Friday, August 03, 2007


BLUBBER, n. The part of a whale which is to that creature what beauty is to a woman-the thing for which it is pursued.
During his last illness a dose of some kind of oil was administered to him by mistake, whereupon one of the ladies of his household began to weep. Some one attempting to comfort her, "Never mind," said the patient; "I've had my oil; let her have her blubber."
Unpublished memoirs of the late John B. Felton

2007 Update: Nature's instrument for teaching man art.


mireille said...

I can see why John Felton is late ... not like me ... early and FIRST. xoxo

TLP said...

Blubber: The very stuff of life.

Well, the very stuff of my body, which is a big part of my life.

Congrats to Mireille on being both early and first!

Mo'a said...

I was about to blubber over not being able to read and write a clever comment/silly on WA, before I go to a Tea House for lunch, to add to my blubber.

ariel said...

blubber: slippery either way.

the amoeba said...

"Dude! Get down here! You're leaving handprints on the ceiling! And if you think I'm going up there to wash them off before the landlord finds them, think again!"

"But dude, this is way cool! You weren't such a Mac deadhead, I'd get you to try it! That Dawg gives us the gnarliest words to read."

"You can read?"


"Well, genius, I suggest you find your glasses and actually wear them before you try it again. Today's word is BLUBBER, not FLUBBER."


"Sheesh. And after I spent all day peeling that rabbit suit off you."

"And just what am I supposed to do with a word like BLUBBER?"

"I could put you into an OCeallaigh suit."



"You're weird."

"No, I'm Dude. Say 'happy weekend', dude."

"Happy weekend, dude."

G said...

One person's blubber is another's pillow.

Besides, the thermometer in NYC is hitting mid-90's! Too hot for exercise I say. Of course, in the winter it's too cold and you need a little extra blubber for warmth.

zbtfggjg: zaftig but fuuny(in her own head) g does the jig.

goldennib said...

I like G's definition.

If only Botticelli were still alive...I'd be a babe.

ariel said...

G, you are an artist of life.

Doug said...

Well done, Mireille.

TLP, it's called a retirement account.

Mo'a, may the borscht be with you.

Hahaha, Ariel. Very true.

OC, happy weekend, Dude.

G, I didn't notice zaftig. I did notice funny.

Goldennib, I'm still hoping Rubens returns.

Ariel, I think so, too.

Laura said...

well Doug, even if Rubens doesn't return, one can hope for the popularity of "Rubanesque" to return. Blubber is not in short supply in kyah's world!

Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

now that is weird....where is my proper username? I'm going to go off and have a big blubber over it.

G said...

Who is zees Laura and what have you done wees Kyahgirl?!

Aw shucks - aren't you all ever so kind?

Ariel - I like that. I'm gonna keep it. And Doug, thanks for capturing my good side then :)

Psst, Goldennib - it's a definition that works well in my home.

mireille said...

did we ever find kyahgirl? xoxo

karma said...

i had a whale of a time before i lost it

knpvt: know your privates

Omnipotent Poobah said...

blubber - The obese son of Flubber.

Cheesemeister said...

I've never been pursued for either my beauty or my blubber.

Miz BoheMia said...

Blubber... to be used VERY carefully in the presence of women. We don't take too kindly to the word I am afraid!

Te eché de menos hermanito dulce!

'Tis late, my attempt to participate is lame, but the last part is heartfelt FO SHO!


Doug said...

Kyah, she must have left it all in Canada.

G, you want a little star sticker?

Mireille, I think Laura ate her. Sad.

Ah, nostalgia, Karma.

Poobah, we like "well-upholstered."

Cheesemeister, your sarcasm, then?

Hermanita, camino el piso en esperar. ¿Quando, chica? ¿Quando?

G said...

Well since you brought it up...

Doug said...

Shoulda known.