Tuesday, June 15, 2010


CUR, n. The lowest rank in the hierarchy of dogs.

2010 Update: A dog, scandalized by the cruel comparison of a man to it.


tsduff said...

Excellent update Doug - I con-cur.

the amoeba said...

CUR, n. A mongrel with a grudge. CURRY: bad-tempered in the manner of a cur; an alleged food item, snarly in the mouth and in the belly. CURRY FAVOR: to seek advancement among humans with the delicacy and sensitivity of a pit bull in the ring.

Anonymous said...

CUR, n. Chihuahua and any politician

Susan at Stony River said...

Now I know why Thom's asking me how to spell "Chihuahua"... but it's too early in the morning for me to come up with a thing of my own!

karma said...

trying to catch up with you, dawg

bozon: clown who is a cur

Nessa said...

Cur: The growl I make before I've had my first cup of coffee in the morning.

k.a.gardner said...

CUR,n. The ANNOYANCE that shoots out of my nose after I read about Nessa's "growl".


Jim said...

Curs make the best of friends. We must forgive them for having skeletons in their closets.
Most of the hippy kids when I was in college had a yellow cur left on the steps waiting while the owners were inside in class.

actonbell said...

I actually didn't know that this word referred to dogs! Ha, take that you cur! (Not you. Just an example of my association of the word.)
Terry found the root!

Nessa said...

Very interesting link, Actonbell. And a nice link back to Terry's beginning.

Anonymous said...


TLP said...

Well, thanks to that Acton, first I discurred trying to seeing what’s up with this simple little word. Then I decided to excur and really dig deep. And while percurring and transcurring I decided that curs do all these things: run about, go beyond, pass through, and run across and over. So I’ve been a cur this afternoon. Took me longer than the average dog would take.

Anonymous said...

just a viking mutt myself,though
think i got the best of the breeds
europe had to offer at the time...
no cowardly acts there,
though brings us back to
burglar or thief...

coffee blend is my own
hawaiian kona &
italian lavazza espresso(arabica)

God / Dog...need more be said

word verf-sawit

cooper said...

excellent definition

k.a.gardner said...


more scribble
scribble scribble scribble

~~~~~~~ ??? ~~~~~~~


Doug said...

As do Willie and Walela, Terry.

Well Bierced, Amoeba.

Thom, that sounds about right. Those who bark loudest.

Funny, Susan. I fear you'll spend your whole week spelling.

Not to fear, Karma. I run slow.

Speaking of which, Nessa.

Karen, I have to give you the edge as a growler.

Jim, the yellow dogs are the loyal one.

Actonbell, we canines are a little sensitive about that.

Yup, Nessa.

Welcome, anonymous.

TLP, the average dog never gets off the porch.

Recipes now, Bear? Is your sagacity limitless?

Thanks, Coop.

I hear ya, Karen.