Friday, January 02, 2009


EMOTION, n.  A prostrating disease caused by a determination of the heart to the head. It is sometimes accompanied by a copious discharge of hydrated chloride of sodium from the eyes.

2009 Update: The heart's distraction of the liver's ambition.


Tom & Icy said...

Paws tap dancing on linoleum floor when she has to poop and the door is closed.

javajazz said...

happy new year
sweet Doggie...xo

Logophile said...

not all of us encounter life as an exercise in rising bile
Only the lucky few, Doug.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

EMOTION®, n. prop. The blogosphere's favorite exercise program. It moves so you don't have to.

Anonymous said...

Has its ups,
Has its downs.
Can make you smile,
Can make you frown.
Emotions leads wherever you roam,
Could even make you burst into poem.

Sorry, Doug. You've been gone so long I've gotten rusty.

The verifier has a better offering: ultrala -- from too much Decking the Halls?

Anonymous said...

I am overcome with emotions for Doug is back!! With a cold...that may be a cold or not.

Anonymous said...

Where does Steve Tyler stand on this bit of sweetness?

Doug The Una said...

Icy, that's when you bite.

Happy New Year, JJ.

Amen, Logo.

Amoeba, I haven't lost an ounce.

We all have, Quilly. We'll get it back.

Jenn, it's something pretty cold-like, anyhow.

Backstage, Sauerkraut.

Ariel the Thief said...

Emotion, the rippling of the water, can kill you, though, if your boat is fragile or your heart is scared.

Minka said...

emotion,n. a class of self-inflicted thunderstorms leaving people hungry, pierced by spears and apparently with pink eye wear.
It kills over 1 humans every year!

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, we have an organization in this country called the Children's Defense Fund which uses the slogan "Lord, be good to me. The sea is so wide and my boat so small." A provocation unrivaled.

Ha, Minka. Great last sentence.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Emotions bite but not having them bites even worse.

tsduff said...

Watching "Marley and Me" caused more Emotion than I was prepared for.

Anonymous said...

"The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray, and the advantage of science is that it is not emotional."

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally the subject of one of Dr. Weirsdo's MLA papers.