Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Philosopher's Apples

Episode 33 of 40 in The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic.  Thanks to the Golden Heirloom Fruit of The Delta Association of South Carolina for providing this week's reading.

To hear the story, listen to your inner fruit.

The Prattler is back.

To read the story, get into Diogenes' head


G said...

First? I'll take it!

Wonderful wonderful reading Old young mule. You did a great job! Just love that southern drawl you bring to the story.

And Doug, what is with this Diogenes?! He can't think of enough ways to figure out why someone is not honest!

Great installment - now let me wrap my comment before someone else sneaks into first. That, and I have to figure out what to post in the Spin.

Have a great day all.

TLP said...

Good reading. Great story. Chasing beauty is something Americans do well. Not that they ever catch it or know true beauty when they see it.

"Why chase what’s beautiful? What if you catch it?” Good question.

Diogenes has his own thorn of course. Might as well chase beauty.

puppybrose said...

hmmm... 'tis a ponderous message in today's tale, methinks. or maybe that's just me, allowing myself to be tempted into reading more in this story than is actually there. i'm thinkin' Diogenes might have been quicker to "find" the truth if he'd stuck that thorn into his ass, instead of his thigh. but what do i know? ; )

whatever, i LOVE this particular addition, and found Old Mule's reading particularly and/or perfectly suited to this chapter. well done to the BOTH of you!

*applauds enthusiastically, sees something shiny, stops*

actonbell said...

Fabulous installment, Doug! And beautifully read. Perhaps it's safer to chase golden apples than to chase Adam's apples. Easier to admire once you catch them, too:)

The OE said...

Fruit has fiber. Avocados have guacamole. Secret agents have National security.

The OE said...

By the way, that inner fruit is about to have me take up a secret mission pro bono.

Anonymous said...

This was excellent, what more can I say.

quilly said...

TEMPT v.t.. chocolate brownie anyone? Ice cream on the side. Whip cream and a cherry on the top. A few chocolate sprinkles for color?

the amoeba said...

Y'know, by following Diogenes's thinking to its logical conclusion, I could save parents and taxpayers in these Untied States a whole lot of money. Lessee ...

If chasing beauty is foolishness ...

and, as the Grecian urn said, beauty is truth, and all you need to know ...

then truth is foolishness. And we have no need whatsoever for all these damned expensive schools, colleges, and universities.

'Course, that would spare us all from No Child Left Behind. Not to mention six-figure tuition bills.

But that would also leave two of us out of work. Not that that's something new to this amoeba, dammit.

Nice work as usual, Doug and Mule. Despite the flaws in logic (see "position of thorn", supra).

tsduff said...

Old Mule -

I almost mistook you for Doc Holiday "I'll be your Huckleberry..." very tempting.

mireille said...

Really good reading, OM. thank you. and I like the character of Atalanta ... why is that name so familiar? xoxo

javajazz said...

"listen to your inner fruit..."
ha ha!
people already think i'm bananas...

you make me giggle, Doggie.

Doug said...

G, he's a goshdarn hypocrite is what he is. Someone oughta fix him, sure.

TLP, we all have thorns and they always end up in the upper thigh.

Thanks, Puppy. I think you always get my meaning. 150% of it.

Actonbell, if you chase adam's apples, sooner or later you wake up with Ann Coulter. I have to agree with you.

OE, and the Mujahadeen have secret agents. That's one greasy enchilada, all in all.

Cooper, you can always say your name, but thanks.

Quilly, will you cradle it all in the chest cavity of a just-dressed deer? Oh la la.

Flaws in logic, Amoeba? Impossible! OK, likely but I'm missing what you caught. C'mon. Be an editor.

C'mon, Terry. What would a mule have to do with a cowboy?

Mireille, because I used that same name for our dear friend Still Life. I'm thinking you knew that, though.

JJ, coffee makes you giggle. I'm stirring in milk.

quilly said...

Doug, you want that deer in a pinafore and pumps, or a tux with tails?

TLP said...

I'm not buyin' it dawg. Thorns are pains in the a$$, not thighs.

Jamie Dawn said...

I love hearing anyone speak who uses soft r's.
Mahvelously read.

Do I dare go and read this week's Prattler??
I am SO not in a politcal frame of mind, but I suppose I can take a peek at it.

I'm glad you are enjoying the almonds!!

javajazz said...

milk, mixed with
my inner fruit,
is not going to be
as amusing.

ariel said...

have no time to stay and listen to the entire story, and also have no words to tell the effect your voice has on me. to someone has never seen America but only in movies, novels, songs and poems your voice brings America to me. you are like Johnny Cash that way, Mule.

Cheesemeister said...

I like them apples!

Doug said...

Quilly, that's just funny. I was thinking tie-dyed sari.

TLP, that's good editing.

Jamie Dawn, your mom works for one creative almondry (I sez that's a word.) I'm going to figure out how to advertize them here with the hallowed marshmallow.

Breakfast of champions, JJ.

Ariel, you're right. Old Mule has a voice to make terrorists and vampires reconsider.

Thank you, Cheesie! I'm expecting to have your book when I get home from Sacramento on Wednesday night. I like them apples.

Minka said...

I think someody should take a stance for beauty!

Diogenes: "Why chase beauty?"

then ATLANTA should say: "What if you catch it?"

Beauty should not be automatically linked with dishonesty. I admire the power of a truly beautiful woman to shine away, despite the dark glances that will follow her. There is dishonesty in presumption, envy and projection. WE usually think we are not worthy; why invite something aglow into our life, casting light on the niches we love to cover in darkness.

That...or golden apples make for hard eating and that's what's bugging you! :)

now...back to human plains...Old Mule does sound American to me as well, Ariel. I can't quite figure out what it is, but I can imagine that voice to be in a movie, transmitted to us through a TV box.
Nice listening!

One of your better installments, Doug. Loved the...'if they win I'd marry them, if not they were put to death. I am pretty fast'- line.

Doug said...

Minka, that was an elegant and compelling argument but, I presume, dishonest.

G said...

As I drove I thought of an alternate name for this episode - "Beauty rears its ugly head." But then you already had a title, didn't you?

Minka said...

A little bit. What gave it away?

The Old Mule said...

ariel, goodness now. Why thanks.

terry, it is too funny you bring that up because it was no sooner than last night I repeated those exact lines as a joke over beer...

Doug said...

Haha, G. I like that. Maybe when they make the movie.

Minka, it's just so typical.

Mule, did anyone laugh? Great reading, friend.

ariel said...

Diogenes, more often than not pride can be kept by a little cheating only. a woman's pride, even.

I remember the first time those golden apples showed up here. that was one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read.

ariel said...

oh, and beauty is for admiring, of course. *rolls eyes*

Doug said...

Thanks, Ariel. That was one of my favorites from this site, too, although I'm not entirely sure it was fiction.

Beauty? Admiring? *smacks forehead* Of course!