Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Wizard of March

April one we celebrate neighbors and fools,
The simple, believing and similar tools.
But who is the greatest, the fleetest of lamed?
For whom this very holiday ought to be named.
My choice is Pygmalion- Galatea, his wife,
Was still as a stone 'til he had her brought to life.

APRIL FOOL'S DAY, n. Father's day for bachelors.

Please nominate greatest fools in the comments. Current and recent presidents are too obvious.

And while we're on the topic, rabbit rabbit.


Minka said...

Hase, Hase...and a wonderful April to you! I am first, take that!

Minka said...

Great to name it the Wizard of March, by the way :)

April Fool's Day,n. 15th century Candid Camera

greatest fool? Gimme a couple of minutes...that deserves some serious thought!

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit. Love your poem.

Greatest fools? Wow. So many fools, so little time.

Tom & Icy said...

If your parents never had any children, the odds are that you won't either.
The greatest fools are usually found in mirrors.

Nessa said...

I can't believe you called me a tool, Doug.

Tom - very funny.

People who bought a Gremlin. (The AMC Gremlin was first introduced on April 1, 1970.)

And Rabbit, rabbit.

Ariel the Thief said...

Like building your house on mud etc etc? Rabbit, rabbit!

Anonymous said...

April Fool's Day: Spring. :s

tsduff said...

Tom - best answer!

The greatest fool?
Who could it be?
Inside in this weather -
T'would have to be ME.

Rabbit Rabbit

Anonymous said...

happy fathers day doug
i never look into mirrors
The Fool(TarotCards)all-time favorite
as far as greatest fools
long history there
i nominate Varus
Peace and watch your back
oh yes,enjoy the rabbit stew

TLP said...

Well, I've thought about this a while. We are all fools at one time or another. But the GREATEST fool? Hard to say.

I nominate Jim Jones who was the founder of the Peoples Temple in Guyana. He was such a fool that he thought that his followers were better off dead than to be free of him. He caused the deaths of more than 900 people. Hilter killed more, but I think Hilter was no fool -- he was the devil.

the amoeba said...

Pygmalion - or Geppetto?

I can't decide which is the greater fool - the Trix rabbit, or anyone who buys Trix (or any other brand of chocolate-frosted sugar bombs, Calvin).

Jim said...

Happy April Fool's Day, Doug. And rabbit, rabbit, thank you.
I girl in my H.S. typing class said she wanted her children to grow up unmarried like herself.
She got pregnant that summer but I don't know about her kid, married or not.
[My fool designignation]

sauerkraut said...

hahahaha, natasha. you naughty girl. almost had me clicking...

I nominate the guy who got busted for DUI while on a motorized barstool. The drunken fool on the barstool.

Gives an entirely newish meaning to "tipsy."

Mrs. Weirsdo said...

I nominate all pig-male-lions who think their voices should always be the loudest in the room.

Jamie Dawn said...

I cannot accept truffles in exchange for penning a cliff scene. I am on a strict diet of Lean Cuisines and Health Choice meals (which are not very satisfying), and I have not eaten any truffles since leaving CA. I am working to reduce my adipose tissue.
You shall have to deal with Frau Braun as you see fit.

A fool...
I nominate Georgette from the Mary Tyler Moore show. I LOVED that air headed character.

Rabbit! Rabbit!

No one made a food of me today. This is good.


TLP said...

Whoa JD, I'm glad no one cooked you today! I didn't even know that was a possibility.

Before midnight hits, I came back to nominate Wile E. Coyote. That coyote.

the amoeba said...

I can go Pygmalion one better. The Pyg may have had to endure the non-silence of his created mate. But apart from that, they "lived happily ever after."

Gwydion went to all the trouble of creating the perfect mate (Blodeuedd) from flower petals ... and then gave her away to his nephew Lleu. Only to have her kill him and run off with someone else. Bringing back someone from the dead was no easier in Celtic myth than it was in Greek - and, arguably, the Celts had less reason to be glad of the resurrection.

cooper said...

I like your definition, and poem. So not fair to have to name fools, though making a list of fools is a fun foolish pastime.

I'd have to say the guy who believes he married a 30 year old virgin, or the girl who chooses to marry one.

Doug The Una said...

Still thinking about the greatest fool, Minka?

I know, TLP. Happily, I was looking at Pygmalion's web page when I started yesterday.

Icy, that's just great logic. I think we found our greatest wise dog.

Rabbit rabbit, Actonbell. I'm not sure, but it sounds foolish to me.

Nessa, I didn't know that about the Gremlin's release date, but I knew there was something about people who drove them.

Like buying a house someone else built on mud especially, Ariel.

I hope so, Jenn.

The greatest fool
Or greatest souse
Believes you kept your blog
And sold your house.

Bear, that's an excellent and educated choice.

TLP, that's another good nomination, although the guy who spikes the kool-aid can't be a bigger fool than the ones who drink it.

Amoeba, that one hit a little close to home.

Jim, I got that advice from an old plumber when I was 15. Stay single and raise your children the same way. Check on the first part.

Sauerkraut, I deleted Natasha but heard about the motorized bar stool on Wait, Wait- Don't Tell Me. Good selection.

Meow, Weirsdo.

JD, I was a big fan of Ted and Georgette's too. Fair enough.

Kaboom, TLP. Good choice.

Interesting, Amoeba. I had a feeling the learning today would be mine.

Right, Cooper, those are fine choices.

Voices of NLD said...

I have been trying and trying to think of an answer. TLP's took me by surprise. jim Jones is the un-named villain in the "don't drink the Kool-Aid' jokes that I'm sure a generation or two don't know the origin of. Yes he was pure evil

You didn't say Governor's. I'm not sure Sanford is or isn't for not accepting the stimulus money. I understand wanting to pay down the state debt much, but it's a one time opportunity to get failing schools into shape

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, ha... I didn't know I wrote food instead of fool.
I guess I made a fool of myself after all.

Minka said...

the greatest fool is he who declares Pygmalion a fool, while trying to romance

Doug The Una said...

Pia, I suppose governors are ok for fools. Almost always.

JD, it's just a typo.

Minka, that would only be true if he were courting a brick.

Minka said...

but you realize, that women can be square, right???

Doug The Una said...

I could hardly miss it, Penguin.