Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shoe prints in the sand.

St. Paul put away his childish things.
St. Barack, he did the same.
Two great models, I agree 
But I like my video game.

I may not act like my full years-
I don't lie, pout or swindle-
But if fire's to glean America clean
I stand ready to help kindle.

RESOLVED, adj. Extrapolated.


Minka said...

resolved, adj. to convince 1/3 of you

Mutha said...

Pouting is good stuff. Everybody needs to hold that one close to the chest in case of emergency.

TLP said...

Answered twice over.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's fitting that so much of the inaugural worship serv... er, celebration featured the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln, too, sought bipartisan support for his policies, but the Democrats (NB) of his time lost no opportunity to defend catastrophically failed policies (slavery, for instance) and make the Confederate Revolutionary War Lincoln's (and the Republicans's) war.

Oh well. We elected these people. Speaking of video games.

Anonymous said...

RE- prefix meaning "to do again"

SOLVE v. to find the answer to, or explain, a problem

RESOLVE v. a new way of making the same old mistakes

Ariel the Thief said...

Fire can be good but when it destroys something good, something worse grows in its place, and when it destroys something bad, the same sh*t grows in its place. What was that video game, again? :)

Resolved, adj, left behind.

Anonymous said...

extrapolate... yeah, reminds me some little urchin has yet to do his math homework.

Jamie Dawn said...

I've been tossing kindling into the flame by emailing my senators and house representative - all democrats, but the way. I'm RESOLVED to fight for big tax relief and less government spending.

Resolved: Fit to be tied.

Tom & Icy said...

I put away my puppy toys, well for a while, until I got old, well, I then took them back out again, well, just call me a neo-pup.

Anonymous said...

technically to solve again - if at first you don't succeed.

When interpolation doesn't succeed, it is not always unwise to go outside the box and grasp for answers, especially when the past coorporate incest based solutions failed.

Jim said...

Extrapolation and interpolation: Mathematical means used to extend data to cover places where no data were measured. Like trying to predict power consumption ten years fron now based on growth data of the past usage.

Extrapolation is prediction outside the range of our data; interpolation is prediction within the range.
Extrapolation extends prediction to new areas, interpolation fills in the gaps.

I learned the word interpolation from this site:
I have no idea of the site's authenticity.
Sounds like logical methods used to resolve a problem.

Ariel the Thief said...

Neo-pup! LOL Icy!

Anonymous said...

always game for a bonfire..always thankful to wake in the morning.peace

Doug The Una said...

Minka, the upper, middle or lower third?

Not me, Mutha. I've gone 100% grouse. Very liberating.

TLP, I resolve crossword puzzles at impressive speed. Crossward puzzles, such as soduku, I let be.

Is there a reset button, Amoeba?

Quilly, by the magic of etymology you've happened on my New Year's resolution.

Ariel, I play Civilization(TM) like it's a weed.

Saurkraut, I'm an old urchin and still haven't done it.

That's good citizenship, JD. There's still Democrats in Arkansas to not persuade?

Ha, neo-pup. With pleasure.

High hopes for the union incest-based solutions, Coop?

Neat site, Jim. How'd you find that?

Actonbell, it will probably outlive me.

Doug The Una said...

Ooops, and Bear, may the bonfire keep burning.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by to express our gratitude for this tribute to the videogame Industry!

Doug The Una said...

The blogging world welcomes you both.

rhbee said...

"I don't want to die, I just want to ride my motorcy." quoth Arlo the Guthrie.