Thursday, August 16, 2007


FORBIDDEN, p.p.  Invested with a new and irresistible charm.
2007 Update:  Found complex by the simple, gay by the sober, unjust by the nervous or alive by the noble.
Forbidden fruit, you'll know, my son,
By the pips you spit out once you've done.


puppybrose said...

am i forbidden to be first two days in a row? apparently not. ; )

Logophile said...

It will be mine, oh yes...
it will be mine.
Oh, it's forbidden?
Never mind, I didn't really want it anyway.

Mutha said...

forbidden: the cue for a pout.

the amoeba said...

BIDDEN, n. prop. The guy who does get access to that file that the Internet won't let me see. Plus a whole lot of other stuff. Who is this dude, anyway? Must be some relative of Bill Gates ...

karma said...

error 404

Joel said...

forbidden: An action that pretty much guarentees violation.

quilly said...

for Bidden n.
those things delegated to Bidden and Bidden only:

greener grass
better pay
plumper fruit
the other side of the mountain

(However, I am finally again among the priviledged who have a working computer.)

Karen said...

the more forbidden it is, the more FUN it is!

G said...

forbidden: love Karma's.

forbidden - to your definition I would add straight by the drunkard. I do love your definition.

Minka said...

forbidden, sacred to somebody else

Minka said...

Oh and two thumbs up to Seth, that was well put! Your definition coming in a close second!

TLP said...

Forbidden: Items at an auction. They're for biddin' on.

tsduff said...

Forbidden: The best apple in the garden.

puppybrose said...

Forbidden: at one's beck and/or call?

puppybrose said...

oh, and ditto teh Penguin re: "Seth" and/or your definition, on both counts. double ditto G re: Karma's comment, too. ; )

and, finally... am i forbidden to mention the fact that today marks 22 years of wedded bliss for me and my beloved? or would that be taking the "personal" thing too far??

Jamie Dawn said...

Forbidden in my house:

1. fat free food, except for skim milk
2. naked demons
3. muddy shoes

I Dive At Night said...

Forbidden? Nope, not a clue. What does it mean?

Minka said...

Puppytoes...I think you crossed the line there, rubbing your happiness in our solitary faces :) Hope the two of you have a wonderful evening together, there could be Mexican food! Just pointing it out!

Morgan, a day with Joel will teach you all you need to know about the word "NO" ... and all I wanted was a bunny and his car. That was a rough day! *sobs*

goldennib said...

Forbidden: Easy to manipulate. Just tell me I can't have something.

puppybrose said...

Penguin: spoken like a girl unfamiliar with teh concept of being forbidden any and/or all that she wants! and well done at that, for, to be sure, you DESERVE all that you desire... and more (except, of course, for that bunny and/or Joel's fancy/schmancy BMW) ; )

Joel said...

Minka...imagine my surprise that someone like yourself with such an exquisite command of language had never been taught the word "no." I feel honored to have been able to provide that need to thank me. The simple knowledge that I have enriched your experience...expanded your base of thanks enough. I believe the world on the whole is better place for it.

The end :-)

p.s. No bunny...ever.

Doug said...

Seems you're good to go, Puppy.

Logo, it's a fine line between a portuguese water hound and a fox, isn't it?

Mutha, what's the cure? I'm still mildly curious.

Amoeba, so "Bidden" is the collective name for every one but you? I thought it was "Blessed."

Karma, that used to be my area code. I should have known then.

Joel, pretty much the backside of a promise.

Quilly, that's "computer" is a funny name for a PC.

Karen, is that why you're the one in the middle? Good to see you again.

G, that's a grand addition.

Very good definition, Minka. I'll pass your thumbs along.

Even at a magic auction, TLP? Better check with Actonbell.

Terry, that's how you know it's the best one.

Neva, you mean like on an anniversary? A happy one to you and Joel. May your children act right.

That's fine, JD. Who wants to watch fat naked demons wallowing in truffle?

Morgan, you kinda have to leave Amsterdam. I think forbidding is banned by the municipal code.

Minka, I'm so sorry to hear. He seems like such a reasonable fellow.

Nessa, you can't be first commenter tomorrow.

Come on, Neva. What harm is there in a bunny in a Beemer?

Joel, try "Nein" or "Nimmer?" I'm willing to bet Minka heard those words in the DDR as equivalent to our "yes" and "always."

The Old Mule said...

forbidden: criminal pleasure.

actonbell said...

forbidden: full of secrets you're not supposed to see, because it's past your bedtime and you don't have the access code, anyway.

ariel said...

forbidden, supposed to stay innocent forever.

good one, Karma!

actonbell said...

I haven't seen snack packs for years. I think the big temptation now is more likely to be the forbidden trans fat stuff. Doritos...

a4g said...

Forbidden, p.p, A list of shameful scandals and guilty misdemeanors compiled in your youth which reminds you what exactly to deny your children

(A note from the experienced father: it is wise to take a Sharpie to the word "achievements" at the top of that list before the kids learn to read.)

cooper said...

I just dropped in to see how sharp everyone was today.

forbidden: I think it is what Doug sets his comments to when someone signs the name "cooper".

FORBIDDEN fruit a flavor has
That lawful orchards mocks;
How luscious lies the pea within
The pod that Duty locks!

The OE said...

Forbidden: A Senator's package

Doug said...


Actonbell, that reminds of when Jerry and I were living together. I checked the "history" on our web browser and was reviewing the sites he was visiting. His school called during that process and asked for some paperwork and I really meant to ask "can I fax you?"

Ariel, the assumption is usually made by someone debauched.

Alas, Actonbell, even the sins of my youth are fading.

a4g, if I'm ever a parent I'll be sure and add my children's names to the list of achievements.

Cooper, wow. I'm unbanning you as we speak.

Hahaha, OE. That's just funny.