

My third thought:

Do you TAKE this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

My last thought:

TAKE me out to the ball game.

Happy Election Day!!
Today we will make history regardless of the outcome. This is a wonderful thing for our country.
We will either have our first black president or our first woman vp.

Anonymous said...

TAKE: self-gift

speaking of gifting myself (for surely i was, Shirley), there were NO lines when i voted today. meaning i was allowed to take as much time as i wanted in order to insure real -- and significant -- change. thinkin' that'll be the gift that keeps on giving for at least the next 4 years! ; )

Tom & Icy said...

Guess it's receiving something that wasn't given to us, like first cousin to stealing or something.

Anonymous said...

As to "history in the making", I'd rather have evidence that the next President of these Untied States is a Roosevelt. Whatever its externals.

Surely I saw a Snark up there, Shirley?

TAKE, v. To initiate the process of collapsing under your own weight.

Jim said...

Take: To do a good job at most anything takes too much time.

Ariel the Thief said...


Anonymous said...

"On the take": In business.

TLP said...

Sleep in. I'm happy enough to let you sleep all day.

Doug The Una said...

Indy, Waking Ambrose is for no one if not absentees.

Great observation, Actonbell. And good news about the converse.

Thank you, Mutha. Did you, by any chance, wear a red nose to the poll?

Ariel, Churchill called it the worst form of government except the others.

Thanks, TLP. It's a long day but the best way I know to help voters without helping the parties.

Bear, there is nothing more American than to vote drunk. You have my endorsement.

Terry, I hope they don't serve chicken.

JD, after all the policy grumpiness, that's what I'm happiest about and let me take a moment to appreciate you for being happy for those who will win if your candidate loses. Much too rare.

Bear, my precinct had a long line to open and a steady flow all day, but otherwise you had to be pretty unlucky to find the precinct was crowded when you got there.

Actually, Icy, you make it sound like a first cousin.

That was a nice definition, Amoeba.

Jim, neglect takes longer in my elaborate experience.

Ouch, Actonbell. Can't you play Fleetwood Mac?

Ariel, agreed.

Enjoy, A-bell.

Sal, on-the-take is business.

Thanks, TLP. I was up but busy. I'm glad you're happy.