Tuesday, June 01, 2010


FRATRICIDE, n. The act of killing a jackass for meat.

2010 Update: Patergenesis.


actonbell said...

You back? These photos show a place that is both peaceful and beautiful. And you've treated us to nice pics of your best friends.

fratricide--monks getting too much time away together.

Karen said...

I clicked on the "Deep Springs" label out of curiosity. This post from June 1, 2006 is fairly entertaining:

Story #38, how it all began. To hear the story, say howdy to Doug. To read the story, salute SeƱor Bierce.

Santa Clarita, California April 1, 2006
A lonely blogger in this dusty desert hamlet of 150,000 souls added a weekly column to Prattle, to be written on contemporary issues in an imitation of Ambrose Bierce's sinister style. Doug Pascover has spent the last of the best years of his life imitating Bierce's lexicography but reports feelings of guilt and inadequacy after reading on the website of The Ambrose Bierce Appreciation Society that he had revived Bierce's column, Prattle, when he knew he had only plagiarized the title. The introductory column can be found on Prattle on the page listed as "The Prattler." Future columns are intended to appear on Saturday, the day The Wasp, the weekly for which Bierce's column appeared in the 1880s and 90s was published. Mr. Pascover's dogs, Willie and Walela ask that you pray for his self-recollection.

I'm assuming your dogs are pictured above and that they are still praying.

Fratricide: a military term for Friendly Fire

pia said...

Your reunion looks wonderful. Did your dogs find friends?

I like your definition which I assume means the beginning of fatherhood.

Though really it's the teenage years one wants to commit fratricide. And if you had my father any time he embarrassed you on purpose which meant to almost his death

the amoeba said...


1. What you get when the holy order sells the vinyard, buys an orchard, and starts pressing apples.

2. What happens when you discover that your brother does not have your back.

3. What happens on the 3rd day of a reunion, when two days would have been plenty.

Welcome back!

Ariel the Thief said...

I have always loved that photo. Thanks for the reminder, Karen.

Those are some happy dogs in the picture. I bet they would have loved to stay.

Karen said...

My mistake. The above was the April 1, 2006 post entitled "Waking Ambrose".

Ariel the Thief said...

"Fratricide: a military term for Friendly Fire" - ROTFL!!!

Karen said...

Thank you, Ariel the Thief. It's good to see you Rolling On The Floor.

Jim said...

Thanks for the report on your visit to Deep Springs. I am glad that all of your classmates are still doing.
I looked up your school. Their Web site is very interesting. Did you have to work a little bit while you were there?
BTW, I attended an annual reunion at my college on the 19th of May. It was a retiree luncheon. No one that I knew had died. There were some new retirees.

Jim said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!!!!!!!!!!

Patergenesis: (Wikipedia) These Genesis lyrics in the album are performed by Dis Pater. I am not up on this group at all.
Patergenesis: (Google) Did you mean: Patogenesis?
Patergenesis: Or is Doug making up words again?

Fratricide: Do BIL's count? I have two extra.

Karen said...

Doug, don't you have a younger brother named Andrew? I'm sure he doesn't appreciate you calling him a JACKASS nor your attempting to kill him for Meatloaf!

p.s. Jim, everyone already knows by now that you've deleted your first comment.

TLP said...

Fratricide: shootout at the old frat house. Also called "going postal."

Patergenesis sounds like a nasty disease.

Great pictures. So. You took the dogs as your date. Sad.

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

Lovely peaceful pictures for such blood thirsty words.

Karen said...

Once again, I have to apologize for over-commenting. But you did mention posting this past weekend's episode of The Reformation of W. on Wednesday. Perhaps you could expand on this thought:

"Maybe this was a game city people played - like cow-tipping but with homicidal seniors".

cooper said...

I love murder mysteries....

Such a place I surely would have gone there had I ever heard of it or had I been male.

Karen said...

*snork* Coop that is just plain embarrassing. You must have read Social Justice (Sept. 17, 2007 - the collective struggle for inclusive conspiracy) Apparently you never heard of social justice to which the blogger replied didn't you just finish college?

As an investigative journalist I must ask which college you graduated from and will you be attending a reunion any time soon?

Karen said...

And lastly (for my part) I appreciate the fact that I am not charged per word for blog-rant-trollism.

tsduff said...

Rabbit Rabbit.

That comforting picture of the rocking chairs reminds me of the airport at Charlotte. Love the pups - looks like a good time was enjoyed by all. Glad you are back. Fratricide seems a distant possibility from here.

TLP said...

Isn't it Wednesday?

Doug said...

Actonbell, it is a peaceful and beautiful place, but for the ugly monks that spend too much time together.

Karen, that was long ago but probably mislabeled if it had the Deep Springs tag.

Pia, I find fratricide has a more robust appeal than that, but I admire your maturity. The dogs did find friends including an orphan lamb the students had adopted that thinks it's a dog and convinced Willie and Lela.

Amoeba, your third definition has resonance. Recognizing that if my old friends will ever google me and find my blog it will happen this week, I stayed up about five hours past my bedtime on the last night proving experimentally that one of my former schoolmates is all mouth.

Ariel, I expected that to be the howling wolf photo. Now I see why it was labeled "Deep Springs."

Right, Karen. The Docent of Waking Ambrose doesn't have to be precise all the time.

Ariel, where did you find that? Very funny anyhow.

Karen, I'm sure that's why she does it.

Jim, all the students are expected to do 20 hours per week of labor. It was no burden at all. I just stopped doing homework. To your second question: yes. To kill a brother is to create a father.

Karen, neither Andy nor MacLean would be surprised by my calling them jackasses nor trying to eat them.

TLP, now that you mention it, that is kind of sad. Especially since Walela hogged the sleeping bag anyway.

Nessa, where there is peace there should be words of war. That was one of the lessons from the weekend.

Karen, I decided against that.

Cooper, you would have loved it, I think, and taken better photos. The debate over coeducation at Deep Springs would exhaust a sitting senator.

Karen, as an investigative journalist you should maybe focus on coherent sentences at least part of the time.

Terry, I was just hearing about the rocking chairs at Charlotte. They remind me of Cracker Barrel.

No, TLP, it's still Monday. Look at the sky! Look at the walls! Look at the begonias!

Ariel the Thief said...

Every day is Monday.

Thom said...

What the heck happened to my comment yesterday? hmmm must have not posted. oh well. Maybe I was the jackass yesterday LOL