Friday, August 10, 2007


LEAGUE, n. A union of two or more parties, factions or associations for promoting some purpose, commonly nefarious.

2007 Update: An association that is born from a common challenge, survives by mutual frustration and finally proves that the causes of misery also love company. The natural form is called committee, the synthetic variation is conjugation and in myth the league is represented by the toothsome monster, Conspiracy. Each version causes floods and riots, usually.


Anonymous said...

First? I am in a league of my own!

TLP said...

Yes you are Jenna!

Doug's in league with the devil. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

puppybrose said...

I think Little League is wonderful. It keeps the kids out of the house. ~Yogi Berra

thanks to this crappy cold, i'm afraid i'm still too foggy to come up with something original. that said, i'm quite sure i'd be unable to come up with anything close to being as good as your fine update, even if i was in the best of health. truly, you are in a league of your own, Curmudgeon. (as are we all, eh, Jenna?) ; )

Mo'a said...

Let's face it we are all in the same League...Bloggers.
Does misery like company? I think least not in my case when misery rears it's head, I like to wallow in it by myself...however as a blogger I like company, from my fellow League members.

puppybrose said...

good point, Mo'a! tho', technically, doesn't that "misery loves company" thing mean we're "Beleaguered Bloggers"? ... on second thought, maybe not. ; )

ariel said...

1 league = 5.55600 kilometers

Jamie Dawn said...

Your definition squashes Bierce's. Yours is WAY better, in a league of its own.

"League" makes me think of the phrase: "She's out of your league."
"She's out of your league" makes me think of those really gorgeous supermodels who often are seen hanging on the arms of some very, dorky looking men.
Which leads me to the phrase "Show me the money!"
Which means that money makes "She's out of your league" moot.

I'm quite the thinker today!!

Joel said...

I am a National League fan myself.

goldennib said...

The football monsters start playing again real soon.

Minka said...

Loved the first sentence to your update, scratched my head at the second one and gave up neurons at the third. You owe me!

league:n. a barricade to your own limitations, confining at pushing you at the same time

Hobbes said...

Nautical measurement useful when following leviathan.

actonbell said...

Mark twain is only 0.000757576 of a fathom. Hard to fathom a league, really.

TLP said...

Ariel I think it's a twelve-furlongs-long blanket. Covers a lot.

Doug said...

Jenna, you'll always remember your first time.

TLP, I know how you mean that. I'm blushing.

Neva, I can do this all year without coming up with anything as good as a Yogi Berra quote. Hope you feel better.

Mo'a, I am comfortable being the only grouch.

Ah-ha, Neva. Beleaguered in fact and indeed.

Well, yeah, Ariel. ANd there's that.

JD, you thought it all the way around the circle. That's a sign of genius.

Me too, Joel, except for my favorite team. I do think the designated hitter rule is a moral travesty.

Three more weeks, Nessa. It's the time of year I wish I had someone to neglect.

Minka, I'll have two neurons shipped. Make room.

And we did, didn't we, Hobbes?

I should have known you'd know that, Actonbell. And Jules Verne?

You bet, TLP, it goes halfway around me.

Tom & Icy said...

I'm more of a pack animal, myself.

G said...

Snuppy, I saw the following variation: " keeps the parents off the streets."

"You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you."

The Human League

Cheesemeister said...

League: usually has something to do with baseball, the Devil, or both.

Doug said...

Icy, you are what you eat.

G, The Human League really takes me back. Now however will I find a dime bag in Portland?

Oooh, good one, Cheesemeister! Surely someone has written a version of Faust with Steinbrenner as Mephisto. Maybe your next book?

I Dive At Night said...

League: In a bar, groups of people with similar qualities of appearance and apparent wealth. Cross-league play is usually discouraged with rejections of drink offers and attempts to make small talk.

My word verification is vazjx. So much potential for tasteless humour.

cooper said...

Well this is the "Waking Ambrose Blogging League" is it not?

The description fits and I am happy to be part of it. So much better than bowling.

tsduff said...

The only official league I ever belonged to was when I was 8 years old - my gymnastics team. We were known as "Leslie's Lovely Little Lavendar Leotard Ladies League".

Doug said...

Morgan, did you try darts?

Cooper, plus its no shame to do alone.

Terry, you're kidding right?